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A Thousand Men(Trafficking Short Film)

4607 ratings | 2156353 views
A young girl lives a life of sexually pleasuring men but is it what she wants? Written and Directed by Sydney Taivavashe.
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Text Comments (336)
I am your babysitter (3 days ago)
dads gem (3 days ago)
So sad i think?!
Seek Yahawah (4 days ago)
That shit sad 😞
Seek Yahawah (4 days ago)
Her shit gotta be loose asf 🤦🏽‍♀️
Subhankar Bera (5 days ago)
Man is not enaf
Jaah Rucks (6 days ago)
The beginning tho 🤣🤣🤣
John Breitley (9 days ago)
Where the fuck all that FEMINIST SCUM??? Where? Ahhh... they are too busy protesting not-gender equal bathrooms and lack of diversity of woman characters in video games!!!
Francis opio (9 days ago)
This is so sad and dirty!
Diontae Daughtry (9 days ago)
Great film good job 👍👍
Maria brookmen (9 days ago)
I am a trafficking survivor and I tell you being out of the game since my guys been arrested I was 17 I started at 16 independent when. I was left homeless I worked for two years I guess from 16-18 but i have a baby girl now and I love her alot she helps me but I'm still in a home trying to better myself I'm 19 now been out of the game for a year and it's fucked my brain up caused complex ptsd did severe social anxiety and serious depression and addiction I'm trying to quit for my daughter I saw a good over 500 people in the span of 4 months with my ex well my pimp and I loved him I grew up in an abusive home and in the system were I ended up in the game I wannah help girls now but we have to help ourselfs first we can do it
Mohit (10 days ago)
After watch this who will never go brothel for this type satisfactions .
Satyapriya Sahoo (10 days ago)
This is a very big problem all over the world i.e.Human trafficking. Help him by your side to rescue them from these problems.
Men in these world a sick bastards, they should sent to a Island and no wnowere to hide, ugly nobrainers
Raksha Poojary (10 days ago)
its soo scaryyyy😨😢
Karunakar Sahoo (10 days ago)
so sed yar
rams4u. k (10 days ago)
Excellent story..artist soo cute..
Mohammed Dastagir (10 days ago)
Please don't do this
Saiful Saiful (10 days ago)
I need one girl I love sex
Madhumitha Mondol (10 days ago)
It's very sad 😢😢
Mike Catranace (10 days ago)
That was sad
Roque Queshiar (10 days ago)
She is beautiful.....so helpless...
d money (10 days ago)
sick ass men, as a American I say this, legal age is 18 to look at as well be with, however other countries have different laws of age for consent, still as a MAN!!!! it should feel wrong to look at a 15 year old girl in that way,
Anushka Ke Videos (10 days ago)
Koi muze kro
Splash Attack TCG (10 days ago)
*When sex traffickers are caught, torture them, get as much information out of them as possible and promise them free for information. After they are all used up, execute them publicly.*
Zaf Siddique (10 days ago)
These are not human beings, they still have not evolved from living in the trees, sick low life motherfuckers
jacket smith (10 days ago)
Nasty mother f$$kers
Scott Lindrum (10 days ago)
Alot of these girls are sold by there parents to be sex slaves.
لاخول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العضيم كارثة كبرى والله
Bay of Bengal (10 days ago)
As bad as this may sound but no one can stop this from happening as this is demand and supply. Where there is money to be made someone will always find away around it?
Naven Adhikari (10 days ago)
Countless innocent girls paying the price for greed of men.
Shaik Samdani (10 days ago)
so sad
Selena Robinson (10 days ago)
These Videos need to be Flagged.
Karina zühlsdorf (10 days ago)
Thierry T (10 days ago)
I just can't stop crying seing this video ooh God above all creations help our sister glitter in education...
Bitchin Bob (10 days ago)
Sorry, first twenty seconds look staged . Bye.
Emma Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Nice film
Shantanu (10 days ago)
Saif & Saif (10 days ago)
Ohoo god
birchply023 (10 days ago)
This girl could be a model
Humera Pervaz (10 days ago)
It's about time that any one caught sex traffiking should be given death penalty straight away
Anurag Rawat (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/4u87ba9JE5c Watch now interesting video 👆👆
Riverlin Rynshiang (11 days ago)
what this is shit liah
Vinod Anuragi (11 days ago)
Vinod Kumar Anuragi
Sagan Ali Mondal (11 days ago)
Rohan Pawar (11 days ago)
This people should be punished
Tina Ocal (11 days ago)
Eliyahud Ben Peretz (11 days ago)
A natural born whore
Blackduck46 (11 days ago)
Throughout history this has been the fate of those brought up in impoverished conditions or conquered nations. And it is not just the young but older women resort to trying to survive. To balance that out I have know women, young and mature, that have chosen prostitution as their work preference. They prefer that to the menial repetitious factory or office work. Some are very well off. To some it is their choice.They appear happy in their chosen job.
Jeyaram Mech (11 days ago)
Anamika Singh (11 days ago)
Luis A (11 days ago)
order: arrest the syndicate then kill those evil doers on the spot
Papa jee (11 days ago)
Piyush Viswas (11 days ago)
XXX night
Shutdown u r thinking... U know .... U know.... Men I respect every women ...
Selena Robinson (11 days ago)
Abomination...Damn Evil. . .
sahiba khatun (11 days ago)
Very good
Zeeshan Shaikh (11 days ago)
Wish God send severe punishment on these men immediately so that no one does these things in future. It shld be a lesson to these kind of people.
Teju Bahadur (11 days ago)
ninad thorat (11 days ago)
getting into it was not your choice but coming out of it is your choice. the person might come there for enjoyment or some other reason but coming out of it is your choice. please come out and show the world that it is not for your enjoyment.
chadwick allen (11 days ago)
Nasty hoe you like dat shit..
Stephen Bridges (11 days ago)
typically bull shit niger shit
Himanshu Kumar (11 days ago)
sheltv100 (11 days ago)
If a woman is going to be a prostitute, it has to be her choice and there should be no pimps.
Night Girl (11 days ago)
Im superb girl
Sonu Lamba (11 days ago)
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Ravishankar Prajapati (11 days ago)
Kill them all Nasty person 😲😲😲
Rafael Antonio Vasquez (11 days ago)
Mari Love (11 days ago)
Jesus Christ please remove these evil men from this earth.
javier cercas (11 days ago)
Fuck is this
Jonathan madrid (11 days ago)
sunny arora 705 (11 days ago)
who ll 1001 ??
narinder singh (11 days ago)
God is blind and powerless.
Johnny Adriel (11 days ago)
Men are wild cavebeasts.
BEN DROWNED (10 days ago)
Larry Dockery (11 days ago)
i like to shoot guys like this
scretching08 (11 days ago)
I know girls who do several men a month of their own volition sex trafficking must end but who are the real victims from the THOTS paid whores that do anything for money? There are so many games and lies I can't tell housewives from THOTs, street whores, and prostitutes. Look what feminism, birth control and abortion has done to our world.
M Elm (11 days ago)
Unfortunately civilized countries and countries affected by Western colonialism are granting licenses to these gangs to open places to exploit women ... and boast of the equality and freedom of women and the fact that they exploit the cheap propaganda by displaying thier bodys as a commodity ... I passed by a crowded shop and loud music to find naked girls to attract customers for offers Mobile! !! Is this respect for women or exploitation and display as a commodity?
Michael Heslep (11 days ago)
The story hits home to so many young women and young boys all over the world it's a sick deadly disease pushed on these poor young people they are promised the world and receive a prison sentence of life in return people or animals I should say that are caught being involved in human trafficking should be jailed for their entire life no questions asked if you are caught and it is proved without a doubt you should never see the light of day again I feel sorry for the poor individuals that are caught up in such a vile and disgusting way of making money bye these human pigs I would love to be a part in Catching these pigs in any way possible if I could keep myself from beating them half to death
حرام عليك ...في هاذا السن تشتغلي بدعاره .....
Yes Sure (11 days ago)
India seems to have the worst record of this. And the laws seem nonexistent. And the penalties seem to be zero. India needs a big shake-up.
Manny Quezon (11 days ago)
One day this men of Satan will be punished they will burn in hell
Darrel Arthers (11 days ago)
be fokkinhappy (12 days ago)
This is heart breaking
Anoop Singh (12 days ago)
Pllz any body don't this work...pllz I requested all human..🙏
Chirag Khatri (12 days ago)
mr iQkhan (12 days ago)
SO SADD....AAHH 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
JOY International (12 days ago)
When she says "how will I ever get out of this..." it motivates me to even greater action as I know there are millions more going through the same fate...
trisha poddar (12 days ago)
orlando kaufusi (12 days ago)
Lower than dirt
missbree75 c (12 days ago)
Death is the only penalty any trafficker should face. One bullet thru the brain. Easy and cheap solution.
Tyrone Rooskrans (12 days ago)
All that man that sleeping with this children ur not men u sick. And on top of it all ull have children or self u will kill the man that will do that to or child but u can do that to someone els child. How sick are u how can u look ur girl child in the eyes after u just did this things to a other child... Ur child is safe at home but other children u have sex with is not safe from u... U sick animal.... U need to feel a shame of or self...
Ashish Bhatt (12 days ago)
So sad
raessa farouk (12 days ago)
But the truth is, these men will never stop. The mental intellect of these predators are like a disease, no matter how many documentaries are made, no matter how obvious it looks that the victim is scared, isn't happy and is very young, these predators will continue to prey on these people as if it is the norm. They do not think like normal people and they never will, trying to get them to understand will be like talking to a brick wall, they are deaf, dumb and blind... It is truly sad for the many who want to help but have no means of getting that far, yet there are those who have the funds and in their minds, money speaks a different language.. It does not matter whether they are breaking someone's soul, as they care not. As for the rest of us, we can only be weary and cautious at all times and if possible do make an attempt to help, seeing an unusual prostitute on the road, get help.. that's a start.
fucked up (12 days ago)
And they call this rape Bitch
dreems heven (12 days ago)
God will punist them
Ashish Kumar Gupta (12 days ago)
dreems heven nd what about the girl
Zebra Cakezzz (12 days ago)
Warning ⚠️ for mature viewers
Kamlesh Yadav (10 days ago)
Zebra Cakezzz you call me
Rajkumar Mahato (11 days ago)
Hi friend call me 09954141881
Rico Rico (12 days ago)
Richard Niehus (12 days ago)
She has more pre- marriage experience than anyone on earth....she would make a great wife.... And you would make a really stupid husband....
Ceta Whitley (12 days ago)
DarkstarDarth (12 days ago)
It starts with governments in developing countries not providing life supporting jobs to the poor. Many women have no choice but to sell their Bodies to help their families unfortunately.
Gary Harrisun (12 days ago)
Castration of all men required.
The Hot Chilly (12 days ago)
Abigail Sockeye (12 days ago)
Start with yourself.
Bruce G. (12 days ago)
Sadly, this kind of thing is alive and kicking all over the world. And the girls don't know hoe to get out of it.

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