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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Movie Cutscenes

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Text Comments (84)
Rawkwilder (12 hours ago)
sareth voice sounds so familiar.
Franz Lizst (1 month ago)
Szadek R. (2 months ago)
Dark Messiah, of KICK and Magic.
Goobster (5 months ago)
Lmao i keep accidentally skipping them when i try to turn up my volume, and i have to come here to watch them.
Barny5ive (5 months ago)
Any other Funhaus fans drawn by a compelling force to find this video??? Volkor 3:16
Angelo barrero (6 months ago)
33:12 Funhaus
onutroF (8 months ago)
12:31 Ironic.
Valera Asedorov (11 months ago)
nikitasius (1 year ago)
That was awesome game
Rowan Freeth (1 year ago)
Thanx Man appreciate Your work
Master Exploder (1 year ago)
When you play Heroes 5: Tribes of the East as Arantir, you actually learn he's the good guy. Especially if you really want to release the Demon Lord, then he's the only one who can save the world. If you want seal him though (and purge Xana), then he's a good guy who pushes it too far (sacrificing thousands of people to seal the prison) and has to be stopped. He acts like a total dick to Sareth, because necromancers are fanatics and hate demons.
LMGunslinger (1 year ago)
Is the screen black for everyone else?
Lord yasha (1 year ago)
Killing xana and also leanna having acces to dragon katana = best ending
Jormungand (1 year ago)
sareth is really fidgety. the guy cant stop moving around
ever eady (1 year ago)
whenever they show some little blood sacrificed by demoniac rituals,I always kinda compare it with women having their periods and how childish it is to imagine in comparison,maybe it relies on the immaturity of the ppl watching it
Wes Maximus (2 years ago)
DM never gets old. Love the game
Ludwig (2 years ago)
Best Ending
Ludwig (2 years ago)
*I Came Looking For Booty*
Sickness395 (2 years ago)
34:59 Haha he failed!
Raven24 (3 years ago)
I always choose Xana - ok I am confused how do you betray your demon father with Xana I do not understand that part
Raven24 (3 years ago)
I finally got to that part, I grabbed the skull and then put the skull back into the receptical in the bench and a cutscene immediately starts where Sareths father says that I betrayed him, so he knew what Xana was trying to do.It also makes sense to because if u decide to free Sareths father and u get to the point to do so Xana is saying no don't do this basically and it sounded like Xana was panicking as well, only if you decide to free Sareths father because she knew that he knew what she was trying to do. I just choose to keep Sareths father locked up and keep Xana with me at my side as my play thing
Takedrugskillabear (3 years ago)
You take power for yourself, instead of freeing him and his armies, you free his armies but seal him away, essentially bringing the demons back in this world but under your command rather than his. That's Xana and Sareth's plan should he refuse to purify himself. one of the lines Xana says "Once you free your father it will all be yours, or perhaps even without your father." Which is what I believe implicates my previous statement. Though I cannot be certain.
Red1swadman (3 years ago)
The conversations they are having are soooo cringy, it's hard to watch.
Teyrn Galahad (3 years ago)
+Red1swadman Why? They are short and straightforward.
daft monk (3 years ago)
The fuck is this? There are 4 ending cutscenes, where are the other 3?
IRAMantisShrimp (2 years ago)
daft monk two of the endings are practically the same, just with one girl versus the other. It doesn't take much to get either endings, they may as well have never bothered making more than one.
NoCommentPlayer (3 years ago)
See the whole game being played with no commentary at all. New episodes each day, and most of the games being played from beginning to end in a fairly short time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVUqoro3bcc&list=PLQAv6pjqsmcGi1Y9Ye0D-PZjrUGySz3py
William G (3 years ago)
Such a shame they never made any more games like this. I love the first person melee combat in a fantasy setting. Sadly, this was the last major release like this.
Fankas2000 (1 year ago)
Dishonored is more of a stealth game.
cthrivevideo (1 year ago)
They made Arx Fatalis. Great game.
Vatroslav Morbidović (1 year ago)
TheDeadManZone12349 (2 years ago)
Dishonored had a decent combat system. They could've done more a lot like this combat system.
Drvo Foka (2 years ago)
Dishonored's combat is awesome what the fuck.
Hamza Changazi (3 years ago)
Is the master George Takei?
sheltomlee (3 years ago)
Fantastic game if you can get passed the bugs and actually play it. Love kicking enemies into spikes.
Jake Wu (3 years ago)
Hey man I m really glad that u r making these game movies, I totally support ur work and hope u can bring more good stuffs in the future! \
+Hanxiong Wu Thanks!
zunayed harun (3 years ago)
Hey chaps!! My cousin this morning generated a free product key for this game with the ax00ms ph00bas generator (Google the name or something. I cant find the url) I used version 1.1.4 and it worked very well. Enjoy the game!
Boxwood (1 year ago)
zunayed harun No.
Jim Taramas (4 years ago)
There is a blank part!
MrSillams (4 years ago)
( I beat the game today like second time in my life ! the good old days came back to me ahh _ ) I hope for Dark Messiah 2 '' the game from 2004-2006 year was really great ,the character voices for each character i love it , they made a great game.
@MrSillams Only part in this game I hate is climbing out of the spider's pit
хд,это мая любимайя ига
Graham Chracker (4 years ago)
@Albin Bodström actually slav comes from a word meaning people who speak the same tongue.
Kimo (4 years ago)
I think we all should calm down. We're all just random people on the internet. Why should it matters if someone insults someone. Call me an idiot and I wouldn't care.
Boris Antonov (4 years ago)
@Ivar Gamle go fuck yourself you retarded shit
@Ivar Gamle To call a person a retarded pig is respectful?
Kimo (4 years ago)
True, true. He's not very nice.
NoFaithInFolklore (4 years ago)
cool story, great graphics, and gameplay. love this game!
REAL STEEL (4 years ago)
the black screens suck!
TyrannoWright (4 years ago)
Xana was sexy, but I had to banish her and go for the good ending. XP She was a bitch sometimes...
эдик кетчик (1 year ago)
DottGatsu Sry for late comment but if you have played Might and Magic games you shoud know that Xana is one of the few honest succubus so i think that you can trust her. + her ending with Sareths father sealed is good cause sareth takes skull power for him self and doesnt release demon legions.
Wes Maximus (1 year ago)
Voice actress Moon Daiily did Xana,
Lord yasha (1 year ago)
I did it cuz dragon sword m8 FUCKING DRAGON KATANA it was worth
Vatroslav Morbidović (1 year ago)
Leanna < Xana :p
Gianlorenzo Daniele (1 year ago)
Actually Xana is a demon... you cannot be sure if she really loved you or she was just pretending, in order to rule together with Sareth
VealonMusic (4 years ago)
14:59 - What you came here for i guess..
SaberScorpion (1 year ago)
Xana <3 ... why would anyone choose the non-Xana ending?
Daytona Sixty-Eight (1 year ago)
The 2 seconds of slight nipple you can see in that cutscene made the game M rated.
ChaoticStray (3 years ago)
+VealonMusic wrong, its 14:45
OscarLove (4 years ago)
@VealonMusic that is exactly what I was looking for. you see I downloaded the game from steam, and I vaguely remember a walkthrough of this game, imagine my surprise when this particular cutscene was missing.seing as I am such a lore/plot obsessed miser I shut down my game to come here to watch the cutscene.
numgun (4 years ago)
Alp Randomico (5 years ago)
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Sreejit Mukherjee (2 years ago)
Eww, beggars in the comment section.
TayTay Barry (5 years ago)
some bits of black screen. except for that awesome
damn sorry about that, sometimes vegas messes up when making the video
Nexias (5 years ago)
I remember this game :) First real PvP game I played
Damn it Chloe! (4 years ago)
@Nexias Wow I feel old lol

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