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MINUSCULE - Movie CLIPS # 2 (Animation - 2016)

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In a peaceful little clearing, a bold and brave young ladybird finds himself caught in the middle of a battle between two tribes of ants. ★ The Best ANIMATED Films are HERE ► https://goo.gl/3B1jZ6 ★Subscribe HERE and NOW ► https://goo.gl/6f6iRt In a peaceful little clearing, the remains of a picnic hastily abandoned spark a standoff between two tribes of ants. A bold and brave young ladybird finds himself caught in the middle of the battle but, having befriended Mandible, one of the black ants determined to protect their haul of sugar cubes, sides are picked. With the safety of the black ants’ nest at risk, our plucky ladybird helps take on the aggressive red ants, led by the evil Butor, and must use all his ingenuity and resolve to win the day. MINUSCULE Movie Clip (Animation - 2016) A Movie directed by Hélène Giraud, Thomas Szabo Release Date : May 27, 2016 Genre : Animation, Family MINUSCULE Trailer (Animation - 2016) © 2016 - Lionsgate Films ✓ Subscribe now to catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene, review, interview and video commentary!
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Text Comments (103)
Sanju Markam (1 day ago)
الله أحب هذا كولش حلوو هههه
Muhammet Aktimur (18 days ago)
yes yes
Muhammet Aktimur (18 days ago)
how many
CartoonClip IR (20 days ago)
bikash Prince (28 days ago)
يوسف احمد (1 month ago)
Gina Wayne (1 month ago)
Re bueno jajajaa
Luc Clymans (1 month ago)
Brayster 01 (2 months ago)
Gotta admit, if this ladybug ate aphids *The ants are preparing to kill*
TECH 6G (2 months ago)
Life of ants https://youtu.be/GWBRx6NiLnY
Aidan Martin (3 months ago)
Its like enpires of the undergrowth: the movie
Brayster 01 (2 months ago)
I’m playing empires of the undergrowth right now lol
tanu lotus feet (3 months ago)
George Schlaline (3 months ago)
Murpean is Russian for ant
Aidan Martin (3 months ago)
2:00 there are just millions of those red guys
Shaikh magdum (4 months ago)
I LOVE Bashar al-Assad (4 months ago)
Nice 😍 👌🏻
Adnan nic Ali (5 months ago)
hhahah bohat achy
Max TV (5 months ago)
Gibsone Boob (5 months ago)
darwina e (5 months ago)
hey guys! I made a science comic about insect called " Let's learn about Insects!" for my final year project, feel free to read it here and no this is not a virus or a bot ----> https://tapas.io/episode/1271935
Siraj Reki (6 months ago)
nvclear arson (6 months ago)
Chhatrapal dehare (7 months ago)
Mast he
magdaline albert (7 months ago)
Kathryn Johnson (7 months ago)
Oh no!!! The mean lazy red ants who do not look for their own food but steal others are going to get their butts kicked by the ladybug who is going to protect the black ants larder of food!!! Too cute!!!!
John Flores (8 months ago)
im so happy to accidentally watch ads with sarah geronimo <3 while watching this cute ants
Ahmad Ahmad (9 months ago)
فندب س08&[email protected] 9(،":
Dayashankar Sharma (7 months ago)
ramesh kurrey (9 months ago)
Superb performance
DT830B 1506103068 (10 months ago)
3:31 zyklon B
Kazein Nurahman (5 months ago)
zoya khan (10 months ago)
zoya khan (10 months ago)
love it
schoko lade (10 months ago)
So cool
B R (10 months ago)
Wish I could watch the ENTIRE movie to it's end.
Đức Bình Phan (10 months ago)
wao quá hay
Elena Zenzolo (10 months ago)
Had to buy the dvd, could watch it over and over again. The little black spider so adorable❤
Mar Boreal (11 months ago)
adam ibra (11 months ago)
Very fabulous
Sunshine (1 year ago)
Sakir Ali (1 year ago)
Àzour Amazighe (1 year ago)
Atiksha Chaudhary (1 year ago)
Arsad Khan (8 months ago)
Bos Boom (1 year ago)
Luis fernando Rodrigues (11 months ago)
Bos Boom grefhi
Bos Boom (1 year ago)
Connor Acton (1 year ago)
I love ants
Vines of Stupid (1 year ago)
thanks for video
Vines of Stupid (1 year ago)
thanks for video
Vines of Stupid (1 year ago)
thanks for video
thakur himani Singh (1 year ago)
My favoreit 👌
Ying TV (1 year ago)
Pat Frost (1 year ago)
اي انا طه (1 year ago)
enise çocar (1 year ago)
DirtBlock (1 year ago)
this was on cbbc
MICHAEL FORBES (1 year ago)
Phantasm Darkstar (1 year ago)
the lady bug resembles like the last man out of bataan
altaf Khalili (2 years ago)
Narongchai Bin (10 months ago)
Dietpepsiahh (2 years ago)
Okay, I admit I chuckled watching this!
Imu Abd (2 years ago)
Huyton q0
Basagouda Patil (1 year ago)
Imu Abd
ThéDerp Dino (2 years ago)
2:15 INDINA jones?
ShaltNot07 (2 years ago)
At first I was like wtf is going on. Then I was like cool an epic ant army battle! Then I was like nope I still don't get it.
Kumar Mitu (9 months ago)
Sh altNot07
da96103 (3 years ago)
A paper airplane worth Euro 500?
Tanja Michel (2 years ago)
The note is French Francs the currency before the Euro. That is about 75 Euro
Keali Bjoerk (3 years ago)
Watched this movie some years back, and loved it! It's one of those rare movies where there's no dialogue, but you still get it! XD Also, isn't it called ladybug, not ladybird?
Keali Bjoerk (2 years ago)
Okay then. Thank you^^
ThatRandomJ (2 years ago)
In America it is called a Lady Bug. In England, it is called a Lady Bird.
elle (3 years ago)
Some things should never be a movie. This is one of them.
DubiousTemp (3 years ago)
Oddly enough this reminds me of Pikmin.
arianSahafie (3 years ago)
Sur leur propre (3 years ago)
Froggy Weathers (3 years ago)
I hate red ants.
Venkatahalapathi S (9 months ago)
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Doha Alayidههع6699 (10 months ago)
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Doha Alayidههع6699 (10 months ago)
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Krzysztof Kukula (2 years ago)
Nima Barmah (3 years ago)
خیلی عالیست
HiFi Hatila (10 months ago)
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Jodi Kelley (1 year ago)
Todd Wittenmyer Backwoods Living! Jihhhh
Nima Barmah (3 years ago)
Neeraj Lagwankar (3 years ago)
Loved it!
Jessy Saenen (10 months ago)
Neeraj Lagwankar p
Abdul Mannan (10 months ago)
Very love
Vishnu Saket (1 year ago)
Neeraj Lagwankarg
Meiling Chen (1 year ago)
Neeraj Lagwankar morning you Plaku Plaku
Raad Kreem (1 year ago)
احله فلم

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