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UK TRIP 2017: WHATS IN MY TRAVEL BAG | Carry on Essentials!

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Hey Guys! I planned to upload this when I was in the UK but unfortunately we didn't have much time for it and our internet connection was not always that great so I am uploading this now! :) We arrived back in HK late last night and I'm ill but at least it gives me time to edit and upload some UK vlogs! XD Let me know in the comments what else I should do a video on and please support me by subscribing to my channel, liking and sharing! What I use: Canon EOS M6 IPhone 7 Macbook Pro 2016 Final Cut Pro X End cut photo credits: @Joetographerr https://www.instagram.com/joetographerr/ Bex's Links: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Asianchemnerd/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AsianChemNerd INSTA: http://instagram.com/asianchemnerd Arnavs Links: 500PX: https://500px.com/arnav3103 INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/arnav3103/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Arnav-Ghosh-Photography TWITTER: https://twitter.com/arnav3103
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carol hodson (8 months ago)
I hope you enjoy your trip to here from carol in the UK.
Anantha sb (1 year ago)
Long time no vid!
AsianChemNerd (1 year ago)
Anantha sb oooh that’s a great idea! We were thinking about doing a video about interracial relationships but never got around to it (Arnav gets shy in front of the camera haha)
Anantha sb (1 year ago)
That is fine! Just a recommendation, you should make a video about how you introduced your bf to your parents as my gf and I are in the same boat and anxious about how parents would say about interracial relationship.
AsianChemNerd (1 year ago)
Anantha sb so sorry! Finally getting around to it!
jar puppy (1 year ago)
enjoy your trip :) missed ur videos
AsianChemNerd (1 year ago)
Thanks! :)
cybershadowX (1 year ago)
Have a safe journey! Enjoy your trip!
AsianChemNerd (1 year ago)
Thanks hehe :)

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