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WPF Data Triggers W/ Data Templates

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In this video we cover how to use data template triggers in your application. This allows you to conditionally set specific property values when given a certain bound value. This is very similiar to the usage of IValueConverters, and in some circumstances could possibly be prefferential. IValueConverters - https://youtu.be/CnfwBoylaE4 DataTemplates (I cover them here, but it's not a dedicated video) - https://youtu.be/xUwk2-_tRzo ** Tip Jar ** Paypal: [email protected] BTC: 3DkvwvcQ8Vt2U84jdtEhNBx2Ueai3Xttmu ETH: 0xFf79A145e1ED6F538607Ec374968e605cbea758b BCH: qqpgrnzuhc5hav4e79m8nfhmugs46jtl0ujxcu0tj5 LTC: MHXQmJA3hkwTPeArB9QPNkcLiHQx723yMb
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ToskersCorner (10 months ago)
I didn't cover it in the video, but you can also use DataTriggers within StyleTriggers. So you would not need to necessarily make a data template (Though that would likely be most situations you want to). Example here: https://pastebin.com/hDmMT3Au
Fernando Longuini (10 months ago)
Really nice. Thanks for sharing that!! Very usefull.
ToskersCorner (10 months ago)
Thanks! Yes, very useful. I am very happy I stumbled across it.

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