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Dinosaur Animation - Cartoon for Children - PANGEA Movie Trailer

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Adventures of Rexy the little T-Rex
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Sonny Fernandez (4 years ago)
My kids love this, if this was on DVD or Blu-Ray I'd buy it in a second.
Jeroen Slingerland (4 days ago)
Sonny Fernandez nonnen. M'n ! Bvvvvc. 😅😅🙂😎😎😎🤑🍹🍩🍩🍩🍵☕️☕️☕️☕️🐜🦄🦄👟👟
Khaled Ahmad (6 days ago)
Armando Alfonzo (7 days ago)
Nikita Chavis (12 days ago)
Sonny Fernandez stop Play T
susan iker (18 hours ago)
My grandson age 4 just loves this short animation & I like it too.
Elias Nordqvist (1 day ago)
what did i just watch?
SmashyPlays (2 hours ago)
Elias Nordqvist idk lol something in my suggestions
Stephen Huntley (3 days ago)
Great graphics, but for God Sakes, someone explain to me why Rexy has three fingers in this haha
yaparmı yapar 2 (3 days ago)
Lan ben bunu okulda tiyatroda izledim amk
liss444 (4 days ago)
I loved this as a kid. I still like it 😁
BUBA TV PAPULIN (4 days ago)
BUBA TV PAPULIN (4 days ago)
Joseph Dela Cruz (4 days ago)
I cried
Judas Ornelas (5 days ago)
this changed my life
Christian Tapia (5 days ago)
+NarwhalJ 12 omg same!!!!!
NarwhalJ 12 (5 days ago)
+Jacquelyne Ruiz me too!!!!!!!!
Jacquelyne Ruiz (5 days ago)
Karen Ruiz (5 days ago)
Engin Adiguzel (7 days ago)
87)89lıf 54
Zoa Anbir (8 days ago)
Where is the full movie link ? Plz give me
Kirstie Primus (9 days ago)
ZZx sex’s six
Gogdifs syifa dydutthfgf dhjggj
Robloxian Epics (11 days ago)
5:37-5:45 baby trex:this is fun. Triceratops:what is that guy doing well that is weird he’s a baby he’s too young to do that #run away from your mom?
wdjdjdkdd Roblox (11 days ago)
i like The Spinosaurus
wdjdjdkdd Roblox (11 days ago)
they are not animals they are dinosaurs
Sandeep Kaur (12 days ago)
Sandeep Kaur (12 days ago)
The t.rex is cute
Boran ege çağlayan (12 days ago)
boomer 12l (12 days ago)
Do you have kno?
Alex K-T (13 days ago)
#saurian-for more accurately
MARIOLA ALVAREZ (13 days ago)
me encanta este video
Stoica Robert (13 days ago)
Binh Hoang (14 days ago)
Đa số khung long để 3 chỉ con 1con sống sót
Miss V (16 days ago)
Xavier Landauer Solano (17 days ago)
R f rf f Ff f fearful
Olli Vehanen (17 days ago)
SIMPLE FASHION (18 days ago)
My little friend https://teespring.com/new-my-little-friend
Luke Tseng (18 days ago)
OH no
Luke Tseng (18 days ago)
Huncolor (18 days ago)
Magyarok csinálták a Greenzero kft 🇭🇺
Julia Smith (18 days ago)
Decent. :D
Caiow_ (21 days ago)
spinosauro vs parasaurolofo
Kemal Ergün (21 days ago)
?kkkkmmmm Liijjju
Jasmine TV HD Kids (21 days ago)
Alenn Ong (21 days ago)
My baby love this clip so much, can you create more?
GGPYG 09 (22 days ago)
6:54 who else saw the spinosaurus butthole?
Mikoraptor (20 hours ago)
I can't unsee that now
GGPYG 09 (22 days ago)
Baby rexy sure had a big dream
Ali Hassankhel (7 days ago)
GGPYG 09 (22 days ago)
Thx to this i remembered my child hood
Shaik Azhar (22 days ago)
Juan4546 (25 days ago)
the person only made the spino get scared bc they didn't want little kids to cry lol and get scared the spino would actually fight the trex in a dinosaur movie
Fer Ibarra (25 days ago)
iiiiiii llllloooovvvvveee dinosarus
PizzaGuy Gamer (27 days ago)
7:14 "mamaaaaaaa" awww so cute :3 and sad :( mammaaaaa
PizzaGuy Gamer (27 days ago)
Sofia Carassale (30 days ago)
Amber Buza (1 month ago)
Dose anyone know what this is called? And where I can get it?!
amel Ahmad (1 month ago)
Cakep lucu
Klaudia Marciniak (1 month ago)
Stephen Selvaraj (6 days ago)
Klaudia Marciniak p
Klaudia Marciniak (1 month ago)
Andrew Lavadia (1 month ago)
spino : yam this is look cool aaaaa huh? mom trex : hey that's my son!!! spino : oh baby trex : mama!!!! mom trex: my son you are here??? been ??
Jason's Games (1 month ago)
Jason's Games (1 month ago)
Jason's Games (1 month ago)
Amber Buza (1 month ago)
Dose anyone know where I could buy this movie?!
ABM MACARIM (1 month ago)
If that was a tyrannosaurus let me tell you something. Tyrannosaurus had no two fingers.
Nash Alexander Henson (1 month ago)
I thought the t-rex and spino was gonna fight. But this is pretty cool.
BEJIKa Po Angliiski (1 month ago)
Idiot )))
Hectmir Varela (1 month ago)
que vello
Kimberly Francisco (1 month ago)
it sad when the trex said mama at the end
Bishwaraj Joshi (1 month ago)
Very well made! My boy cant stop watching it!
Akash khan (1 month ago)
2018 anyone????
LowerBros Forlife (1 month ago)
Why does rexy have three fingers
surya tom (1 month ago)
The sounds r soo scary and noisy....children will cry....atlast happy that baby reached its mummy....;-):-)
Planetaire Renouveau (1 month ago)
At the time of the pangea, it was not the dinosaurs that roared on earth, but the mammalian reptilian we were at the Permian trias.
Chicken Rex (1 month ago)
Big T. rex had three fingers instead of two
Moratz Up 347 (1 month ago)
I love this!!!! Thank u, great work!!!
gennaro napolitano (1 month ago)
gennaro napolitano (1 month ago)
Rike Hirgayu (1 month ago)
.l..l.? The
siti lalala (1 month ago)
Good perfekc
Ariana Constantin (1 month ago)
Stop KILL spino😠
PAn nifosi (1 month ago)
mio figlio di 8 anni ha notato un errore eclatante. La madre del piccolo t-rex ha tre dita negli arti superiori
Angel Gael (1 month ago)
Pero que animasion tan buena
wang Yulin (1 month ago)
as a adult I feel afraid of the bgm ,how ab my future child
The Child of World (1 month ago)
Tyler's gaming (1 month ago)
One comment
Salwa Mahmoud (1 month ago)
Abdul Hadi (1 month ago)
oliver vasquez (1 month ago)
Nació y pudo caminar queeeee
katia cristina (1 month ago)
Que merda que bosta
Xiomara Villagra (1 month ago)
Jajajajajajajajaja que chistoso la última parte que dice mamá XDXDXDXDXDXD
Under The Sky (1 month ago)
Joãopedro Barreto (1 month ago)
que legal😂😂😭
Conciencia Emocional (1 month ago)
I remember this place🙄
HombreRex (1 month ago)
oye voy a usar el video para mi canal puedo?
Colby films gotham (1 month ago)
The little baby dinosaur is so cute omg gosh can't stand this
Ellie Tyson (1 month ago)
For kids? *HA!! Ok then!!!*
nathan thangeshwaren (1 month ago)
I conclude that the mommy carnivore was a Carcharodontosaurus since there was a spino
Dat Ho (1 month ago)
That’s a tyrannotitan
I love dinosaur
Nyadeng Ongguen (1 month ago)
😂😂😂❤baby trex
Assassins A1 (1 month ago)
I love it!
Ewok 88 (1 month ago)
So cute
Idid Suryana (1 month ago)
Chase McKay (1 month ago)
he can fly oh he cant
Ghost Spawn (1 month ago)
This baby dinosaur though!
bestamerica (1 month ago)
' oh no no... stop watch this video at 121... video computer animation edit is a not good, yea big lousy... not like
aissa Guendouz (1 month ago)

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