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CSV file import into Oracle

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An example to show how to upload a CSV file into an Oracle database usin SQL Loader.
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Text Comments (26)
Spartan (2 years ago)
Nice,Simple and Short
Jason Douglas (2 years ago)
As an alternative, you can connect to Oracle from Excel using this add-in https://www.devart.com/excel-addins/oracle.html It provides editing database data in Excel as usual spreadsheets, totally recommend it
masood adil (3 years ago)
Can we have a similar process for Linux Systems ?
Arif D. (3 years ago)
thanks very much..work on me :)
David Inbuton (3 years ago)
Thank you, it was really helpful nice example
Biti Ranjan (4 years ago)
Arka Gupta (5 years ago)
It's ok, but How can I create ctl file???????????  Please Help...........
milind chankapure (5 years ago)
Its good but you can do this thing by using object browser in easier way
okeeman (5 years ago)
Nice video, thanks!
Susmit Singh (5 years ago)
Great work done by you. Really helpful for me.
Subodh Kumar (6 years ago)
great work dude !!
xcellent buddy
swaroopa kiran (6 years ago)
very well explained... Thank you very much....
Mohammed Altariqi (6 years ago)
Thank you so much it is very helpful but what about if i want to import into multiple table?? Thanks once again Regards,
naushad naleer (6 years ago)
Thanks, really helpful!!!
Gaurav Jairath (6 years ago)
Really Helpful....thanks for sharing!!!!
vlad (7 years ago)
IF I have created a project how do I import it?
hoang linh (7 years ago)
clapping for you. :)
Aye Myat Nandy (7 years ago)
Thank you very much. This is so much helpful.
amcjr (7 years ago)
thanx from brazil
s5zone (8 years ago)
thank you so much, you saved hours and days of searching how to do it :D
nileshmanjare (8 years ago)
Very Nice
stee1rat (8 years ago)
Thank you very much! It was reeeeeeally helping! :)
lboddeti (8 years ago)
Thank you very much.. it is very clearly explained.
rpdhalwani (9 years ago)
Thank you so much sir,
pragya gupta (9 years ago)
Thanks for uploading...

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