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[HIGHLIGHTS] MCCES Alpha Company RMTS Challenge POV

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Text Comments (13)
michael turner (4 years ago)
Dat drainage ditch, tho. Good times in the stumps!  Great vids, brother!
Fernando Borrego (4 years ago)
Flume feat Jezzabell Doran - Sleepless
Fernando Borrego (4 years ago)
Please mate what is this music ?
sophiemophie1 (4 years ago)
Wow. Just, wow! Amazing how you guys can do all of this
Sam41 Gaming (4 years ago)
It's all part of regular training. We all have to be able to do things like this at a moment's notice.
Fernando Mora Roman (4 years ago)
This music is perfect!
Da Wae (4 years ago)
Its Darude - Sandstorm
MikeyConz13 (4 years ago)
When I join the marines how would I be able to do stuff like this ? And is there no Limit on what you can record or do you have to go through something to bring camera / go pro
Da Wae (4 years ago)
+MikeyConz13 yea... DONT GIVE UP! :D remember everything has a end. Even training exercises...
MikeyConz13 (4 years ago)
Thanks , you have any suggestions before I join
Sam41 Gaming (4 years ago)
We're doing this as exercise. This is nothing special. As a Marine, your unit may do stuff like this all the time. And I had to make sure to ask my Sergeant if it was okay to film this. It just depends on what you're doing. 
Windex Is love (4 years ago)
I'm thinking about enlisting to the U.S.M.C. And go into infantry, I wanna be a rifleman.
Sam41 Gaming (4 years ago)
Every Marine is a rifleman, not just infantry. As a Marine, you are required to know how to be able to fight in any combat situation.

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