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Parquet Courts Perform 'Wide Awake'

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Indie rockers Parquet Courts took to the stage to perform Ellen's latest favorite song, 'Wide Awake.'
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Sabila Rasyad (13 hours ago)
happpppyyyyy m0ndaysss
Steve LaRoche (1 day ago)
Ellen has good taste in music, apparently. Great performance too!
skeezeball89 (5 days ago)
Barstool’s Big Cat on bass, everyone. He’s doing so great. Also, Savage going full DEVO is a nice touch.
Clifford Mcmurty (7 days ago)
This is a prime example of Total Football in application. "Collectivism and autonomy are not mutually exclusive!" These guys are my musical heroes.
Jon Yazer (11 days ago)
197 people think Californication is the best album of all time
Eric Johns (14 days ago)
only now that I've seen a member of Daniel Striped Tiger on Ellen can I truly say I've seen everything
SelectCircle (1 month ago)
I'm sure the brain-dead NPCs who watch Ellen had NO idea what to make of this band at all.
Steve Platt (1 month ago)
Such a tremendously good band - love it
ClueSign (1 month ago)
He's wide awake.
Chad Devlin (2 months ago)
When you and the homies write a joke song about cocaine and you end up on Ellen.
Richard Fukuda (2 months ago)
Great music transcends niche audiences and touches everyone.
Pinkish Floyd (2 months ago)
This is what's known in the music biz as a "groove." Catch it.
Creator Of Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Parquet courts were on Ellen yaaasssss👍
sundaramaji (2 months ago)
we care a lot!
E O'Brien (2 months ago)
are they miming?
Matt K (3 months ago)
rock will never die. N-E-V-E-R.
Mike Jessup (3 months ago)
Singing lessons anyone? Lol
Jonathan Pike (3 months ago)
I could have been offered $1,000,000 to play on Ellen and i still would not do it
zerosidedconversation (3 months ago)
191 people find instagram videos funny
Devin Svendsen (3 months ago)
Too many people in that band so dumb
L kopp (4 months ago)
Great tune but the music reminds me of copacabana by Barry manolow
17J W00DR0W (4 months ago)
this fucking drummer is a madman. look at him. wtf?
Ben Nissimov (4 months ago)
I'm pissed
gsboss (4 months ago)
i hate ellen and her shit show, but parquet courts are nice man
I'mjust Asimplebot (4 months ago)
1:55 even the robots dance to parquet courts
Whatever (5 months ago)
This is terrible lmao
peter tort (5 months ago)
Ah yes there is hope for great music coming to the masses !!
julie adams (5 months ago)
I happened to turn my telly on one day, as you do here in the best country in the world, Aussie Land. This song came on, and, I have been listening to this song, ever ever ever ever since. LUV YA! Cheers, come to Melbourne. I mean it.
Noah Learmonth (5 months ago)
This is horrific
hendrixhead90 (5 months ago)
Im grooving on this pretty hard!
Holmes, Spencer Jacob (5 months ago)
I'm so glad they put out new lyrics
Jürgen Naeve (5 months ago)
the new Talkings Heads?
我你 (5 months ago)
All the art displayed in the background is by the lead singer
George Munoz (5 months ago)
My favorite song from this new album is Tenderness. Freebird II is also really good. God I love this band. Been following for years and I'm surprised they showed up on Ellen
Connor Alfaro (6 months ago)
is that destruction unit backing them up? lol
TheRFM (6 months ago)
Eurorack BITCHES
Jei Lieb (6 months ago)
Evocative of Madchester
Dixon Hand (6 months ago)
Haha white people dancing
Dixon Hand (6 months ago)
So hip.
William Clare (6 months ago)
Parquet Courts aren't a punk band.
Satanz Barz (6 months ago)
Underrated band
Total Talking Heads influence/vague ripoff
vyrus2 (5 months ago)
Which in turn was Fela Kuti influence/vague ripoff. Funk and african poly-rhythmic music existed before and outside of Talking Heads, even though they did it extremely well
Patrick Greenberg (6 months ago)
Love yous guys
Jesus Rodriguez (6 months ago)
these is so much different from the other album that was fucking punk in maximum expression
Wilson Nester (6 months ago)
3:19 This many young women will never dance to this song again
Control Oz (6 months ago)
Wtf are they doing on Ellen? It was hilarious watching mums have a dance but this is by far the weakest song on the album.
Connor Lodge (6 months ago)
This performance is so good! Just wish the Congo's and djambe (spelling?), we're mixed with some more love, very hard though in a live setting like that but they a lil flat sounding. Probs nit picking but I love how much fun they having
Dean V (6 months ago)
I see you Ellen
PapaDan95 (6 months ago)
some dude has a giant close pin in the back
Eugene Jefferson (6 months ago)
I don’t get it
Cyka Blyat (6 months ago)
Seeing a great band on Ellen not some pop artist is something amazing for me in my eyesight.
Entire Total (6 months ago)
I'm wide awoke.
Christopher Montemayor (6 months ago)
If you didn't know, you know now.
Unimpressed Alchemist (6 months ago)
Anyone who is interested should listen to this album. Before the Water Gets Too High and Violence are amazing.
Flip Skylark (6 months ago)
the people who dislike this are the same people who actually enjoy ellen
Joe Watson (6 months ago)
Very old school RHCP styled performance, man i love this band!
Katie King (6 months ago)
Music should be a celebration :-)
305 (6 months ago)
Antwan Fantwan brought me here
sakomongros (6 months ago)
>>>>>>>>> Us V. Them
T. Donnelly (6 months ago)
I hate the parquet courts. They're far too good. It's so selfish of them to be so good.
pureinhart (6 months ago)
...... is that guy in the background playing a giant wooden peg?
Roberth Gómez (6 months ago)
Came here expecting nothing, yet I leave disappointed. Garbage.
malleable _ (6 months ago)
Little trout mask replica vibe
Micah Greeson (6 months ago)
lmao where? this is straight up dance-punk
Jay Higgs (6 months ago)
This songs gonna play on every drama series sex scene.
Jack Gulla (6 months ago)
so good
3goals4bonzai (6 months ago)
You've got me wondering now...
oddishh (6 months ago)
destruction unit / parquet courts mixup
Daniel De Holes (5 months ago)
yesss destruction unit another super band
Frederick Core (6 months ago)
Great song
Colby (6 months ago)
Many people’s main negative arguments about rap is the lack of talent when it comes to writing and that many of the songs are repetitive... explain what’s different about this then lol
r0b0hobo (6 months ago)
Colby a lot of early rap was based on sampling "repetitive" songs like this and rapping over it. Rap and groove based music will always be linked in that way. I don't think it takes a lot of talent to write a song like this but deffinetly some creativity to sit down with the boys and crank out a fun tune. Not every band has to be TOOL or Radiohead. The bass part is cool though.
Bss isaac forrst (6 months ago)
Melon brought me here
Bss isaac forrst (5 months ago)
Pedro Rocha but the fruit does anyway and we all accept it and follow the lizardy meltano
Pedro Rocha (5 months ago)
Gabriel Richmond (6 months ago)
It's yaboi, Widethony Awaketano, the melon's wokest music nerd on the Ellen Show.
Rikard Holmqvist (6 months ago)
You know who it is
julie adams (6 months ago)
you know what Ellen, you are SPOT ON! I LOVE THEM.
dangeroftime (6 months ago)
tom johnston (6 months ago)
Holy shit PQ were on Ellen?! Haha that’s awesome.
Italian Spaceboy (6 months ago)
That's it? All the hype for this mono-chord, mono-theme, mono-melody "song"? The Chili Peppers were doing this in the mid 80s but wich much more talent.
Matt Hall (6 months ago)
Gotta give a new generation a chance to experience that sorta thing while it is relevant to them
Cyka Blyat (6 months ago)
Nah you should listen to the whole album. Pitchfork=8.0/10 theneedledrop=9/10 NME=4/5 these are just to name a few music critics' opinion on their new album.
Tonaya Chapman (6 months ago)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!! I'm so lit to see them live soon!
MrKGHunter (6 months ago)
Fuck. Just not feeling it, really love their old albums. Liked em much better when they were ripping off The Fall/Pavement. Screw this Talking Heads jive. Hate to be that guy....oh well. When Rolling Stone starts stroking you, it's over.
aschneider70 (7 months ago)
hype this shit.
I have loved Parquet Courts since they first came to my attention. I am loathe to give up on them now
ellen degenerate
Ignacio Camacho (7 months ago)
Bad 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰
Archie Mac (7 months ago)
I kept looking for a black person in the band
Pe Fu (7 months ago)
When did parquet courts become LCD soundsystem and when did austin become beck?
FLAC (7 months ago)
Una decepción...
Michael Postman (7 months ago)
loving austins whistle solos
Minimole404 (7 months ago)
I was happy just to see after all these years the rhythm guitarist still has his beat-up blue strat
be nice (7 months ago)
Well that’s the end of that....... way to sell out guys Jesus Christ
Richard Fukuda (2 months ago)
Oh no, my favorite underground new york twee coffee drinking teahouse indie band has suddenly become popular! Never mind the fact that they dropped their best album in years, I don't like them anymore! Sellouts! Boo!
Daniel Robichaud (6 months ago)
Nah, they're just messin' around.
__________ (7 months ago)
be nice Good to know that bands can’t experiment with their sound at all.
Matt Amick (7 months ago)
your username is hilariously ironic
So Slimey (7 months ago)
Dat bassline
Owen Braid (7 months ago)
me wen i have school in the morning still awake at 3am
Liam Gallagher (7 months ago)
I found this hard to twerk to
Daniel Jones (5 months ago)
Gabriel Richmond (6 months ago)
Twerkin' and swoonin' and I ain't ever losin' the pace.
coco (6 months ago)
Gabriel Richmond ass so woke 'cause my brain never pushes the brakes
Gabriel Richmond (6 months ago)
Just make sure dat ass is wide awake.
Ryan Robinson (7 months ago)
Jarvis from the band Woods playing the giant clothespin. Best hair in the GAME.
Vincent LO (6 months ago)
AH no way omg ;)
ernst undsehrböse (6 months ago)
and next to him Mary Lattimore singing....who else ?
Sam Wulfekotter (7 months ago)
all the extra percussion reminds me of liquid liquid
simon lines (5 months ago)
James chance? No wave is on the rise 😎
mentalroof (6 months ago)
true and esg to some extent
Rowan Jones (7 months ago)
parquet courts on ellen? mind officially blown.
Edgar Granados Morales (7 months ago)
Talking heads groove
BillyPilgrim (7 months ago)
Parkaaay Quaaaartz, I'm proud :,)
Jeff Perchinske (7 months ago)
it appears they mastered their craft
Native Monsters (2 months ago)
I see what you did there.
kimshanna (6 months ago)
and they're the picture of health
Gabriel Richmond (6 months ago)
You know what's good, Sam. You can have a minute of my time.
Gabriel Richmond (6 months ago)
Sam Leon Olvera (6 months ago)
Forget about it!
aaazore (7 months ago)
Parkay Quartz + Ellen! Yaaay.
craig matthews (7 months ago)
Even better than the studio version
suburban (7 months ago)
damn they made it
Ella Barr (7 months ago)
Not my favorite band
Isaiah G (7 months ago)
thanks, ellen, for making sure these guys had a lot of hot girls in this video

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