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history of the entire world, i guess

2791840 ratings | 69445535 views
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Text Comments (220933)
COMMANDER DEATHWiSH [DTHW] (31 minutes ago)
*the sun is a deadly lazer!*
Unknown sater (55 minutes ago)
I'm happy the vids at 69mil views
Tenzin Lhamo (57 minutes ago)
Kars Adrichem (1 hour ago)
How many times did you watch this so far? I'm on my fith watch so far
Tenzin Lhamo (1 hour ago)
What about the city of Atlantas??
Bradly Palacios (2 hours ago)
we can make a religion out of this
lord creeper (2 hours ago)
That's God watching us in a fast forward video
69m views Nice
Matt G (4 hours ago)
10 years in history class they talked to us about world war two. oddly enough i liked this version of it better
Susan Monk (4 hours ago)
This dude must be on drugs when he makes these videos
Minerwolf HQ (5 hours ago)
69mil view club baby
Wawa'sNews //Gaming (5 hours ago)
69 million views boys *mission accomplished*
Zorsee (6 hours ago)
69 million views ...69 Don’t forget me in the sea of comments
TheEaston2 (6 hours ago)
Those views are N I C E
Undertale Music (6 hours ago)
Show this to the aliens in area 51
Enrique Enrique (6 hours ago)
Nice amount of views 69mil
Mugi-chan (6 hours ago)
Philippines FTW!!!!😁😁😁
MintIceCream (7 hours ago)
I think the way this manages to not make people mad even though it says so many things I think everyone disagrees once but it goes buy to fast for anything to seeth in anger I’m fine with this
MarkYuri PH (7 hours ago)
U forgot Philippine American war
MarkYuri PH (7 hours ago)
69M views Wtf
MelloFive-O (7 hours ago)
69 million views? Nice
Alex Blacklegde (7 hours ago)
if you watch this at 2x speed you can know what it''s like to be on the same amount of speed it took to write this
Fishymonster (7 hours ago)
69 mil views
Fury Hollow (7 hours ago)
Only actual idiots dislike this
ThisRandomNoob (7 hours ago)
Heck yeah I’m ready for history class
my last brain cells during an easy test:
Good Feeling (8 hours ago)
Theories not backed by actual science... but because it’s in science books you will call me dumb for seeing through the mirage and having real intellectual thought
Solid Snake (9 hours ago)
why does it say all the replies are under a month old *hMM*
Solid Snake (9 hours ago)
69 million views *n i c e*
Mariyah Monet (9 hours ago)
we should show this to the aliens after we rescue them from area 51
that one guy (9 hours ago)
69 million veiws UwU
200porcupines (10 hours ago)
Whenever I am sad and confused, I watch the first 90 seconds of this video, and realise how insignificant things actually are
Gracie Rine-Cole (10 hours ago)
*Wasn't this 14 minutes long? What happened?*
Kermit D. Frog (10 hours ago)
69 million views... on this video... the prophecy is fulfilled!
Metal Frame (10 hours ago)
We did it *bois* , 69 million views . I'll go get the popcorn
King Hekizee (10 hours ago)
America: "makes car go, u say? Don't mind if I do....
Dead Legend (11 hours ago)
Teacher: okay class today we are gonna learn about the history of earth but since I'm tired I'm gonna put on a video instead of explaining everything... You know the rest...
North Galaxy (11 hours ago)
Am I tripping Balls or something
TheKittenKait (11 hours ago)
Okay honeslty this is so very impressive, how did you manage to do it? How long did it take you to research all of this, how did you even manage to find information to all of this? Honestly, how long did it take to make this video?
Kenaj the Wolf (11 hours ago)
It teaches more than 10 school years
Seth Stromsmoe (11 hours ago)
You forgot Canada did an exist in 1867
Sh0ns (11 hours ago)
Apexicus (11 hours ago)
admirableUserName (11 hours ago)
That. Was. Amazing!!!
youtube is my life (12 hours ago)
Later he should make an updated version about the raid of area 51
ChezNub _ (12 hours ago)
I showed this to my history teacher, and he couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes, then he said “A 20 minute probably taught you more than I have for half a year”
_DYLAN 615_ (12 hours ago)
I showed this in my history class everyone laughed
Blorps _ (12 hours ago)
69 million views.
Light_Power (13 hours ago)
0:07 Says boat. *Shows a plane*
Witch SavaNNa (13 hours ago)
11:44 " Spain and not Spain (Portugal) " Me( being portuguese): *:')*
James Johnson (13 hours ago)
James Johnson (13 hours ago)
James Johnson (13 hours ago)
James Johnson (13 hours ago)
Avjinder Dool (13 hours ago)
i'm confused
Razvan Andrei Curea (13 hours ago)
sa mi bag pula in margarina cat de rau mi a rupt filmul !
RejectedTrash55 (13 hours ago)
Hi thanks for checking in, I’m still a piece of garbage.
Jack Day (13 hours ago)
What the hell did I just watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ember Draws (1 hour ago)
A masterpiece
T!M (13 hours ago)
Wiktor33 (13 hours ago)
OMG 69.420.056 VIEWS
Tim Cigar (13 hours ago)
something I guess (13 hours ago)
Jayden Huck (13 hours ago)
Showed this to my religious friend, all he said was “nOoO gOd cReAtEd eVeRyThInG”
Anonyme User (13 hours ago)
*Everything was right except the israel history. But yea nevermind.*
Anonyme User (13 hours ago)
*Everything was right except the israel history. But yea nevermind.*
lolicop san (13 hours ago)
eighth grade social studies be like.
Heitor Martins (14 hours ago)
This video actually helped me in a History test
Desirée J (14 hours ago)
So religions isn't really real? Jusg humans being stupid?
sl1ckf0x (14 hours ago)
I fucking love this
Aced _ (14 hours ago)
Nice 69 m views
Franklin D Roosevelt (14 hours ago)
Oralialagunas Gunas (14 hours ago)
12:49 checkpoint for me
Majkel Kovalsky (15 hours ago)
*Cries in polish*
Darkshot (15 hours ago)
Yay! this got 69 million views! :D
Morgan Bills (15 hours ago)
I can show this to the alien I steal from Area 51
Ahmed Playz (15 hours ago)
Found this way back in 2018 ,a lot more viees now
Valeria V. (15 hours ago)
Microscopic spec being a tampon is my gender
Michael Miller (15 hours ago)
We have to show this to all of our aliens that we got from our almighty Area 51 raid👽👽👽
You got my JUNGSHOOK (15 hours ago)
I literally sat through this whole vid, eyes glued to my phone.
Sienna Ferrell (15 hours ago)
No one: Not even weird jazz music This video: “*NoW yOu CaN eAt SUNLIGHT*”
No No (15 hours ago)
69 million views
bob dankman (16 hours ago)
I learned some stuff
Angry Stickman (16 hours ago)
video: has 69 million views me: nice
Krypic Vanity (17 hours ago)
almost 69,696,969
Emil Mahmutovic (17 hours ago)
0:04 "I can't get from Here to there without buying a boat" **Shows plane**
mini error (17 hours ago)
Wtf this is funny shit XD
KitKat :3 (18 hours ago)
*I Learned more from this video than my entire school year*
Saiko senpai (18 hours ago)
Nobody: Literally nobody: Roman: *IS LOVING JESUS LEGAL YET*
Virtigristhewrench (18 hours ago)
69 million views.
John Madden (18 hours ago)
Yeah, but when to we talk about golf?
Kalinda Bergmann (19 hours ago)
You could make a religion out of th- *no don’t*
Aisia Colt (20 hours ago)
“Wait! If the world is round,then let’s go this way” said Christopher Columbus smoking crack 😂💀💀💀
HAZEX shigameh (20 hours ago)
Where the hell are we?
Kulu Batala (20 hours ago)
"let's rape Africa" * gets nervous in African South African *
sylvie martin (20 hours ago)
i came back here cause why not
Tomminator (20 hours ago)
Now i know why this showed up in recommendations
wait somestuff (21 hours ago)
ADDISON ALI (21 hours ago)
Why does this have 69M views
Tigerman1138 (21 hours ago)
ADDISON ALI “Why does this have numbers “views?” *Says everyone on YouTube* (voice is harmonized narrator) THE INTERNET IS FULL OF VIDEOS!
TKONIGEL (22 hours ago)
We did it boys... 69 MILLION VIEWS!!!
Princess YuBeace (23 hours ago)
This is literally the only script where the word "rape" is actually not a joke and very fitting for what happened.
hello there (23 hours ago)
whos here at 69M views?
Sng Yi Long (1 day ago)
4:00 i don't get how adam and eve fits into this. can somebody explain?
Ember Draws (50 minutes ago)
Because I'm 99.9% sure they never existed and that it was just a lie created by religious people

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