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The Top Ten Womens Clothing Brands to Sell on eBay for Great Profit | Flip for Profit

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THE TOP TEN WOMENS CLOTHING BRANDS TO SELL ON EBAY FOR GREAT PROFIT // I have chosen my top 10 womens fashion brands that I can pick up at a good price and regularly and can resell for £20 plus easily and shared them with you guys in this video If you want to keep up with my daily reselling activities then follow me on instagram @emmareseller
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Maureen Doogan (1 month ago)
Hi Emma great videos I'm a newbie these videos have been very helpful carry on the good work xmo
zunayed mostafa (2 months ago)
Great video. Thanks <3
Grow Roots (2 months ago)
Are you related to Martin Kemp?
Emma Reseller (2 months ago)
Grow Roots nope :) x
Arcusrainbow (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for this video. I so glad I watched it yesterday as I went carbooting this morning and pick up 7 Reiss items from one stall, which I would have bypassed before seeing your vid and doing a bit of research. Many thanks 👍
Clare Riley (3 months ago)
Hi Emma, enjoyed your chat with Nic, can you direct me to the podcast you're on? Thanks.
Clare Riley (3 months ago)
@Emma Reseller Thanks Emma, had just employed my detective skills to find it, ie Google. Look forward to listening to it.x
Emma Reseller (3 months ago)
Hi Clare, this is the link for itunes https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/leveraged-lifestyle-podcast/id1380225106?mt=2 You can find it on spotify and such as well if you type in 'leveraged lifestyle catherine turner' - i'm episode. Hope that all makes sense :) xx
Sue's Piles Of Shame (3 months ago)
Great info , thanks Emma. You look lovely in that colour by the way.
Emma Reseller (3 months ago)
Thanks so much :) so nice to be using my summer wardrobe again xx
Emily Gilbert (3 months ago)
Never ever seen Cos or few of other brands, the reason they maintain a good price is that they are not that common, common to find brands such as White Stuff are losing some value, the only brand out of all those you state that I can still get for a good price and sell at a good price is Masai, but this will also soon flood ebay as all the resellers are talking about it.... I live in the west country and people dont have the money to spend like they do in your areas so difficult to find these brands....
Emily Gilbert (3 months ago)
@Emma Reseller I think cities and more rural areas very different, we dont have many 'townie' brands but do other stuff, in cities people dress up and go out and in rural areas people go out in terrible weather and wear decent clothing for that, so all very different!
Emily Gilbert (3 months ago)
@Emma Reseller Thanks Emma, I also get some amazing hand knitted jumpers and fantastic tweeds and decent jumper brands eg picked up Brora for 3 quid at weekend, eek, so it is a poor area but we still have the landed gentry round here.....
Emma Reseller (3 months ago)
@Emily Gilbert Ok that's great I'm glad to hear that. Have a great day xx
Emily Gilbert (3 months ago)
Also do well on farmers jackets and outdoor clothing! x
Emily Gilbert (3 months ago)
@Emma Reseller Online sourcing does not interest me, I woudlnt say my area is an anomaly at all, more that yours is! I do well on vintage clothing, lots of old people and other stuff!
Margaret Stewart (3 months ago)
Hi can I ask the average amount you pick up your clothes for please. I watch people say they paid up for an item and nearly fall of my seat. I think i'm probably tighter than two coats of paint and don't like paying up. I have a CS near me that has good brands but with the prices to match but don't want to pay too much.
Emma Reseller (3 months ago)
Hi there's for items selling for between £25 and £30 I won't pay more than £5. If I think something can sell for £50 then i'll happily pay £10-£15 for it. It's all relative to the resale price if that makes sense. Hope that helps :) x
Kate Barnes (3 months ago)
Hi I notice you don’t put ‘ladies” in your titles, am I wasting my time and space putting it in?
Kate Barnes (3 months ago)
Victoria Peach Its a minefield isn’t it? This is a typical title of mine: Ladies white Lagenlook top by Masai plus size 20 vgc....is there anything I should omit or add.....also shoes I have always added Ladies, maybe I should say Women’s!! I never put Cute or pretty either.
Victoria Peach (3 months ago)
@Kate Barnes hi Kate, I had the same question as you and don't tend to put Ladies in the title nowadays. However the only clothing listings I do tend to put Ladies in, is tops (and some trousers). I remember selling a Next top and it wasn't even in the first 10 pages of listings. I went in and tweaked the listing by adding the word Ladies into the title and when we searched again it was the 3rd listing! So I think if it's quite a swamped area (like Next tops for example) adding Ladies in the title may help in that case. I know Ebay's advice is to add keywords that are already in the item specifics even if it means you are repeating yourself, but it just seems pointless with dresses and skirts doesn't it?
Kate Barnes (3 months ago)
Emma Reseller Hi Emma, yes thanks for that, I’ve been reselling for some years ‘hobby seller’ but I’ve religiously added Ladies in my title...From today it’s gone!
Emma Reseller (3 months ago)
Kate Barnes hi Kate. Yes you don’t need it generally, as the category your item is in means that eBay automatically includes it as the keyword when people search. Also if people are searching skirts/dresses etc it’s a given. I occasionally include ladies/women’s if I’m writing the title for something which men and women might both search for like ‘women’s Levi jeans’ or ‘women’s leather jacket’ if that makes sense 😊 x

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