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CT Weed Reviews Dispensary STRAIN Review: CHOCOLATE CHUNK by Theraplant..It smells just like CHOCOLATE!!!!! Hapyy 420!!!! Available at The Healing Corner NOW!! CT Medical Marijuana Patients ONLY!!!! 18+
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Text Comments (39)
dude im baaaked (9 days ago)
Good intro. That chris tucker quote.
Paul Bridgewater (1 month ago)
I feel like I'm hanging out with Scott Weiland... 11:07
You on coke?
P4UL20 (1 month ago)
Cringey intro.
MrCantgetno (2 months ago)
love your reviews !!
Colton Bergeron (2 months ago)
I love how he acts like a crack head
Surgeon Vault (2 months ago)
haha dude you are the shit. I can't smoke herb right now due to health problems but hopefully one day I will be able to do it again.
Colton Bergeron (2 months ago)
Surgeon Vault what kind of health problems prevent you?
Ross Stone (2 months ago)
A torch just to smoke flower 🤣 Seems like overkill. To each his own I guess.
Tacara Robinson (3 months ago)
Hi Ganja (3 months ago)
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Eddie3074 (4 months ago)
7:25 when the paranoia starts to kick in...
Jack15mg (10 days ago)
looks like hes tweakin on meth lmao
Jack15mg (10 days ago)
bruh im dead hahahahaa
Akhilesh Thapa (4 months ago)
Brandon c (4 months ago)
Can please put ct name in description
JCruz (5 months ago)
I smoked for the first time in my life it’s been 2 days I’m still paranoid and can’t think like my old self .
Ross Stone (2 months ago)
this what u do... go fuck some bitches. or go swimming. Something about a swimming pool always seems to sober me up instantly.
Lord Dunamis (4 months ago)
Calm down man you'll be alright. You're just psyching yourself out. Weed is a naturally occurring plant and it's one of the safest substances you can do. As long as you make sure you know what it is you're smoking.
24 TK (5 months ago)
JCruz depending on how much you smoke you can still have a subtle mind high that can cause you to be disorientated days later , or in your words not be able to think like yourself . I know you don’t still feel that way by now ,and you shouldn’t pick up the habit
Timothy Rogalski (5 months ago)
I'm grabbin this saturday, hope it's not stemmy like bluniverse. Thanks for showing me all the products before I buy. You're videos have helped me pick many strains.
Steve Peridotdragon (5 months ago)
Sweet.. Proper Hits,, ..Cheers.. Peace ...
Robbie D (5 months ago)
happy everything. the menu is so nice this week.
SoCal SevenSixoH (5 months ago)
Old houses are usually haunted ... especially basements.
Jennifer Eighme (5 months ago)
Love this channel! Recently got my card and it helps me decide because the dispensary is overwhelming 😅
Kdoobs2015 Doobieman (5 months ago)
The Sativarin E is also fire it’s GG4 X DoSiDos they had it in 7 gram bags as well as 8ths
Bruce Wayne (5 months ago)
I just got these for 420 myself. arrow alternative had it on sale for 25 an 1/8th and its great! Chocolate chunk really did smell like chocolate.
WhytLight 4U (5 months ago)
Fuck You Too! Is that the only language you understand? Rude.
Jack Porter (5 months ago)
Happy 420!!!! bro I'm still faded lol
Kdoobs2015 Doobieman (5 months ago)
Happy 420 G I have a qtr of this on pre order can’t wait to try it
Scott V (5 months ago)
Happy holidaze brother.....and this strain is fucking crippling ! I love it. Powerhouse indica for sure.......great price
Marc Liq (5 months ago)
Patiently waiting for my medical card to come in the mail 😭 Happy 420 tho my man!
Marc Liq (5 months ago)
Yea, I used it before I got my card because it helps me sleep. It is ridiculous to have to pay $300 and just to have the ability to legally treat my condition
eric bryant (5 months ago)
its sad though you have to have a card ''legally'' lol to smoke a plant
Marc Liq (5 months ago)
Kdoobs2015 Doobieman Funny timing, just got my temporary certificate in my email today. Now just waiting for the physical permanent card.
Kdoobs2015 Doobieman (5 months ago)
SoCal SevenSixoH it can take 1 month just to get s temporary card. And it could take even longer to get the actual card I’ve been a patient since 2014 and there’s always a long wait to get your card in the mail
Marc Liq (5 months ago)
SoCal SevenSixoH In connecticut you have to pay a fee to the CT Gov or whatever and they have to review your application. then they’ll send your medical card in the mail. i got approved for it for my PTSD on 4/9 and CT Gov received my payment and info on 4/12 so now i just gotta wait
David Amaral (5 months ago)
Happy 420 Craig ......👍🔔

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