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How To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On

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Text Comments (1639)
Kgotso Bopape (1 day ago)
This guy is definitely on
DANBOYHD (1 day ago)
Came here for sex tips only to realise that I’m an absolute Casanova who already does this
LaziMini 3 (1 day ago)
22:52 6:49
Marion Baker (1 day ago)
tinyurl.com/XxXSEXDatingGirl99HD පසු එක් එක් අනෙකුත් සොයා ඒ නිසා බොහෝ විපත්ති දැන් වනු
Nigamananda Behera (1 day ago)
He is a pevert and teaching other people to be pevert like him😡
LaziMini 3 (2 days ago)
2:34 why is she—
Eman emily (3 days ago)
هل من عرب ؟😂
DreamyFish (3 days ago)
Ok I’m not even a guy nor do I feel comfortable watching this , and I don’t know why I watched 15 mins of this but 12:50 is literally my dream hug with my crush 😭😂
Its Me, Donn ;P (4 days ago)
bruh i was watching funny videos and this popped up and i didnt read it lol
Its Me, Donn ;P (4 days ago)
he looks like all their grandpa's
romina sierra (4 days ago)
the first girl looked really into it with him..
These thots want the cake....eat it....plus everything else on the table. Jfc. How about a bictch that can cook? Yes I mispelled the b word.For a reason.
How much did you pay these broke thots?
And 100 ways why not to. Coming next.
Ariel Bean (5 days ago)
Why is he so serious about this fucking porn show
imtocool (5 days ago)
Literally the creepiest looking man on earth
Livlovebehappy (5 days ago)
*Deletes from history*
Liv Christianson (6 days ago)
Plot twist : he’s gay
Most likely Hence why these thots are so comfortable.
Yolanda Summers (6 days ago)
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
You say that as if it matters to ANY ONE but You
Some random ghost 19 (7 days ago)
I AM BLUSHING SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- scftpeach (7 days ago)
*just watching jungkook hard edits and i ended up here i-*
Gent Dodaj (7 days ago)
Mom: what are you watching ? Me: throws mobile to the wall
Ester Martinez (9 days ago)
> < ~😝😝
MI Five (10 days ago)
An excuse to get hos horndog on
Trash Croutons (10 days ago)
How do be a top 101
Jacqueline Brennan (10 days ago)
I was just watching AS MR
sunwoos sweetheart (10 days ago)
He is the Bob Ross of the sexual community🤣
cat army (11 days ago)
From watching people saving animals to this
Dubai Kings (11 days ago)
I want to do this
Marcus Linde (11 days ago)
Pro tip: when you cum, don't stop, go down on her instead, she ain't done. You will be ready to go second time in 5-10 minutes while she will get closer to her orgasm
Haysley Jackson (12 days ago)
I was watching asmr .. How did I-
Aniiyah Jones (12 days ago)
Wait is this Jim from that porn add and he has a “ seed”
Jessica Tinajero (12 days ago)
That moment you think you just saw your past teacher
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
,Maybe you did,this would be a lot more fun to teach than "Hamlet"
So his name Jim but the channel name Tim? What's really going on here
@Tim Bratton You have any videos on how to go back in time?
Actually.It was produced by a lady named kim
Tim Bratton (7 days ago)
Jim is a tantra teacher and a friend of mine. My company publishes one of his courses. The link is in the description. That's why his video is on my channel.
Renee Allen (13 days ago)
tinyurl.com/SEXxDatingGirlbb60io අත්පත් කර ගත හැකි බවට හොඳ පැරණි සැලැස්ම බව හැඟීම
Umm I was just listening to BTS and Stray kids and somehow I ended up here :O
w j (13 days ago)
Omgg same i'm so confused
Ina Ristow (14 days ago)
Is he still alive?
kids menu (16 days ago)
I thought this was a joke but no-
Angel Galvan (16 days ago)
It starts at 1:46
LIL REY (17 days ago)
Bruhh you know he definitely smashed all these hoes.😂💀
J. R. (17 days ago)
Hilfe wo bin ich gelandet😶😶😶
Vrother Kaos (19 days ago)
R.I.P 🙏🙏
Brandon Taengwa (19 days ago)
I got hard
Michelle Lazaro (19 days ago)
Can you come to my house to do sex with me baby
Michelle Lazaro (19 days ago)
Harsd and sexy and vring condoms
Axshlyn x (20 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue God please forgive me.
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
Just curious ,forgive you for what ?
ds1092873 (21 days ago)
I don't want to touch a woman
Harry Richardson- Holt (21 days ago)
I always found a woman gets very touched when she sees the size of your bank balance lol.
Yukiko (21 days ago)
b-but my girlfriend knows who's the dominating... when she talk about me it's like: "oh, my girlfriend... i call her Daddy... she always get me wet and always i moans her name..."
Evilly. (22 days ago)
I was just watching cows giving birth and this is what I see wtf
JC Rabbit (13 days ago)
COWS???? Well.whatever floats your boat
Karla G (22 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I need to clear my search history, How about you?
Haley R. G. (22 days ago)
I was watching an ASMR video. How did I get here! 😂🤔
Isabella Kuszynski (14 days ago)
Reynalisse Mathewss (19 days ago)
Haley R. G. Same
Onlinebabies_ (22 days ago)
Jim is a naughty naughty maN
aubrey the goat (22 days ago)
Time to clear my history so happy
Karianedit (23 days ago)
It's a little bit.. weird? But this is helpful for the boys bc of al the porn they would probably mess their first Time up... soooo this get a like from me
Sarah .C (24 days ago)
i was watching a music video and accidentally clicked on this—
OG Z (24 days ago)
Fucking legend cunt
Peachpikachu (25 days ago)
They weren’t payed because it would be a porno if they were
Laurie Robinson (25 days ago)
tinyurl.com/xxxSexGirlDating26NU කැබින් බෝයි කලබලයෙන් ඔහුගේ ආදරණීය ඔහු
Andhrei Llamoso (25 days ago)
Hokage level 99999999999
Tamatoaisglam (26 days ago)
you look like weird al in your pfp not trying to be rude that’s a compliment
wowow guys nvm yo ur bs bro lolol this yo this is iloolo
im a man of nature shit lol
oooooomfffffffgggggggggggg lmao
lol i cant belive this lol we should no this smh lol wow
ish_m3jonathan Moof (26 days ago)
The question is who’s getting turned on?
Isabelle Walls (27 days ago)
Things that trim me one 1- lightly run you hand through my hair 2- kiss my neck 3- I jump up one you and you grab my butt and we kiss on the bed/wall 4- pin my arms down and kiss me 5- almost everything he is doing Take notes !!!!!😂
JC Rabbit (24 days ago)
YES,all of the above and more,anything she wants,if she is pleased,I'm pleased
Isabelle Walls (27 days ago)
Turn sorry I know
Lil’ Nut Brawl Stars (28 days ago)
I love this video especially the blue pantie one
Natalie Carmen (29 days ago)
Well damn. I wanna be touched now
JC Rabbit (20 days ago)
@Natalie Carmen Well Yes,it's great to experiment.and maybe you'll find the "Right " person,but everyone needs to exercise caution..........unfortunately,there are a lot of A,..H.... out there with ill intent.........We've all had Our share of that,and it does poison the water for genuine people ..........but I'm getting off track.............Yeah,try new people and "experiment,"........the whole point to this was you may enjoy something You had not thought of...........Pleasure is the goal,I hope We all find it
JC Rabbit (21 days ago)
@Natalie Carmen Yeah,it's good to experiment,and that doesn't mean your 'settling",you may be pleasantly surprised. It's so much better than waiting around for something that may never happen,and depriving yourself of the warmth and attention We all want and need,I guess that you just need to be careful.
Natalie Carmen (22 days ago)
JC Rabbit well yeah it’s always good to experiment
JC Rabbit (22 days ago)
@Natalie Carmen I wish every one could find that "perfect' person,however,you can miss a lot of good opportunities looking for the one person who may,or may not exist,why should anyone miss out?
Natalie Carmen (22 days ago)
JC Rabbit you gotta point
Natalie Carmen (29 days ago)
Would you call sex techniques.... “sexniques”
Dylan A? (29 days ago)
Creed has a brother. He’s creepy too
danielle devine (29 days ago)
the girl in the blue bikini was so desperate lmao
JC Rabbit (24 days ago)
..........or maybe just craves the attention............nothing wrong with that
윤 기 Wife민 (1 month ago)
Is it me but did it sound like someone farted at 6:13?!?!?
Jade Nyenhuis (1 month ago)
Please tell me he's not married... That would be bad...
Negative thot. Onward with your feeble mind.
Edwinus_B (1 month ago)
It didn't work for my teacher
Eva Cote (29 days ago)
The fuck
Molly Kirkpatrick (1 month ago)
# call me 541-944-9975
Molly Kirkpatrick (1 month ago)
do that to me chris yessssss please
JC Rabbit (25 days ago)
I don' t know who Chris is,but I hope he's smart enough to heed Your call
Eeins Lee (1 month ago)
He's such a molester
Ashley Potter (1 month ago)
Imagine your with a guy abs he just whips out those gloves and a hair brush. You’re kissing it’s getting heavy and he slowly makes his way up to your ears, he begins to stroke ear lobes then he moved to your face. He slow start moving his thumb gentle across your forehead and down to your nose. He begins to apply pressure as if trying to clear you sinuses. Just when your reached your edge, he stops. He turns away to get something, when he returns he has something on his hands. On each hand he wears a thicc furry mitten like device, he moves towards you putting his hand on you thighs and moving towards your butt and lower back with these leopard print coat sleeves. You think he’s done exploring you body but he is far from it. He turns and grabs a hair brush. He is not planing on brushing your hair. He moves the hair brush to you stomach and begin stroking up and down and around and around, he moves to your thighs and does small light strokes one each leg using to brush. He doesn’t stop there a brush isn’t enough, he uses a comb you caress your shoulders moving towards your armpits. Let’s just say there will be know 2nd date.
Wedot AJ (1 month ago)
I went from Bob Ross to sexual real quick
Alaina Ashmore (1 month ago)
I started watching James and Tati tea and some how I end up here I don’t even know how this happened I didn’t even click on it can someone please help
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
..........and,What sort of help do you need?
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
Maybe it was a deep rooted desire to learn new ways to be touched
Laura Flores (1 month ago)
tinyurl.com/GirlXXXSexDatingHOT86X ඔහු දෙස බලා ඔහුගේ පාද පසුව ඇලව ඇගේ හිස සහ
Noah Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Mom walks in the room while you watching this and she goes back then come but this time with a saddle and whoops you and you start praying
shaden al (1 month ago)
The heck I was watching guitar tutorials how did I end up here lol
Katie Lyn (1 month ago)
Y’all I was laughing at first but all this is true like if a guy did this to me he’d get the cooch 100%
Adolf Lakkk (1 month ago)
Tried this and got kicked out of the nursery
Katie Lyn (1 month ago)
Y’all I’m cryingggg why is this so funny and how did I get here
Jana Baner (1 month ago)
i was just watching bts how did i get here
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
It's amazing how many women say that exact same thing
;-;You smell broke;-; (29 days ago)
I would say Jimin's playlist....
coolpixel21 (1 month ago)
So........ When are the practicals?
ღ엘리 (1 month ago)
the girl with the black outfit and red hair is really cute
JC Rabbit (3 days ago)
@ღ엘리 OK,but why not your actual picture ?,just curious
ღ엘리 (3 days ago)
JC Rabbit i meant that my picture isn’t actually me, but thank you anyway bub <3
JC Rabbit (3 days ago)
@ღ엘리Seriously,You are very pretty,don't sell your self short
ღ엘리 (4 days ago)
JC Rabbit aw, i wish!! it’s kim taehyung from bts
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
Looking at Your picture,so are you
Weird Alien (1 month ago)
I’m apparently the only one here who doesn’t think this is hot. Like bruh this guy is so gross
The majority of these makes me (as a female) make me feel so uncomfortable...
JC Rabbit (18 days ago)
@ᴴᴬᴺᴬᴴᴬᴷᴵ then what makes you so uncomfortable ?,like any of these,they give you a lot of information,just start with the things You can deal with and work Your way from there ............Every one has they're own comfort level
JC Rabbit (25 days ago)
Are You afraid of sensuous touching? if so,you're missing a lot
Oskar Sørensen (1 month ago)
They are litteraly his objects
Sushi Face007 (1 month ago)
These women are all thirsty af
PewDiePie Fan (1 month ago)
So how do I apply for a job like this?
Savannah Nason (1 month ago)
How did I get here I started watching vines and now I'm here??
Emily the unicorn (1 month ago)
And I oop-
JC Rabbit (4 days ago)
"and I oop-" interesting response,care to elaborate ?
JC Rabbit (25 days ago)
define "
Jada Monroe (1 month ago)
Anyone else see the ring on his finger?
Xa r (1 month ago)
Not censured ??? Wtf
NassroD.j.Vlogs (1 month ago)
I jerked off while watching this
Akmal (1 month ago)
Wow look at him he having fun

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