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Fieseler Storch take-off

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The Fieseler Storch, a german observation plane, is prepped for take-off at the 2009 Collings Foundation "Battle for the Airfield" Event.
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a tribute to Yeah, Sure (17 minutes ago)
The Collings Foundation, keeping the dream alive.
Elia Ciani (3 days ago)
lo voglio
sigi strele (3 days ago)
The Storch was the only airplane of the Luftwaffe used by the allies. If they could get hold on one.
Robert Miller (7 days ago)
What a great aircraft! It is still one of my favorites of all time!
Roger (11 days ago)
Probably all voted for trump
otto16121970 (11 days ago)
How in earth would somebody reenact a Nazi.....?
Crafter (11 days ago)
German built ....enough said.
arturo monraz (20 days ago)
Marie BCFHS (21 days ago)
that cute little Fieseler
Rickey Keep (21 days ago)
Beautiful little aircraft just the same.
Robert Burke (24 days ago)
sorry not going to support anything that does anything to do with Hitler he killed thousands of people go f*** yourself white supremacist Jew lover
boudreau110 (26 days ago)
What motor is in this plane??? It appears to be an Inverted V-4 of some kind !! water-cooled???air-cooled??? (YES! that IS Hermann G. in the back seat...they actually hanged one of his body doubles and He and Adolf H. moved to Argentina just before the Red Army got to Berlin...They both had families,offspring,mansions and thriving businesses into the later 1960's...No joke!)
Frédéric HRECINSKI (28 days ago)
Avec le GROS en place arrière, j'aurais bien cru qu'il n'aurait JAMAIS décollé, ou encore que le plancher de l'avion se serait effondré !!! Mdr !!
Алим Малай (29 days ago)
Красивый Хорек, - погоняться за ним бы...
88mroux (1 month ago)
I'd like to know if the Grassy runway at this airfield is not too short for a P-40.
Alvaro Sánchez (1 month ago)
3:50 Too much sausage?
carloko08 (1 month ago)
is a shame that in Germany people cant see this with their own eyes and on their own ground: their own history by the way, the last 70 years jews has been made many laws that ban amy sign that bring people memories of their glorious past, at the point that hey cant see their own history instead if want to see it they must to fly outside Europe to do, really shame
Rex Luminus (1 month ago)
Excellently 👌done! *** Benny Hill.
locomotive67 (1 month ago)
The swastika is an Indian good luck sign.
Mario Koller (1 month ago)
Auf German GOOD Flyer!
David James (1 month ago)
Beautiful restoration. Living, flying History !
Celtis Africana (1 month ago)
I think that the Storch and the Westland Lysander were two of that era's most subtly interesting planes.
Alan R (1 month ago)
4:21 NRA hat. Which blends in seamlessly with the swastikas.
Brinson Harris (1 month ago)
Looks like that fallschirmjaeger in the back seat might have put away a little too much bratwurst and pretzels. Judging by the fact that US reproduction paratrooper jump uniforms come in up to 5x large, paratroops and carbs often encountered each other on European battlefields.
EntropyUnlimited (2 months ago)
Sweet. Love how it takes off from the three point stance, just lifts off the ground. Thanks for sharing this!
Richard Hanson (2 months ago)
Saw a vid of this plane or something similar. Head wind was faster then actual aircraft ground speed. It actually hung in the air while being pushed backwards!
Rudibaba 1984 (2 months ago)
Sehr gut.;-)
Suzukisan (2 months ago)
Raus f....
Ken Sebastian (2 months ago)
Nothing but admiration for German engineering.
jds hempfarm (2 months ago)
Flag of Switzerland middle painted over with black. The British Empire cosigned on the Bank of Switzerland loan, to the German Banks. The Swastika, shows independence. All the German people wanted was Versailles back. Hitler was their pawn. England got bombed when they backed out on the loan. Hitler was high on speed and did not make good decisions. Conclusion: The Banksters made a lot of money, and we lost a lot of blood. Judah had nothing to do with it.
carloko08 (1 month ago)
well, look like hemp are destroying your brain, was JEWS the owners of the banks...
Carmel Pule' (2 months ago)
I am not saying that it was their origin , but I can see where the Alaska pilots got their ideas about the unbelievable STOL aircraft they now own. This session in the video is not just a Fieseler Storch taking off, but there at 0:16 there are the Beetle, the motorcycle and the uniforms to be admired. All that is required is to add the British equivalent to all this as the vintage Morris 1000, the Douglas Vintage opposed twin cylinder motorcycle which I used to ride , I do not know about the Storch equivalent in British aircraft........ not the de Havilland Tigermoth nor the de Havelland Chipmonk. I cannot think of a real equivalent at the moment. Looking at the past where humans actually controlled the craft, brings back a lot of pleasant memories. I suppose a model drone with a good camera beats all this, but well, it is nice to look back and admire how it all started and the steps covered ever so slowly. Congratulations to all the participants in the video.
andrei 2022 (2 months ago)
ха йопты!
마라 바다 (2 months ago)
Муссолини тучный какой-то)))).
Jim Rushing (2 months ago)
I'll bed that storch is fun to fly.
Robert Burke (2 months ago)
If this plane had anything to do with Hitler or the Nazi white supremacist please delete it go f*** yourself
carloko08 (1 month ago)
hahaha shut up, dumby-no-brain-jew XD
Maha Lingam (2 months ago)
After 10 m of rolling the plane gets the wheels off the ground.
Maha Lingam (2 months ago)
Interessantes Zeichen auf den Seitenruder. Was bedeutet es?
Maha Lingam (2 months ago)
das Flugzeug war eine Legende.
Maha Lingam (2 months ago)
Bei starkem Gegenwind konnte er in der Luft stehen.
Didier Plouhinec (2 months ago)
It looks like Hermann Goering was still inside!
WARPHEAD (2 months ago)
What a good looking Flugzeug.
I hate nazi
Rebiv4 (2 months ago)
I highly doubt any other plane in the world could have landed and taken off on the slope of a mountainside villa to rescue Mussolini via Fallschirmjaeger and SS deployed by Gliders and chutes. A daring and brilliant plan by none other than Otto Skorzeny and Kurt Student, two brilliant tactical and strategic officers. While it did absolutely nothing to change the war in Italy in favor of the allies and the eventual capitulation of the Fascist regime by the King of Italy, it did bring to Hitler a man whom he believed was the epitomize of fascism as well as a close friend after their previous encounters. Italians were just in a bad strategic positon once Sicily fell via Patton and Montgomery as well as Alexander, Cunningham, Tedder and overall command by Eisenhower himself. Truly the greatest generation. Hate the Germans, and it's well earned, but they were smart and if not for Hitlers insistence on entering a preemptive war and breaking their truce with Russia so soon things may have turned out differently. If the UK had been conquered and Africa shortly after, the USSR would have been the only serious threat as the US would have had to focus on two front all by themselves if they even decided to fight.
sweepleader (2 months ago)
The pilot has a gold band on his forearm that says "Delta"!
Me parece o con esta pequeña aeronave los comando alemanes de Otto Scorzeni rescataron a Benito Mussolini -El Ducce - de una misión intrépida desde la parte alta de una fortaleza al norte de Italia. La capacidad STOL de este avioncito le permitió aterrizar y despegar en una pequeña longitud de terreno.
Jamscout (2 months ago)
Pilatus Porter ? Compare?
Lester Diamond (3 months ago)
climb rate greatly reduced with John Candy on board.
Dmitri Kozlowsky (3 months ago)
Please tell me that this is a set for movie. Knowing that there are people who re-enact NAZI era Weirmacht Heer and Luftwaffe in full kit and uniform is just a little disturbing.
Bluenose352 (1 month ago)
Dmitri Kozlowsky It's a reenactment
Morrigan Ravenchild (3 months ago)
Saw one of these take off at an airshow - bit of a windy afternoon. I was amazed at how short the take off was.
daihatucom (3 months ago)
We think, Simple is best. And the crew of the STOL aircraft must be losing weight!
Bluenose352 (3 months ago)
For those complaining about the men in uniforms, this is a reenactment put on by the Collings Foundation. So they have uniforms on. Even if they didn't, they're still reenacting. Each Warbird pilot, and crew are reenactors. Our ages are anywhere from 20 to 70 years old. We didn't fly these aircraft during the war. A majority of us weren't even born yet. But, we reenact how some of these aircraft were flown. When you see a warbird performing a "Bomb run" at an airshow, we're reenacting. The Collings Foundation adds to it by wearing uniforms.
Bluenose352 (28 days ago)
+Baz Bazdad It's sad, it's falling apart. There are quite a few towers I would like to see saved. Kingscliffe is another tower, and field I would like to see saved. Deenethorpe Field seems to be incredibly intact.
Baz Bazdad (28 days ago)
Funny you should mention Frascotti, as that S.W. corner of the Tower ALWAYS garners attention. Even 70+ years later you can SEE the rendering & repairs where Frascotti's P.51 hit the tower at dawn, despite the fact it's now noticeably crumbling slowly away - I've yet to upload some quality pix I've taken there, over the years during those successive visits, most without ANY interference from that 'twat' we saw in July 2011.
Bluenose352 (28 days ago)
+Baz Bazdad I attend the 352nd FG reunion every year. It hit us hard when Punchy passed away. He held everyone together. It hit me pretty hard when Alden Rugby(487th), and Don Bryan(328th) passed away. I have only seen the tower once. I have been told the same, about the owner, from my British friends. It's sad it can't be saved. We were hoping to make it another Museum, with a memorial dedicated to Frascotti, and the rest of the men of the 352nd.
Baz Bazdad (28 days ago)
I've taken Brit's, a serving USAF Lt.Col friend, plus a 'Kiwi' forum-leader around Bodney base & Control Tower. One of my USA mates, Larry, used to live behind 'Bob "Punchy" Powell's house & asked him one day, in the kitchen, "if" he would personalize 'sign' a print of his "West Virginian" Mustang, to my own Christian-name, "so I can send it to my good friend (me), in England, as he lives close-by" (not too far from the B.1108 road to Watton). Two years later, my Lt.Col friend did EXACTLY the same, with the 56th FG's Robert Rankin (unexpected). Some of the lads on the MH.3 aircraft forum even asked to have 'lumps' of the tower itself, posted to them, so they could display them next to their 1/72 & 1/48th diecast 352nd Mustangs, as it is now slowly crumbling. Last time we went (about my 7th visit), the landowner got shitty, so I ain't been back since.... (But I still do frequently use the B.1108 road, plus also the A.1065, which goes past Bodney & also has the McDonnell Douglas F-15-E 'Strike Eagles' runway, beside the road = they fly over here all the time.
TheRunereaper (3 months ago)
I wonder why Americans love to dress up as Germans? Perhaps it's like Star Trek conventions where most people love to be Klingons. As they say..... "Klingons have more fun!"
TheRunereaper (1 month ago)
I hope no offence was taken, none was intended. It's all a bit of fun and I really do admire people who can capture the essence of different nationalities, it's harder to do well than you'd think. I actually arrived at this post after seeing Mike Patey's Wilga Draco STOL series, fascinating and well worth a look.
Bluenose352 (1 month ago)
You could ask that question in pretty much any country that has a reenactment. Russians do German impressions. British do as well. Germans dress as 101st Airborne, and Russians. It's all a part of reenacting the past.
UTubeGlennAR (3 months ago)
Lovely A/C and Video. Thanks for sharing, Is the Storch's engine an up side down a V 4?, V6?
R Mack (3 months ago)
In 1943 German commandos helped Benito Mussolini escape from a mountain top prison where he was being held as a prisoner, using a Storch.
Mohabat khan Malak (3 months ago)
I like the design of this light aircraft.
carol tenge (3 months ago)
some pre flight........ did you check the oil? Oh there isnt any? Fritz in the back seat just had a big meal of sausage and beans..... look out!
Rian Roundhead Johnson (3 months ago)
didnt take much runway to get it in the air XD
Barb5001 (3 months ago)
it has such a light wing loading that there was no even a hint of down elevator to get the tail flying as it was not necessary
Lee M Day (3 months ago)
I still think it was a fieseler storch that took Hitler out of Berlin?
Kashif Balouch (3 months ago)
Plane finishing so nice great engineering
Oinc (3 months ago)
Man, huge flaps and and it has full slats. It’s a pity the US military after WW II didn’t demand truely designed shot take off “grasshoppers” anymore. Opting instead for basics production light weight planes.
DocSteiger (3 months ago)
Why are there SS runes on the prop ?
Steve Booth (3 months ago)
Sgt. Schultz in the back seat!
mrLumen2 (3 months ago)
Публичная демонстрация нацистской символики неужели разрешена ?
TralfazConstruction (3 months ago)
Excellent camera work, it felt like I was right there.
Bubba Holtzclaw (3 months ago)
Wow and I thought Hermann Goering was dead!!!!
DavidPT40 (3 months ago)
Herman Goering in the backseat
G Lopez (3 months ago)
Dam sure the mags are off
Dene Dias (3 months ago)
O motor era de fusca ?
John Smith (3 months ago)
That can take off from my back yard, is the landings as short? They should keep building a plane like that.
Глеваха Glevaha (4 months ago)
Еле взлете с жирным фрицем 🌚
Cameron Alexander (4 months ago)
What a beautiful location
Bluenose352 (1 month ago)
Cameron Alexander Stow, Massachusetts. Great New England area.
John Tempest (4 months ago)
The turf looks perfect.
Sv N (5 months ago)
german technology, the best
Diều Hâu (2 months ago)
There military equipment technologies went ahead 300 yrs in advance, the only problem Hitler is too evil
Jose Luiz Monteiro (5 months ago)
the legendary reconnaissance plane of Rommel in the deserts of Libya with its brave engine Argus A10 inverted and cooled to air
Nigel 900 (5 months ago)
Oh come on!...... If you're going to do a great re-enactment with such a beautiful plane, Get a Haircut and an eye patch.
Air Port (5 months ago)
SCHNELL SCHNELL...........99% of people SECRETLY WISH that germany had won.......so we would have a BIT OF DISCIPLINE throughout europe.
Suhoi - (5 months ago)
Swan (5 months ago)
passenger fat man Hermann Göring?)))
CJ W (5 months ago)
a most beautiful aircraft........oh to fly one.
jacques dubois (5 months ago)
Check Out The NRA Scum Bag at 4:22... Ass wipe !!!
William Scott (5 months ago)
LOOK. It's Colonel Klink and Shultz.
Stev Rex (5 months ago)
Good thing they were not using cheap plastic parts for the engine like bmw and porch do now.
Stev Rex (5 months ago)
Could have done without the nazi garbage. Just show the plane.
harpothehealer (5 months ago)
Mark Miller (6 months ago)
German knock off of a piper cub
Mark Miller (6 months ago)
this is the same type of aircraft hitler fled berlin in after he killed his mistress
Frank Kirkwood (6 months ago)
This is nothing but propaganda extolling the murdering thugs that cost millions of lives and shows that these bastards are still around, The plane is an historical insight into aviation but the shite dressed up are nothing but shite
All good, sorry just the hair the pilot does not correspond to the fashion of the time.
Alles ist gut, schade nur die Frisur des Piloten nicht die Art und Weise der damaligen Zeit entsprechen.
OLD CORW (6 months ago)
Jock Flack (6 months ago)
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.
Myfujacc Myfujacc (6 months ago)
what this vid, SPD meeting?
Geoff Dearth (6 months ago)
Too bad they couldn't have had Otto Skorzeny rescuing Il Duce.
makroart3 (6 months ago)
hakenkreutz ???
seegurke93 (6 months ago)
just one thing.. from what I know from flightschool. when the guy turns the prop before the flight. he is freaking stupid by the way he does it. the thing could turn any moment.... his arm would be off and perhaps his body halfed. no joke. it is rule no1 i learned when doing before flight prep!
Patricio Pusso (3 days ago)
with magnets in off position, the engine can not start, and turning the propeller by hand, primes the engine without wasting electricity with the starter
Brett Lloyd (6 months ago)
The storch had excellent STOL short takeoff and landing
İlhan Ayaz (6 months ago)
Cessna is very similar to the plane, or is CESSNA out of this plane?
ik04 (6 months ago)
Holy cow! NEVER put your arm around the front of the prop like that! Always treat piston engines as though they will start inadvertently.
Brett Lloyd (6 months ago)
There was a fiesler storch in movie the eagle has landed

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