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Speed Dating Canvases GAMUT 2013

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We at Gamut only wish the best for our patrons, so we've dug up this informative film to help guide the misled youth through the date scene. If we can't help your love life, maybe we can influence your perception of knowledge towards your craftsmanship of fine art.. https://www.facebook.com/events/494724317241029/ An art party where everyone creates! We've all heard of speed dating before, right? Speed Dating Canvases is much like that, but instead of a brief encounter with a stranger, you meet with a particular set of art supplies. (That's right, this is NOT actual speed-dating.) We have 15 different art stations for you to rotate through - paint, charcoal, clay, collage, a modular synth, and much more. Spend 7 minutes in heaven with the supplies at your fingertips, but don't get too attached, because before long you have to move on to the next. The evening will start with a mixer upstairs in the gallery surrounded by our current exhibit "Make. Believe." by Bethany Birnie. We will enjoy music, drinks, and snacks before heading downstairs to the into the creative zone of the Slam Factory studio. Sunday, February 10th | 6-9PM $10 admission includes two drink tickets, food & fun 1006 Marquette Ave S | Minneapolis, MN 55403
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