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Kwame - The Rhythm

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Text Comments (33)
Vaughn Clark (1 day ago)
Vaughn Clark (1 day ago)
Chocolatecityinfo (5 months ago)
91 we were suit's
Padraig Logue (9 months ago)
lmao those haircuts have returned!
I was just reminiscing to myself about growing up watching video music box back in NYC and those memories brought me here.
Rebecca Oliver (1 year ago)
My shit here back in my day Heyyyyy what ya say
Jay Gambla (1 year ago)
So classic dawg...
Troll Face (1 year ago)
B.O Joe
Labretta Simmons (1 year ago)
yep a classic
R Muncie (1 year ago)
this is real old school rap on the real
macpgm (2 years ago)
Coach Z has the best Rhythm
Joshua Moore (2 years ago)
yo ya know that's vin diesels cousin
Stephen L (2 years ago)
Corey Holcomb brought me here...wow this track takes me right back to those effen poka dots days..."my name is not Martin Luther but I am surely the King..."
Selease Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Those drum machines used to kill me! Love those beats. Who didn't use Funky Drummer. LOL
ToniA5555 (2 years ago)
I just don't want to be bothered with the talking at the beginning.
Michelle Jenkins (2 years ago)
feel ya on that one
trusoldier77 (2 years ago)
this is a hidden gym, dope beat and a great flow. pay attention people
Ty Deshawn (2 years ago)
This was my shit when I was in junior high school. A real classic.
Marcellus Austin (2 years ago)
Lyrical funny and chocolate He was such a triple threat
jptvi thompson (2 years ago)
The more I listen to old school the CRAPPIER new stuff sounds! Fucking lyrics Yo! And original personas.
REGINALD TAYLOR (3 years ago)
kane62074 (3 years ago)
Hiphop classic
63 Impala rag Dude (3 years ago)
My Nephew has this exact haircut right now 30 years later.
Roderick McPherson (3 years ago)
I got the force of 20 men like a Jedi Knight!!!!!! still hot.
Jermaine Gibson (3 years ago)
I never get tired of this...
Miss Jaye Last (4 years ago)
That is why I say that back in the eighties and nineties rap was about lyrics not about a hot beat and this proves it.. Back then you had better been lyrically inclined or you would have never came out. Now it's about watered down lyrics and a hot ass beat and a great image..
Miss Jaye Last (4 years ago)
I remember the polka dot ties, I wore my dad's first day of 11th grade I thought I was the shit..
Rob Lou (4 years ago)
Thank you for posting this! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Weak I say not so, lm just like Picasso. A pioneer, l am here, ask me how I got so- Fly...
TzaRzaReckta (4 years ago)
The ? Remains - DJ Premier is a beast.
Vaughn Baskin (4 years ago)
Hey Is That Bruce Campbell Doing The Intro?
John Whitfield (5 years ago)
That beat is GONE....
Bishop2120 (5 years ago)
This is the jam!
Brian Butler (10 years ago)
is this christmas cause everybody's rappin! tell me about it Kwame.

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