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Pinched Animation Short Film

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This is Pinched . You can watch full of Short Animated Movies Official at the link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLibt8SX9yL7IUcxwapkjpDeN0CiDWPwHm
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Text Comments (13199)
CV tanjung Harapan (1 hour ago)
2:36 hahaha Kyubi Naruto this real LOL XD
GAMERBOY TV 2003 (3 hours ago)
James Brown (4 hours ago)
This is life right now
Top 5 think 5ine (5 hours ago)
I want work with you,,,,,I have some osmmmmm storys, plz rply my msg,I m from India,I support you,and want be a friend not partner
KingCrazy's Kingdom (5 hours ago)
What song is At the end!!!!
Just Satan (10 hours ago)
This was really hard to watch :( But this is the best way everyone could understand people like us.
Santanu Bhattacharjee (19 hours ago)
Rock Leon (21 hours ago)
Jingalala ho!
マシュマロマン (23 hours ago)
Wow.... I want to learn about your animation technices that cleary and smooth motion. Sorry,I am not good at English.
DJ Symsymmas (1 day ago)
Why the bad guy is a rastaman with a vodoo doll?
GabeN The Great (1 day ago)
Morbid and gay
GabeN The Great (16 hours ago)
+David Vandervoort this is the kind of guy you beat the ever living shit out of for being a parasite and a theif
David Vandervoort (1 day ago)
GabeN The Great you’re morbid and gay
Raven Knight (2 days ago)
Getting some real JTHM vibes off this guy, with the trenchcoat and everything.
Crowded House (2 days ago)
... titmouse?
محمد الكاف (2 days ago)
Ohh broken heart me 💔 thanks for this video
Kirsty Milligan (2 days ago)
This was brilliant
mille Alemania Gómez (2 days ago)
Q es esto ' ,:/
Is the guy schizophrenic
Wery gooood!!!!!
Leonardo Vale (2 days ago)
deivid bubolz (2 days ago)
8:17 i like this part
duc nguyen (2 days ago)
Nguồn gốc của XẤU 😎
Get R3kt (3 days ago)
Fuckin tits
Azizul Khan (3 days ago)
Osm hestoris
Henrique Santos (3 days ago)
Alguém 2018 ?
Me Is cool (3 days ago)
I wish this was a show
Me Is cool (3 days ago)
I wish this was a show
DB_gabriell (3 days ago)
jena prithviraj (3 days ago)
Hell yeah!! I love this film.
Mohamed Belhireche (3 days ago)
2018 😂😂
Gugr123 Kakrashed (3 days ago)
Pati Ion (3 days ago)
Xavier Paz (5 hours ago)
te gusta esa escena??? eres toda una loquilla jejeje
Pati Ion (3 days ago)
5:45 :)))
Igalorco (3 days ago)
This pops in my recommended often and Im glad to see it every time
Marek Tomes (4 days ago)
Fia Pie (4 days ago)
This is why you don’t do drugs, kids
Chantell Gordon (4 days ago)
What’s the song at the end
Farouk Mahdi (4 days ago)
merci beaucoup
ham mag (4 days ago)
What the hell is that ??!!!!
John Banks (4 days ago)
Very Gorillaz/Late 90s/Early 2000s. I loved it. Wonderful animation.
макс пентюх (4 days ago)
Озвучка будто за протосов
Gudryan Pires (4 days ago)
5:46 BOBS lol
Hammie de Hamster (4 days ago)
2:11 he sounds like trump
Matthew Shrubsole (3 days ago)
Is there anyone else who would also nail the barmaid until that junky trunk gave in? Just asking
Bicentennial Nagger (4 days ago)
His monsters are so much cuddlier than mine
Ghoby BEAR (5 days ago)
The single thing that can destroy a ghetto boy
Destiny Freeman (5 days ago)
Honestly this was amazing
jonas carlos (5 days ago)
Mark Isler (5 days ago)
I been looking for this for over a year!!! Finally found it
Edu Santos (5 days ago)
Good good more
Mad Mike (6 days ago)
Did she break up with him because he was schizophrenic?
Bryson Treat (6 days ago)
This is the best film I’ve seen in my entire life
EggAbyss (6 days ago)
Obligatory “Moral of the story” comment
Razarch (6 days ago)
looks like a gorillaz clip animation to me pretty good
hypetia (6 days ago)
Just like legion
Tiago Santos (6 days ago)
Legal gostei d+
perfect name (6 days ago)
Странная хрень, однако прикольная
This is the problem , that all of this happens in a movie but the crisis is all of that happening multiple times and more in real life reality ... And it's an example that life today becomes a monster, like it is not enough that there is no justice ... This Darkness is good but you will never see the light ... This is the movie is all about , a Bad Example
Looser 🕵️
David Bartomeus (6 days ago)
10:23 Totoro?
Kyalin _Gender (6 days ago)
Animation *”SHORT”* Film
Da Crazy Mei (6 days ago)
he has some bad ass skills
NajiyremhthiHi Ahmad (6 days ago)
Superior story of the generation
Angielique (6 days ago)
i love this videos
Zion Y. (7 days ago)
I can't express my utter love for everything about this. The animation, the story, EVERYTHING.
Ale bab (7 days ago)
Alguien que hable español ,😁
itzDarkGamer YT (7 days ago)
I liked the tit part
TheSpaceCoyote82 (7 days ago)
I knew a girl that had that effect on me. I thanked her and explained how much it made me love her but it only became one more reason for her to break my heart.
Timmy Tuner (7 days ago)
😯😱😰😇😞dey name da 🐒 jack 😇😣😯leavedatstill washer dryer spingles like 'whenever'🎶 irepent den fa waeverrrrr n no bb Iran goin start raping /yep
Charles Hastings (7 days ago)
A better DMC reboot.
Kasey Anderson (7 days ago)
This is my favorite animation now!
Rulene Nieuwenhuis (7 days ago)
Okay, so this is one of the best short animations I have ever watched. It is really amazing and it is definitely on my list of favorites. <3
suga짧고 달다 • (7 days ago)
Striker (7 days ago)
박우성 (8 days ago)
J Jaden (8 days ago)
So..how did this not get flagged their was brief nudity. Wait I'm giving them ideas
EvaFey Deckard (8 days ago)
omg this is so cute ackkkk
Every scene with the Rastaman is over the top, funny, i just adore every scene with him. Where you think you goin' Buay
KŸÑG ZËÜS (8 days ago)
Can relate for sum odd reason
John Doe (8 days ago)
What a violent police officer
Roland Feiertag (8 days ago)
the ending was kinda cheesy tho
Slap your panda (8 days ago)
The art style, so dynamic. Made me feel something
nurian us & NURIAN US (8 days ago)
bobwinslow (8 days ago)
All three pixels of this are really good
Soul Streak (8 days ago)
لا لا (8 days ago)
Hrushikesh Naik (8 days ago)
Why do i have feeling that this looks similar to naruto?
すがジャッ (8 days ago)
Di man say let him out yoh ass hole head
A.Z (8 days ago)
i feel like the moral of the story is , no matter what problem you have , love and attention will always beat it.
I remember watching this on IFC
نعیم بلوچی (8 days ago)
KillerYoshi 90 (9 days ago)
Best love story ever. Not mediocre or cliche
De Ath Met Al Hell (9 days ago)
this fuckin looks like shit
Guest1milplayz (9 days ago)
The origin story of sneak 100.
Хоть практически ничего на этом языке не понятно,однако картина в целом исчерпающая...
The Angry 007 (9 days ago)
Wow that was good
Fernando coff (9 days ago)
A good animations https://youtu.be/mH4Fag8WrNw
Nate Williams (9 days ago)
Man thats how pic pockets be on new years eve in time spuare in New York.
Anesthesiatrip (9 days ago)
This animation is _SO_SMOOTH_ it's amazing. Love it! <3

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