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Sun bed madness at Hotel Magic Monika, Benidorm

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This is how you get a sun bed at Magic Monika in Benidorm
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Connie Damms (2 months ago)
Been there it was so fun
louise orrell (2 months ago)
That crazy nutters
Terntravel Holiday (1 year ago)
Hi David, I’m contacting you from a TV production company in the UK called Tern TV. We are making a documentary for Channel 4 (UK), exploring incidents and events related to holidays. We’d like to be able to use your video in the programme. Could you please contact me by sending an email to [email protected] Thank you! Nella
Terntravel Holiday (1 year ago)
Dear David, I am an assistant producer at a Glasgow based production company. We’re making a new Channel 4 travel series. Your video is hilarious! I wondered if we might be able to use it in our series? And also I wondered if I might be able to ask you a bit more about it over the phone some time? My email is [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Lucy
Ibiza Heaven (1 year ago)
In my parents hotel you have to get your bed tickets the night before ( free) , it just stops the dash mornings n makes it fair. One woman had to have 3 bds due to her size and another for her bags and another for her left leg so thats too much....
Gokkle of Geer (1 year ago)
I normally wait until everyone has placed their towels round the sides , then I go in the pool and do a Massive Shit in the water.... The pool gets closed for cleaning and they all have to fuck off somewhere else... Go on, try it , it works every time ! :)
Ken Newsflare (2 years ago)
Hello David! Found this really funny. I work for Newsflare and we license videos for TV - could we have a chat with you about this sun bed one? Please email me at kenneth[dot]gawne[at]newsflare[dot]com . Thanks!
StopAndGames (3 years ago)
that's crazy. nutters.
CamKoski (4 years ago)
Wtf was that all about, they close the pool area off then open it up and make u fight for beds. Lol
Nøbody (4 years ago)
i went in 2012 and you HAD to be in the line 4 8am or you did not get a bed

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