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Masked Bandits Snatch Cherries Under Cover of Darkness

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http://bukaymedia.com This family of raccoons gorged themselves on the bounty of chokecherries (or some similar species of cherry) next to my home in Pt. Richmond, CA. I counted 3 youngsters and 2 adults. The youngsters had better access to the fruit because their lighter weight allowed them to go out on the thinner branches that were inaccessible to their parents. After last winters bountiful rains, the chokecherries were plentiful and quite large. I tried tasting some ripe chokecherries and it tasted quite good and much sweeter than I expected! I would enjoy snacking on them--if only there was more fruit on their gigantic seeds. If you want to learn more about this interesting fruit, go to https://tinyurl.com/yby2x5xs According to the article: *The chokecherry was one of the most important foods used by North American Indians. “Black-cherry-moon” referred to the time when the fruit was available. * Chokecherry wood was used to make tipis, bows and arrows, and many other useful implements. * The period during which the chokecherry was in fruit was referred to as `black-cherry-moon'. * Chokecherry trees are utilized by about 70 species of game or songbirds ;and provides food and cover for rodents, deer and many other animals. One deer hunter stated at https://tinyurl.com/y9g6jmkj that "After they {chokecherries] have laid on the ground long enough to start to ferment, you can' t keep deer away from them." I think he is right! Every afternoon and night deer keep hanging out beneath the chokecherry tree where the raccoons in this video were filmed feeding. To view more of my nature videos, go to http://bukaymedia.com/
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And some people in Marin County poison or shoot or relocate these little guys. How nice to share the bounty.

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