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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Top 5 Glitched Characters [w/ Commentary]

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In this video I will be showing you my top 5 glitched characters. These are all my personal opinion. If you think they should be in a different order or another character please comment! ► http://www.twitter.com/FJMGaming ► http://www.twitch.tv/FJMGaming ► http://www.youtube.com/FJMGaming ► http://www.youtube.com/BPHunters ► PSN- Fazu11 Game- Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 -------------------------- #1 Masked Man #2 EMS Sasuke #3 Minato #4 Kiba #5 Sasori Relevant Data: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Top 5 Glitched Characters [w/ Commentary] Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Top 5 Glitched Characters [w/ Commentary] Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Top 5 Glitched Characters [w/ Commentary] cheats characters
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Text Comments (380)
Benito Frappaolo (2 months ago)
Has anyone ran into a minato who can actually teleport with us ryshing level 2 infinity of times I swear I could of swore it was a glitch maybe a mod but Idk cause I played this game for awhile so I should no every exploit but I haven’t found a video in it
UltraGamer 151 (1 year ago)
mifune honorable mention
UltraGamer 151 (1 year ago)
idk about 4 but in 3 Bee without shark sword is unstoppable his second jitsu is amazing against oponents who are running on attack (like rasengan chidori...) his awakening is not blockable and insane to get away from
XLight HunterX (1 year ago)
I actually did the #3 Minato's thing but instead of Minato I am using Guy cause Might Guy hits harder but he drains health but still very effective lol
Invasor do Clay (1 year ago)
Friend once I was playing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 online and my opponent was playing with Madara uchiha, there during the fight I do not know how he did it, I simply went up on him using the dash chakra, and he performed a strange thing that was I'm not sucking, he managed to steal 2 or more jutsus of my character's replacements. I do not know if this is a glicth. I just know that I want to learn how to do this. Do you know how it does playing with Madara Uchiha?
Please I'm begging you teach me the Sasori glitch I'm begging you please. I'm a subscriber and I like every single video of your videos. Please tell me.
Jayden Kesan thx
Jayden Kesan (1 year ago)
you literally just get your puppet to go over an explosive and spam X or square and cancel after each one
ImOneTap (2 years ago)
ImOneTap (2 years ago)
sasuke he has amateur
Ahmed Ullah (2 years ago)
and how to do it
Ahmed Ullah (2 years ago)
could u make a video on the shuriken glitch
Dj nightcore (2 years ago)
omfg I noticed someone used my favorite combination for a team. minato and kid kakashi and obito
franklin robey (2 years ago)
You did relise you used the term Glitchy wrong right
NeferPitou's True King (2 years ago)
dude mifune,kisame,naruto kurama chakra with his insta lock combo and hanzo over minato and sasuke or anyone me personally. 5.sasuke since he is only glitchy in his awakening. 4.masked man he is glitchy but with good enough skills its easy to win against him. 3.kisame man he can hit you with his stupid sword from any side and has a pretty long range. 2.mifune his insta awakening is broken, his tilt is annoying and his super is pretty cheap. honroble mention:naruto chakra mode with his sage mega barrage rasengan ulti and sasori in his awakening or chiyo old puppet master woman her awakening is glitchy ass hell. 1.hanzo man his tilt is bullshit and any of his combos i mean go try against him yourself and you will cry that you even went against him since he is fucking fast,broken tilt and his combos are broken and fast and just like kisame he can hit you nearly anywere.
xSophieSaysx (3 years ago)
These aren't really glitches... just bad balancing.
RedPandaa (3 years ago)
You deserve more subs bro, keep it up!
DruidsCalling (3 years ago)
Ishmael Johnson (3 years ago)
G Ross (3 years ago)
The most annoying character to me would have to be either mifune or deidara... Deidara has crazy long range attacks that you can spam the shit out of and mifune has his sword slice across nearly the fucking stage lol
lilcamsofly (3 years ago)
Those arent glitches its a play stlye dumbass
Shubh Thakkar (3 years ago)
"He can even ultimate a team ultimate" like a boss!! xD
Gabriel Bigayan (3 years ago)
No, your videos is so annoying
Chain Cazer (3 years ago)
What's your meaning of glitched. Thats all are normal style of charactor and minato teleportation technique is easy to block
Mr.Kid (koekab) (3 years ago)
Minato top 1
JordanStuff (4 years ago)
How do you do the kunai sasori thing
Aaliyan Amir (4 years ago)
Dude now its over 100000
Aaliyan Amir (4 years ago)
Dude now its at 123???
Miles Clark (4 years ago)
And madara because of his extremely far melee reach
Isaiah lumpkin (4 years ago)
LOL kiba isnt glitch XD
LeoKingdom69 (4 years ago)
You dont even know what the word glitch means.
Jason Voorhees (4 years ago)
Gliched means OP ? 
Lisi Garcia (4 years ago)
This dude is stupid how tf sasuke jutsu is a glitch ?
Khatibtib (4 years ago)
How to do minatos glitch?
Gordon Lee (3 years ago)
+Khatibtib chakra dash
Ghost4swag (4 years ago)
VGAMERZ TV (4 years ago)
Kiba is not a glitch -_- it's play style omg Minato isn't a glitch its his teleportation technique Sasuke isn't a glitch either its play style Masked Man is not glitchy either thats one of his techniques and play style his technique that lets things go through him. Almost all of this list except #5 are not glitches just a guy that doesnt know how to counter it.
yall are_ ded0_o (3 months ago)
No its glitch
ShatterSpear (9 months ago)
VGAMERZ TV Bruh its called opinion.. boi
Jason Voorhees (4 years ago)
+jalen wade But f he play with puppet master because he just like to play and he is good at using them ( or he just wants to beat pleyer using susanoo awakening because Susanoo is anoying too ) think about this your oponent uses Itachi's Susanoo beats the shit out of you and his massage insults you .  I know much pleyers is noobs but if he have skill playing as them why not ? 
Miles Clark (4 years ago)
But it becomes annoying when it not counter able how are u supposed to counter sasukes awakening u can't its a big pillow for people who suck and rely on awakening but I have to agree some are counter able but puppet users are annoying because their puppets can attack u but u can't attack their puppets for damage and I hate people who deliberately use them knowing that they have a huge advantage and I lost to one dude and he said he was better but when I said first to ten wins and switch characters every time with no awakening I won 10-3 and of course one was with a puppet, one with madara with his stupid 10 meter melee and the other he used the raikage and barely one I need one shuriken to kill him.
Jason Voorhees (4 years ago)
+jarriot tripp Maybe gliched means OP ? 
danidan360 (4 years ago)
You have forgot Deidara,Tenten and Temari
ShadowCloak43 (4 years ago)
5s a glitch, the rest prove this games broken
lamya ahmed (4 years ago)
there is a great glitch for kcm naruto with it you can stay in chakra mode forever,have unlimited health and, walk on the air what the fuck man best glitch ever
Electic Yemzí (4 years ago)
Nun If These Are "Glitches" Lol
Electic Yemzí (4 years ago)
#4 It's Not Glitched It's Just Kiba And Akamaro DUHHH 😋
kiba and akamaru Are standing there duh
LeoKingdom69 (4 years ago)
Ikr, lol.
DAL Channel (4 years ago)
How to make player stronger like kiba on this video with that elecricity
Chain Cazer (3 years ago)
+DAL Channel It's awakening. You don't know? Are you really play this game?
DAL Channel (4 years ago)
+Steven Perez  u dont say -_-
HonzaJ (4 years ago)
You must move (tilt) with right joystick.
DeadbyDawn (4 years ago)
Why are you even here? It's called chakra.
Jaiir Wilson (4 years ago)
Ems sasuke was only in storm 3
Aaron Burton (4 years ago)
Glitched doesnt mean the same thing as spam
TheCobbleBros (3 years ago)
+TheCobbleBros op*
TheCobbleBros (3 years ago)
+Jason Voorhees glitched doesnt mean oo
Jason Voorhees (4 years ago)
OP ( Gliched means OP ) .
Arm At Mans (4 years ago)
when i use naruto buji i break oppenent shield and defence easy
andrew (4 years ago)
I'm Minato player and I as a Minato player I can tell you there is a very easy way to escape the infinite combo :) Nice video by the the way! 
MrLycan329 (4 years ago)
this isn't glitch only person that glitches on list is sasori everyone else that's apart of there play style kiba in the show always had akamaru with him that's what his clan does so why would him an the dog fight separate wouldn't make sense sasuke infernal style should blow everything away on impact nothing wrong with it stops supports like any one else justu minato was glitch with the fact you couldn't hit him when he used his awakening move but they fixed that so hes no longer an issue yes you can constanly use that teleport but it 1 uses a lot of charka an 2 supports will interrupt it easily but back to sasuke the comment about his awakening that's all big awakenings not just his all big awakening make you sub into the combo.....I almost forgot you have 2 mask man is glitched with his justu even if you hit him it keeps going ok so you have 2 my bad but that's it for this list
iwaschosenforthis (4 years ago)
The thing is that most of this shit is actually a part of the game not glitches
Ahmed Saleh (4 years ago)
EMS Sasuke is so annoying as everyone spams his jutsu and you have to waste 2 subs to dodge
『 CassetteTapes 』 (4 years ago)
The masked man is obito and he has the rinnigon and the sadingon
Sharingan not sadingan
FJMGaming (4 years ago)
OMG!!! 100,000 VIEWS! GOPQIFO SFHIAJIASFB FIO and 700 LIKES!!! <33333 Ty!!
Hugo Ribeiro (4 years ago)
make a video fighting with giant monsters like the bijus and the susano's
DAL Channel (4 years ago)
Julius Correa (4 years ago)
I don't think glitching is the right word to use in this situation. Let me know when Naruto accidently gets Sasuke's moveset or Akamaru grows a second head.
glaciemdraco (4 years ago)
I freaking hate how Mei's combo's stop mid-combo or something... does anyone else notice?
Luis Pedro Mendiondo (4 years ago)
Minato is just like rock lee when awakened (In UNS 2, I don´t know in 3) he can chakra dash right behind you, I use it to never miss my hits ;)
Lee Uchiha (4 years ago)
I love how whoever was op in generations they made them worse than before DANZO but yep.
CALIBoii12 (4 years ago)
Would you play natural with me? My PSN is Supreme_Fighter_ I added you I really want to see how good you are
naufal assagaf (4 years ago)
how to do sasori infinite kunai ? xD
J Veezy (4 years ago)
Deidara should definitely be on there, he is so fucking cheap. His long range abilities is ridiculous.
Unknown 511 (4 years ago)
how do you do the fast throw with sasori
Arm At Mans (4 years ago)
yeah lol
Luko (4 years ago)
Same way how u can pick up ur puppet lol
محمد عباس (4 years ago)
minato is the best
michael cobb (4 years ago)
theres a way to stops minatos awakening. when you sub use your chakra dash it will cancel (think i spelled it wrong) his chakra dash ok. it will do that for kiba to.
General Dave (4 years ago)
we have different definitions of glitches
Alonsinho Gomez (4 years ago)
Is naruto the only game you play? It seems like if you define glitch as broken/OP. The only glitch I saw here was the sasoris kunais
AlexAdmiral (4 years ago)
lol you can add kabuto sennin now
Fido Dido (4 years ago)
:D with all that still the game is awesome I mean I did play it competitively and still found my way around the glitches and won , it is just use your head and play better then your enemy you will win
Mr. Kitty (4 years ago)
Nice vid, man! I'll subscribe to your channel!!!
Mr. Kitty (4 years ago)
FJMGaming (4 years ago)
Welcome :)
אורן אשר (4 years ago)
How can I do this with sasori?!?! Please help me!!!
Luko (4 years ago)
Same way how u pick up ur puppet lol
Holger Dansk-e (4 years ago)
I don't think you know what glitch means.
Mateo Farfan (4 years ago)
what about deidara?
FJMGaming (4 years ago)
Wow... 500 likes and 75,000+ views ._. omg If this gets to 100k just wow.
spderb0y (4 years ago)
Masked man was supposed to have those things belive it or not
Seyren (4 years ago)
Is it only me, or do I see more Naruto adds on Youtube than ever before?
Seyren (4 years ago)
+FJMGaming - Naruto Storm Revolution Technology man, I will never understand it! Thanks a lot for telling me. :3
FJMGaming (4 years ago)
Google reads your emails and keeps track of what you watch. When they have a good idea about your personality and likes, they will supply you with relevant ads (you can disable this somewhere in google+)
Bryce Lewis (4 years ago)
Minato isn't really glitched its just op charaka dash , and sasuke all you have to do is dodge you just have to be good and you wont get caught lol
Black Chimera (4 years ago)
Part 1 naruto is glitched too.  If you use tailed beast bomb UJ on his awakened form he will turn into a white kind of boxy character like his scheme in the cinematics are incomplete if u evr hav time try this out it will shock you
Lucas Rodrigues (4 years ago)
deidara too iv just plai now and the guy pick deidara and the only thing he does is trhow paper biird FUCKING ANNOYING?
CrucibleOfHate (5 years ago)
How in the world are these people GLITCHED!? Except for Sasori, ALL, let me say that again, ALL of these characters little "Glitches" were DELIBERATELY put in the game. ON PURPOSE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Excepting Sasori's fucked up throwing, THEY ARE NOT GLITCHY! AT ALL! You make me angry. >:(
Luko (4 years ago)
I agree like Kiba's dog is suppose to do that and anyways, Kiba's attacks r weak in first few hits so u can sub right away with out getting much damage
Nicholas Gregg (5 years ago)
these arent glitchy.. this is part of their play styles. You are just bitching. Top tier characters are the way to play.
Luko (4 years ago)
I agree
CrucibleOfHate (5 years ago)
It's still not glitchy, even if it is cheap.
Nicholas Gregg (5 years ago)
+FlameHAZE2010 Very true
FlameHAZE2010 (5 years ago)
Cheap shit is cheap shit, no matter what you say. 
Drews Clues (5 years ago)
5.Kiba 4.Kid kakashi 3.Pain 2.Nagato 1.Mifune 
Junior Arroyo (5 years ago)
What about temari
Kuro Dokuro (3 years ago)
Did u know? The old kid Tenten used to be just as OP as deidara and tenmari
Ianto Evans (5 years ago)
Try fighting Edo Itachi with Oniki/Tsuchikage.
Takakashii (5 years ago)
how can you get into instant awakening?
Move R3 left, right, up, down
Rojas (5 years ago)
Where the fuck is deidara
death rider (1 year ago)
Maxenzie (4 years ago)
He said he wasnt gonna include him in the beginning.
Elf Machine (5 years ago)
hey man, i just got a qeustion  can you play this with 2 people at the same time, but then online, for example join an online tournament with 2 people from the same console ???
[email protected] (5 years ago)
cordell jay (5 years ago)
Go Minato!
II GodFire II (5 years ago)
Only spammer use masked man because they can nothing on naruto
Anthony Booker (5 years ago)
so i agree with ismary. except a glitch that i know most people dont know is that when you use great ninja war tobi when you try to do his up combo and when the opponent is knocked in to the air. if they do an air ukemei before tobi hits you that last time. he will miss the hit but it the game will still go through with the animation that he did the full combo
ismarys trujillo (5 years ago)
most of these seem like they were meant to act that way, the only glitch is sasori
Ace Silver Gaming (5 years ago)
#2 thats the point of amaterasu lol and ry hiting him alot.
stonah94 (5 years ago)
you obviously havent played as temari people cant get close XD
Francisco Martinez (5 years ago)
I haven't been on recently, but after the nerf Minato doesn't seem like an issue anymore.
Deodar (5 years ago)
Yea i don't have problems with sasuke either. It's minato i really hate in this game.
UltimateKeyboardGuy (5 years ago)
I remember this time when I was playing as Tobi,his akatsuki robe had pink clouds while everything else was light blue
Jonathan Guerrero (5 years ago)
Dodge sasuke's first susano'o swing then combo. It'll keep him locked.
FJMGaming (5 years ago)
WOOOOOW 50,000 Views!!!! I can't believe it :O
moonsmonsters (5 years ago)
I loved masked man because obito is my favorite character, they really fucked up the war fan tobi but what can we do? I find it hard to play with masked man when people bitch so much, I actually try and pick someone else just to save them the bitching
RayMiku (5 years ago)
Its not glitched. Anyway, just chakra rush into him and start doing combos. Since he perform throws, you will deflect the throws by rushing to him. Is actually very easy to beat, I actually defeated him with perfect (100% life) with no problem. And it was online.
IwantPanda Pls (5 years ago)
diedra is fucking spamming shit
FJMGaming (5 years ago)
Hmm, if it works I will make a guide video on how to defeat Susano'o (Several tips)
FJMGaming (5 years ago)
I'll try that.
Francisco Martinez (5 years ago)
I can easily take out Sasuke's awakening. Side step and dash. I use someone with a forward jutsu like Naruto with Rasengan. It works all the time. I can't remember the last time I lost to his awakening.
Gh0StsNSeAn (5 years ago)
To dodge sasuke's awakening constantly sidestep until you get an opening. I learned that recently
Kepothethief (5 years ago)
Sasuke is one of the few chars who is not broken whatsoever. His jutsu isn't glitched its suppose to do that. If it confirms a hit it explodes but if you just dodge it or guard its not that big of a deal.

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