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This is What Happens with your Suitcase at the Airport

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We put a spy Camera in the Suitcase at the Airport Connected flight! Riga - Frankfurt - Madrid I put a little camera in the suitcase to see what happens with my suitcase. Camera used to record it: (Mini DVR 808 #16 v3) ►http://amzn.to/1Ti3HLq It was hooked up to a USB power bank, so the battery would last for many hours. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Some of the links in description are affiliate links. If you’ll purchase an item via link, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank You for the support!
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Text Comments (6571)
I liked the when it was 6:00
Sarah Diaa (16 hours ago)
thx for filming this vid I would always think about wt is happening to theese suitcases really creative
Homer Flimpson (17 hours ago)
Your luggage will be given the best care we provide Worker: eh -throws suitcase-
Imagine in the owner of one of the bags in this video is watching this video
Arthur_AK (1 day ago)
Cool video, just wanted to say that it is against rules to have a powerbank on flights
Regan Belva (1 day ago)
3:14 He Just Throw It?!
Alizeh Alizeh (1 day ago)
Most cruel way to wreak your suit cace
Michael Bassett (1 day ago)
Super cool
spooky trees (1 day ago)
just think all the luggage you see has its own reason of being there and in the airport in the first place. every bag has its own contents packed in its own unique way and has a person who owns and cherishes their belongings. the people who own the bag have their own intention of being on the plane. a sick family member, a death, a wedding, a birth, a work trip, a vacation, or moving. that is so cool because you don’t know them. they’re strangers..
Lily deBoda (1 day ago)
Wolf Grenade (1 day ago)
So this is what it was like in that Toy Story movie
Cameron McDonald (1 day ago)
How did it get passed security
Erin (1 day ago)
Damn, I should've been born as a luggage instead. His journey's better than mine.
Christine Gufka (1 day ago)
Jees where was this luggage going? Seems fake!
ItsHaikhal (2 days ago)
Man this is more fun than walking lol
Irisha Anati (2 days ago)
Seems like ur luggage having fun with that slide
Ratnangka Baidya (2 days ago)
Which airport?????
THE HKRS SHOW (2 days ago)
Fruityhoney (2 days ago)
can i be a suitcase
itsMayee (2 days ago)
I want to go inside in the luggage.
Jessie Riker (2 days ago)
Anyone else thinking of toy story
Ritesh R (2 days ago)
Video cam in luggage?? I am the only with security concern ??
Subhankar Chakraborty (2 days ago)
Can you please let me know name of the music used here? Thank you
David Fingermuncher (2 days ago)
Incredible soundtrack!
Austin Anderson (3 days ago)
@4:48 Ron Jon surf shop?😂
Sugunakar Mulkala (3 days ago)
Awesome awesome 😎 bro
Lachy Fan07 (3 days ago)
3:13 why you got to throw the bag
Daniela David (4 days ago)
*I wish I were there in suitcase then I travel free of cost cos I've jz 35kg Lol Lol hehe*
Millien 138 (4 days ago)
[3:47] Am Ridin'
Millien 138 (4 days ago)
That looks like a sweet ride through the airport into the plane .
cherry truffle (4 days ago)
Its really fun to watch lolol after watching this i want to be a luggage
Richie Montejo (4 days ago)
How did no one notices this at the workers at the airport. Even the luggage man that puts the luggage in the flippin plane
Yuri’s Knives (4 days ago)
Isn’t this that one scene from Toy Story 2?
Ana CarranzaGzz (4 days ago)
I was looking for Woody and Buz rescuing Jessy and Bullseye
luis (vlogs) (4 days ago)
Is this illegal
Siege ASMR (4 days ago)
The video I’ve been looking for my whole life
Joshua Becker (4 days ago)
How do i get the last 6 minutes of my life back?
I potato you (4 days ago)
When you realize a person’s luggage travels more than you had your entire life in a single flight
Vanessa Woodruff (4 days ago)
I guess I am the only one wondering why there are barely any other suitcases.
Jamie M (4 days ago)
Did anyone else think of toy story 2 the whole time?
Zachary Mikhailov (4 days ago)
*All that while he just sat on a plane.*
Kendall Casperson (4 days ago)
This is nothing like Toy Story.
aidgam1 (4 days ago)
**HANDLE WITH CARE** Just yeets it like its a tennis ball.
3lack (4 days ago)
Low-key disappointed, thought it would similar to toy story
Michael Whitaker (4 days ago)
Hold up! Wait a minute.. something ain't right. Dirty Jobs had a episode of packing a air plane sorting out people's baggage.
Dalton Johnson (5 days ago)
Welcome to another episode of “why the fuck are you on my recommended?”
Chrism17 (5 days ago)
I tought som of the workers would steal the camera
Vikkis United (5 days ago)
WHO else enoyd of guitar sound at left ear.
Kirst TV (5 days ago)
0:05 I thougth it was Batman laughing (from Teen Titans)
RITHEESH N.G (5 days ago)
3.13 you're welcome
LazySide (3 days ago)
3:13 (you're welcome)
Clark Raven (5 days ago)
So it means when you travel using an airplane it will take you hours but if you use the same method as your suitcase you can reach your destination for 6 mins?
King of Memes (5 days ago)
So cool
3:13 Now I know why my suitcase is scratched...
Jay Wrx (5 days ago)
Such a unnecessary journey LMAO Jk.
Busan Mapping (5 days ago)
Eyyyy Riga
SUPA Goose (5 days ago)
Isn't this illegal or something
Tim Lemsal (5 days ago)
SUITCASE :Ouch..Be careful man, i've been in a roller coaster ride 👊
KingHannah03 (5 days ago)
This is what I watch when I’m bored
Edac Enarc (5 days ago)
And you think it’s a hard journey to get to the right gate
CT Gaming (5 days ago)
It literally just gets tossed around
Eamon Delaney (5 days ago)
Brain:do homework Me: wait let me watch this
Foxychu (5 days ago)
Wow... As I kid, I watched Curious George, and there was an episode where he goes into the luggage tunnel, and I always thought it looked like that in the episode as a child.
Wake Jama (5 days ago)
I hate flights that take people luggage on another flight it happened to me And I know my luggage had a journey to Dulles int
Xxswag_dawgxX (5 days ago)
4:50 theres a ron jon logo on the wall
What have I done with my life that I now watch suitcases?
MrTacoPug (5 days ago)
3:14 are the latterly throwing it
Elite Ammo (5 days ago)
Knight Kaos (5 days ago)
Number 1 Youtube video
FORTNITE Master (5 days ago)
$400 for teddy bear
Jelly kat (5 days ago)
A rollercoaster ride lol. Seems fun
[Valkyrie]_Valerie (5 days ago)
I pretend that these luggages actually have faces and talks to each other 😂
vitto 19zoner (6 days ago)
toy story lied to us all
Adib Rizal (6 days ago)
suitcase: u see me rollin, u hatin
Use123424 (6 days ago)
They just throw it i would never put my laptop in there i would keep it in my backpack
ManyManyNames (6 days ago)
Me: why should i use lighting for my videos? Video: 5:30
TheRoyal KingBoss (6 days ago)
I always wondered how the suitcases get to the the plane,now I know: There’s passegess going under the Ariport,
Khaliunaa Gombosuren (6 days ago)
Ah that's where suit cases go
Fahmil Farizi (6 days ago)
Now i know how they take care our stuffs
Decox rocket league (6 days ago)
I wish I ended up being a suitcase rather than having to be kicked the shit out by someone in my back seat
Blu É (6 days ago)
Is really boring to be a suitcase
Luke Williamson (6 days ago)
At 3:42 the camera gets messed up by the xray
Nova Lova (6 days ago)
That was SO BORING!
Ashutosh Anand (6 days ago)
Whooo! that was suffocating sometimes...😅
Gacha_ Boi (6 days ago)
He grew up so fast
Ludwik Afy (6 days ago)
Gilets jaunes a 2.3
Vishnunu Gador (6 days ago)
Vishnunu Gador (6 days ago)
kamaluddin khan (6 days ago)
nòw we seem who workers drop off the bag.
Aaliyah Cameron (6 days ago)
Toy story vibes anyone
Georgia Ellis (6 days ago)
I just wasted five minutes and 59 seconds of my life
MO's Biggest Fan (6 days ago)
Mareya’s Vids (6 days ago)
📷this is camera 1 like= 1 camera added
Pheonix Games (6 days ago)
Oh so I know how my luggage is broken
meilanny Inri (6 days ago)
me : *waiting for my lugage while standing up* 7 hours later me : what took my lugage so long lugage : weee!! do it again!!!
AcussedBook125 (6 days ago)
You just answered life's hardest question!
European Times (6 days ago)
Hey dont throw me 4:52
fauxpas (6 days ago)
If this was in America, my question is how it got thru tsa
Salsa Salsie (6 days ago)
Is this not illegal?
Gacha • Berry (6 days ago)
I’ve always wanted to know the life of a suitcase at the airport... idk why
Under Crafter (6 days ago)
What airport?

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