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Daughter - "Still"

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Official Video for Daughter's single 'Still'. 'Still' is taken from Daughter's debut album 'If You Leave' that was released on the 18th March 2013 in UK & Europe (via 4AD) & 30th April 2013 in North America (via Glassnote): http://smarturl.it/daughteritunes Also available are: 'The Wild Youth' EP: http://smarturl.it/daughteritunes 'His Young Heart' EP: http://ohdaughter.bandcamp.com http://www.ohdaughter.com http://www.twitter.com/ohdaughter http://www.facebook.com/ohdaughter 'Still' video credits: Director: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard Production Company: Pulse Films Producer: Shimmy Ahmed DoP: Chloë Thomson Cast: Rebecca Birch and Jack Waldouck Focus Puller: Jason Oxley Gaffer: Dan Chaytor D.I.T: Warren Forster Art Director: Ruth Barlett Make-Up: Martina Luisetti Wardrobe: Perrie Reynolds Production Assistant: Stacey Arthur Runner: Ore Okonedo Editor: James Wright  Colourist: Vic Parker
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Lauren Beck (1 month ago)
I have loved this song for a long time but it never really hit me personally until about a year ago. My interpretation and personal connection to this songs video is a relationship that is no longer working out because both sides are stubborn and one side possibly really wronged the other and made promises to try but then as time went on that never happened. Slowly due to the communication falling a part the body language conveys how they really feel. You can tell she is trying to subtly reach out but he is ignoring every opportunity. Yet both are internally struggling you can see and it could be for the simple fact that neither wants to be alone so they settle. Even in their pain silently until one leaves the other behind.
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I need a wallpaper of when you can see her back tattoo. its just beautiful, like this song.
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Wraithe (2 months ago)
I want to say something. I want to express how I, too, have had someone.. fall out of love with me. but I cant find the words. I cant conjure any thoughts with this song, I can only feel it. It makes my heart feel distant and cold.
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