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My KIDS react to my AQUARIUMS! | The King of DIY

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Seriously... this was the first time the actually LOOKED into the aquariums.. I have kept fish their entire lives... you could say they are simply not as interesting to them as they are to us! JOIN MY TEAM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM9oZkV3tGJuUUhgZaiGZkQ/join Get the ultimate DIY book ► http://thekingofdiy.com LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!! ► https://teespring.com/stores/the-king-of-diy Facebook ► http://facebook.com/uarujoey Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/uarujoey/ The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration! Check back daily as I make a video almost every day! MAIL TO: PO BOX 25054 Truro, NS B2N 7B8 Canada How to build aquariums: https://goo.gl/gu3CsK How to build aquarium filters: https://goo.gl/cw0Jl9 How to build aquarium stands: https://goo.gl/9JB9jo How to build aquarium equipment: https://goo.gl/BHkT2s How to build aquarium lighting: https://goo.gl/Wg4kt0 How to build aquarium decorations: https://goo.gl/crQkeT Varius aquarium tutorials: https://goo.gl/BKCb3a ALL Thursday videos: https://goo.gl/DPHjEM ALL Sunday videos: https://goo.gl/Rn0wmS My aquarium pumps, circulation and lights are by: http://ecotechmarine.com My aquarium racks and the aquariums within them were made by: http://customaquariums.com My aquarium backgrounds are made by: https://aquadecorbackgrounds.com/
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Text Comments (3727)
Back Scratch (1 day ago)
Decent taste in anime
Ali Tajik (1 day ago)
Are they your real children???
Edits QT (1 day ago)
TheMeowmix69 (3 days ago)
Huge Clown Loach tank, Flowerhorns, Asian Arowana, Sting Rays, Discus, etc, etc... "Which tank is your favorite?" "They all look the same......" ????? ummmmm WHAT?! lol How are these kids not out there every day of their lives watching and learning? Let me move in with you I'll earn my keep! haha
Kody Hah (3 days ago)
Rip Frank. Absolute legend
india benton (4 days ago)
i think his sons gonna be like him when he’s older
Jack Towson (5 days ago)
0:55 first thought anime fan
James Rouark (9 days ago)
Wate till you're son a little older. He will be your biggest hellper
Emma Penny (10 days ago)
😍 she likes anime! I love the posters.
Takusa Ako (10 days ago)
how did you make filter for all ur aquarium?
FelixGamingHD Vlogs (11 days ago)
Can you give us like a video on how to start something like this because I want to do this and I don’t know, what I need to know about, what I need and stuff
Kyle Deitert (11 days ago)
Lol crazy cat lady but with fish! Love your kids dude
kevin byrd (11 days ago)
there's a lot of fish shaming going on in this video...lol
ONG PHIN (12 days ago)
That's nice.Great video.Hope to see u have more group Parrot king kong fishes of orange n yellow colour for next video.Thank u.
CubanMonkey 17 (14 days ago)
crazy cat lady to a crazy fish person💀💀💀that killed mee
DarthLink (14 days ago)
Oh to be a Sasquatch hunters son 🤣🤣🤣
I think your fish are more spoiled then your kids
Dillan Yssel (16 days ago)
If I was your son I would be in the gallery every day 😂
Johnny Chodè (17 days ago)
@1:18... that’s when I knew.. My dawg... 🍻 you are 100% genuine.. and that’s why I watch your videos.. great work
ZFG (17 days ago)
Deziree aguilar (18 days ago)
Im your daughter lol love my room lol a whole new world
How many hour you spent for cleaning all your aquarium?
Darby (17 days ago)
Some of them are automatic. So I think he only does like substrate cleaning. I still imagine it takes a while.
New Townz (18 days ago)
Captain CTG (19 days ago)
1:02 she watches MHA/BNHA !!
R Tamang (20 days ago)
Oh my god when the diy said. IM SORRY TO HIS SON. SWARE TO GOD SOUNDS SOO CARING LOVE PROCTETION FOR HIS SON WITH FULL HAI HEART , plz don’t mind I’m gonna copy the word you just sounds I’m sorry , sounds amazing really lovely sweet cute families god bless you alll
Fact Rant (20 days ago)
Haley has a my hero academia poster👍👏👏👏👏👏🙌
owhkheii (20 days ago)
"you're like a crazy cat lady except with a fish" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA SAVAGE
Nadia Sfx (15 days ago)
Roasting her father lol
Aakif kazi (20 days ago)
Your kids are weird
rinku varghat (10 days ago)
Lol it's people like that made YouTube disable comments on videos involving children
Slappy Pappy (16 days ago)
Yeah you’re wrong
Maclain. R (20 days ago)
Ya u are
Aakif kazi (20 days ago)
+Maclain. R am I wrong?
Maclain. R (20 days ago)
Aakif kazi your so mean
Otto Lotto (21 days ago)
“Hese not fat enough!!”🤣🤣
Maclain. R (20 days ago)
Otto Lotto your so mean
James Adamos (19 days ago)
To us... Joey is a God... To his kids... He is just dad!
Dillan Yssel (16 days ago)
True 😂
magic ham (21 days ago)
U have kids?!?!!?! OMG?!?!!
Wanyusri Wanchik (21 days ago)
OMG.. so cool
Oraine Swaby (21 days ago)
Crazy fish man
Daz Harrison (22 days ago)
What wood do you use in your tanks ?
Cool Stuff (22 days ago)
Your daughter is hell of a girl
MagicalSquid (18 days ago)
You god damn weirdo
Player3up - (22 days ago)
and I hope you're 13 years old
NB 2 (22 days ago)
name the catfish spongebob
Thangqt Truong (22 days ago)
What my hẻo academia ?????!!!???
pooran singh (23 days ago)
I love your daughter
Moose2234 (23 days ago)
Your daughter is a woman of c u l t u r e
Electro_Yellow (23 days ago)
Bruh your daughter is a weeb
Wanyusri Wanchik (21 days ago)
anime fans..
your average consumer (23 days ago)
Let’s call filthy frank
Ryden Yamamoto (23 days ago)
Electro_Yellow actually it’s a weabu not a weeb
OTX CHAPO (24 days ago)
Get crayfish please
Clayton Suarez (24 days ago)
Dude your daughter kept roasting you 😂 why did she judge you so hard lol
Vani (24 days ago)
Spent more on his fish than his own children lol
adamancer rules (24 days ago)
Your daughter is a woman of culture
J V (25 days ago)
Dude, Joey. You seem to have a great relationship with your kids man. You should be extremely proud.
815 Fishing (25 days ago)
What were u feeding all of them
Avelardo Lalo (25 days ago)
xX-Jonesing-Xx (25 days ago)
Would that first fish ( the salt water tank one ) would your sone have gotten injected with " Venom" isn't that fish it venomous with his spine Spike's ... . That looked pretty close. Or is it de venomend if that's possible
franzb69 (26 days ago)
he's a crazy fish dad
MRAHMAN (26 days ago)
Nothing beats getting roasted by innocent kids
Kenya Smith (27 days ago)
Nobody: Me: Who peeped the oran host club poster??
Moose2234 (23 days ago)
Kenya Smith SAME
Hate hate Hate (28 days ago)
Reaction? These kid live in that house. I get the joke that they don’t leave their rooms, but it’s not the first they’ve seen like an entire floor in their own house that would warrant a reaction video.
AquaFilms (15 days ago)
Hate hate Hate That’s a whole different building. It’s not part of their house
BS Reborn Phoenix (29 days ago)
I love your daughters room
Moose2234 (23 days ago)
thành đặng tiến they mean the posters and stuffed animals
thành đặng tiến (28 days ago)
What are you a creep
Bradley Coleman (30 days ago)
When I was a kid and throughout high school, I swore I would never join the military bc both my parents were (still are) in. Well, now it’s been almost 4 years and I’m about to make E5 shortly and my oldest brother is 8 weeks shy being an O-1.
xX_CryoInverno_Xx (30 days ago)
Bradley Coleman Congratulations!
nipplehead davis (1 month ago)
I challenge you to build an aquarium for a VAMPIRE FISH!!!
Koushik Paul (1 month ago)
u look pretty young considering ur kids
Poh Tayto (29 days ago)
and fit af
CHUNKT SNIPES (1 month ago)
I appreciate the fact you don't force this on your kids...I played D1 sports and AA baseball and the worst thing is being forced into doing something... You get completely burnt on it
sean blanch (1 month ago)
Isn’t if fun being bullied by children 😂😂😂
OUTA HERE ORIGINAL (1 month ago)
I see your daughter is one of culture
Hate hate Hate (28 days ago)
OUTA HERE ORIGINAL she looks white to me.
Liv Love (1 month ago)
Your daughter likes one of the same anime as me
Liv Love (1 month ago)
(I have one of her posters)
Paul Houghton (1 month ago)
The boy seemed to like it the girl didn't seem over interested .
Owen 2 (1 month ago)
Why are all of the comments four days old?
Lemon casserole (1 month ago)
Owen 2 I’ve noticed that
Fotosynthesis858 (1 month ago)
They could care less lol. Only thing missing was the gun being held to their head to force them to do this video lol smh.
Your children are so lucky
Stas Butenko (1 month ago)
"They all look the same" I ALWAYS GET THAT from family and friends.... XD
Willow Kye (1 month ago)
OMG thir are stingrays in there!
lynn life (1 month ago)
Just earn u a sub never thought one house can have so many fish tank I can barely keep up with one
Mark Boom (1 month ago)
hailey couldnt care less
Youngboisam Tv (1 month ago)
0:53 watching sml 😂
John Krieger (1 month ago)
Really happy for you Joey.
Sketchanie (1 month ago)
Crazy fish guy = Crazy cat lady
Dr DarkNerd (1 month ago)
Lol anime lover I see
Adrian Firmansyah (1 month ago)
Buy a real predator (shark) wkwkwk
Parker Powell (1 month ago)
You should get some red belly piranha’s
Jun Kan (1 month ago)
they seem to be not excited...but its ok...they might not having the same hobby...
RiZe (1 month ago)
I like how he didn't force his hobbies on his children and gave them freedom of choices in the hobbies they want to do, like his daughter loving anime and his son loving videogames. Nice.
Chocolate TL12 (1 month ago)
Anime Boku no Hero
uh Stunna (1 month ago)
That my hero academia poster in his daughters room thooo! Great taste!
Justice 31 (1 month ago)
If my dad owned a gigantic aquarium I would be in there all the time!
Drippie A DA (25 days ago)
I seriously would tho!!
xX_CryoInverno_Xx (30 days ago)
Justice 31 same
dragongamer 856 (1 month ago)
+Mavgaming 1 thanks I came up with it years ago when I wanted a snake still do just not as much passed it on to the axolotl
Mavgaming 1 (1 month ago)
+dragongamer 856 I like that name
dragongamer 856 (1 month ago)
I have an aquarium my family thinks I'm weird my axolotl is my best friend and only animal besides a dog I spend all my time with him his name is professor squidgy I call him squiggles
Fotis Kornarakis (1 month ago)
Fish children? really dude??? By mistake went on speaker while I was on the train. Truly embarrassing!!!!
TheBetterIsBack (1 month ago)
They have grown
AG Gene Gaming (1 month ago)
I am 11 too
You should make more video with your kids !! My daughter is into fish and am new at this hobby and still learning ! Love your channel ! I have an Oscar and African cichlids and a parrot fish and a big common Pleco! Trying to get a bigger tank ! Could you make a video about their care ?
Insomniac Raccoon (1 month ago)
I see that my hero academia poster ;)
Paul Ghiran (1 month ago)
There's also an All Might pop figure in the left corner of the shelf lol
Andrea Fongenie (1 month ago)
Does your daughter have a boyfriend because I want to be her boyfriend
Farukh Khan (1 month ago)
As long as your age is like 12 .
Talei Radike Blake (1 month ago)
Are you sick?? Don't try to be funny coz it's not okay!!
xeldronx (1 month ago)
Dude. Don't creep.
Andrea Fongenie (1 month ago)
Kathleen Scarpa (1 month ago)
your daughter likes my hero academia? so does my daughter!!
Sean Dalgliesh (1 month ago)
Your what inspired me to get two fish
Dylan Austin (1 month ago)
Love the crazy cat lady comment
Amy Haney (1 month ago)
Does haley still have her fish tank she got before?
Amy Haney (1 month ago)
Haley looks so older now than the last video
Young Cosplays (2 months ago)
Does your daughter cosplay or does she just watch anime?
Lesbo Aunty (1 month ago)
This is anime 9:24
loliepop gaming (2 months ago)
She likes Oran hoast club
Sebastian Leon (2 months ago)
Asian arowanas are elegel in the us
Sams gamecraft games (1 month ago)
They are elegel.but he's in Canada
Josh Blair (1 month ago)
He’s in Canada. They’re legal there.
Lone (1 month ago)
Its so weird to hear cause its EVERYWHERE here in Indonesia
Sebastian Leon (1 month ago)
Search it up
Skrt Sikomode (1 month ago)
Hayley Lee (2 months ago)
My names Hayley 🤗
yg roling (2 months ago)
I'm jealous
Jeffyc63 U (2 months ago)
Is he watch sml
ehtropen elopen (1 month ago)
Yeah its that episode where cody was talking about the spelling of “burned” and junior spelled it “burnd” at the beginning i forgot what its called
Robert Kwofie (2 months ago)
What? Supermario logan
Game roblox Boy 1134 (2 months ago)
Can you train your fish? I can.
Darius Govender (2 months ago)
Dude I'm Darius too 🤣🤣
Tino Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Nice looking family. Good for you bro. Thanks for sharing
Jake Golick (2 months ago)
Finally someone that doesn’t overstock there fish tanks😃

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