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Triumph Thruxton How To install an X-Pipe

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Not content with the bark from his Vance & Hines silencers Dutch wanted to improve the soundtrack of his Triumph T120 'Hoxton', and hopefully release a few more ponies too. There are a few de-cat options on the market for the latest water-cooled Triumph engine but on recommendation from Camera Dan he went for the Free Spirits X-pipe. What Dan didn't mention was that his T100 Bonneville and the Thruxton are slightly different, which caused a few headaches, grazed knuckles and swearing. There are also plenty of other instructional how-to vids here on the YouTube but this is our have-a-go attempt at fitting. Being men, Dutch & Dan of course tried without the aid of an instruction manual.... but ended up downloading one from the Free Spirits website. For the rest of us it was a pleasure to stand back and take the piss out of the guys and their struggles, leaning over their shoulders sucking our teeth and suggesting alternative methods. Dutch is well chuffed with the extra decibels and crisper sound and we'll be filming a follow-up out on the road to see how the boost in performance feels. Check out https://www.freespiritsparts.com/en/b/free-spirits-x-pipe-for-triumph-thruxton-1200-bonneville-t120-street-twin.html BSMC: http://thebikeshed.cc INSTA: https://instagram.com/bikeshedmc
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Text Comments (74)
glennsmooth (26 days ago)
What bike lift is that? And no adjust to fuel mapping?
tokyosmash (7 days ago)
Triumph has a “self learning” ECU
the1amun (29 days ago)
Hi Dutch, could you please tell me what size number plate is on you Thuxton
DonbAyers (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for doing this video. Really helps a lot
Ara Hovhanniyan (6 months ago)
Hi, i am interested in Triumph Thruxton 900; 2010-2013, I want to buy; can you tell me where?
Bike Shed Classifieds, or Ebay.
Merv Cann (6 months ago)
What a friggin' nightmare! In the grand scheme of things motorcycles emit so little CO2s - Why motorcycles have Cats is beyond me!
STEPHEN CHRISTIAN (6 months ago)
damn i want this badly, I DONT WANT SCRATCHES I MY NEW $15k white TRX R!! ANY INFO ON DYNO TUNE OR THE USE OF PC ON THIS BIKE? any one
LOL - Get a Triumph shop to do it. DIY will result in some hassles. ... although I'm told the new 2018/19 Triumphs are easier to do, than my '16 model.
Tuukkis (8 months ago)
To everyone asking about the ECU Remap, Triumph introduced the "self-learning" ECU in 2016, so no remap is required. Before that, you would need a remap if you are looking for performance. But if it's just noise you're after, no remap is required.
Rabbit_Foot_Rider (9 months ago)
Getting those flange collars off on the header pipes can you get them off on there own without loosening off anything else ?
tom gunt (9 months ago)
Your video dizziness.
Rigbybigdog (1 year ago)
Well thank you for that, that is my next inline job for my T120 Bonnie, and watching that has made me decide I’m paying someone to do it for me😉does sound fantastic though!
Rigbybigdog (1 year ago)
Cheers Dan, advice and reply, appreciated mate, I’ll check out some of the other vids also then and decide which way to go. Definitely going for one though, I do know that much😉
Rigbybigdog the T120 isn’t as trickier job as the thruxton as there is no balance pipe to mate up at the same time as the collars, header pipes and cat pipes. That’s the frustrating part. It’s way more straight forward on the Bonnies and should take 2-3 hrs if you take your time. Definitely worth it though and could save you a pretty penny in labour if you’re brave enough. [Dan]
Edward Nazzaro (1 year ago)
“More naturally aspirated” I’ve got to remember that gem.
Lewis Galvin-Elston (1 year ago)
The converter is there for a reason
...and we removed it for a reason too. ;)
snochicka (1 year ago)
I need the T-shirt that says, “I void warranties”.
As it happens, the warranty is not necessarily voided by doing this, unless any parts that are subsequently broken can be put down to being caused by this modification. It also depends how much of an asshole your dealer is. A good dealer will honour an unrelated warranty, as the relationship with a loyal Triumph customer is paramount.
Ole Thanatos (1 year ago)
Not sure if you noticed any of the bolts on the frame were not to spec?. One Sunday, when I was bored, I went through and checked them all on my bobber and found some not to spec. Not horrible just in need of tidying up a bit. Cheers.
I didn't check them before undoing them, so I only know I torqued them up as best I could.
Ole Thanatos (1 year ago)
Hi, I found some of the bolts not torqued down to the factory spec on the frame. Hence going through and checking them all. I would not have found this out except I was preparing to install the crash bars and was doing a dry run to ensure I had everything for a successful installation. I wanted to add the crash bars which require the removal of some of the same bolts. Btw great channel, Cheers.
Hi Ole, the bolts should be the same as delivered from the factory. What did you find? Do you mean the torque settings?
aresonance (1 year ago)
the honesty of this video is the reason why i follow your channel. ya'll keep it real.
Thanks dude. We're certainly not faking the frustration.
yumpladukfoo (1 year ago)
Here's a question: If you wanted to put a whole system (new headers and cans) on that bike, could you simply bypass the CAT and leave it bolted in and hanging up there? Would there be enough space for the new pipes to pass right by it?
I think it would hang precariously, as it's half attached by the pipes porting in and out, It woudl rattle about I think. You could cut it out using a jigsaw...
yumpladukfoo (1 year ago)
Compare that to decatting a Kawasaki Z900RS. The Z900 can be done in 30 minutes with eyes closed.
Randemonium (1 year ago)
Sounds great. Does the fuelling require a remap?
It seems ok after being left to run on idle for 12 mins to reset the ECU.
Andrew Robertson (1 year ago)
Epic epic epic!!!!
DEeMON (1 year ago)
looks like you do need to shift the tank on the thruxton, but on a street twin you don't need to loosen the tank, or remove anything completely but the mufflers. I did it in under 4 hours. all about having the right tools on hand. and that was with the bike on the ground with only a paddock stand.
Yes, the street twin is a bit simpler - lucky sod. LOL.
Rabbit_Foot_Rider (1 year ago)
Where did you but the rubber from to fit around your tank mate if you don't mind me asking ? Cheers dude Bike looks an sound awesome by the way 👍
Ebay, 13mm Rubber U-trim. :D
iamcaferacer (1 year ago)
If I remove the cat on my street cup will it void the warranty
Depends on your dealer and what might go wrong with the bike. If something happens to the exhaust, or related to the exhaust then perhaps yes, but other unrelated issues might be fine.
tsmgguy (1 year ago)
GREAT sound! I did this same job on my T120. Seemed simple enough, but it took an entire weekend.
Frank Bateman (1 year ago)
Weslake Triumph easy fit CAT Delete/X Pipe. Lightweight Stainless: Street Twin, Thruxton 1200, Bonneville. http://www.squaredeals-ltd.co.uk/weslake-triumph-cat-deletex-pipe-lightweight-stainless-street-twin-thruxton-1200-bonneville-39301-p.asp
I like the sound of "easy fit" ... But they do all need the same treatment to get the old one out.
Chris Bolton (1 year ago)
Just fitted the TEC X pipe to my Thruxton R. Great piece of kit, slotted in perfectly........but as you illustrated, getting to it, what a bloody palaver! Still watching your video meant forewarned was forearmed. My next adventure, fitting the fairing. ..........should be fun!
The fairing will be much easier. Look out for those fiddly brackets under the tank edges... Plenty of chance to keep dropping screws. ... Also, if you're thinking about new front indies, maybe ditch the indicator bracket element, as it's fug ugly. I may hacksaw that bit off later.
Bonnevillain (1 year ago)
Will you have to change it back to the stock cat for the MOT?
No, not for an normal MOT.
300zxdriver (1 year ago)
Not enough difference for all that work and money.
It's also about reduced weight, added midrange, and no video audio can really capture the sound difference - also remember this bike started with the race end-cans. Bikes with standard pipes see and even bigger sound upgrade.
Jeff Testa (1 year ago)
Looks like the challenge was well worth it. Does sound a lot more meaningful. I can imagine the cutting room floor being littered with Fbomb clips. Great job though. Looking fwd to hearing of the performance gains. Really diggin this video series. Keep up the great work!
It was one of those jobs that looked easy on paper, but you need to approach with confidence and a firm hand. And yes, the F-bombs were plentiful.
damage1_1 (1 year ago)
Got this to do on my son,s street cup, i think we are changing the cam too :-)
Let us know how the cam change goes - and where you got the cam from!
Brandon Lunderstedt (1 year ago)
OOOOOOO BOI much better!! Worth the time and effort
M1996ew (1 year ago)
Probably already covered but is it legal to do this?
The bike would pass a normal MOT, but possibly not an SVA type approval (not that you'd ever need one unless you imported or exported the bike). The complex answer is that, no, it's not strictly "compliant" to do this, but everyone does this kind of thing in the UK. ...As soon as you start modifying any new bike you are stretching the rules of the homologation certificate against which the model has been certified in it's country of sale. An SVA test "might" expose this mod as breaking the rules. However, having been through an SVA I believe this bike would pass the drive-by noise test and be approved - as I have not seen any motorcycle test performed, model-by-model, that measures emissions - yet.
david gallop (1 year ago)
Now a K and N air Filter to help it breath! Safe riding !
On order!
Jay Salvo (1 year ago)
The pipe sound on your Scrambler takes some beating. Didnt that come with a Cat somewhere?
And no, there is not Cat on that scrambler pipe.
The scrambler does sound better than the Thruxton, but it has a two-into-one, super-short, straight-through, single-skin pipe with no baffles. The Thruxton has the race pipe with some baffling, but is still twin-skinned and the X-Pipe still routes gases through the "X" under the bike, and this probably mutes some sound, despite the lack of baffling.
The Don in London (1 year ago)
Great video guys!!! Much better now! :)
gav1stubbs (1 year ago)
So needed this vid last week
gav1stubbs (1 year ago)
got in the end just a bag of nerves as the bike was new that day . hope you do lots more to the bike so I can see how its done
I hope you did ok!
DISORDERLY PUNK (1 year ago)
certainly a lot better sounding
Even better to the ears than on video.
Premises187 (1 year ago)
That made my Honda NC decat job look like a walk in the park
It was a pain in the arse. But worth it.
Will Hyde (1 year ago)
Hey dutch, what indicators are those on the front?
Clever realisation that they should sell their own aftermarket stuff!
Will Hyde (1 year ago)
Bike Shed Motorcycle Club thanks! What's this trend of really cool OEM indicators
They are Triumph LEDs usually fitted to the Explorer. I plan to replace them with Bar end items from Kellerman or MotoGadget.
Campbell Zero One (1 year ago)
That sounds goooooooooooooooood! 👌
Dave Harriman (1 year ago)
Yes It does look a bit of a bastard to do, enjoyed the vid . Any re-mapping involved?
I'm told you just need to run the bike on idle for 12 mins for the ECU to reset and learn the setup. I still haven't ridden it properly. Follow-up video soon. [Dutch]

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