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Best Girlfriend (Short Film)

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Versova Hustler Presents- Best Girlfriend! (Not-Half) Starring Kritika Kamra and Vikrant Massey. Written and Directed by Navjot Gulati. This film is based on a true incident and is about the fragility and two faced nature of Urban Relationships.
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Text Comments (5038)
sachin gupta (3 hours ago)
Sarmistha Shee (21 hours ago)
Very bad.....I don't understand .....
Ansh verma (1 day ago)
Amar Patil (1 day ago)
उसकी गर्लफ्रेंड उसका ख्याल रखके वो बाहर कॉल गर्ल हैं,और वो जिसको गर्लफ्रेंड हैं उसके अबसेन्स में केवल दोस्त के केहने पर गर्लफ्रेंड हायर करते हैं लेकिन वो गर्लफ्रेंड की फोटो कॉल गर्ल की देखता हैं तो शॉक होता हैं और उसे पता चलता हैं की दोनो एक दुसरे को चिट करते हैं तो अखिर वो एक दुसरे क9 ऍडजस्ट करते हैं...👍
Ravindra Rajpurohit (1 day ago)
Abe kehana kya chahata hai,msg kya hai Tera??
g magesh (1 day ago)
I could not understand
ankit singh (1 day ago)
What the hell
Mahboob Khudawand (2 days ago)
maahi naseem (2 days ago)
make conclusion
Mr. šøñü G s (3 days ago)
This is the most disturbing thing... I have ever seen..... It's feel so.. Bad... Y. I watched this... 😠😕😕😕😑😑😑😑😑
kajol rana (3 days ago)
vedant pathak (3 days ago)
Very wast and boring not minigfull video
Atta ur Rehman (3 days ago)
Nice video hello Hi ilike girlfriend
farjuman khan (3 days ago)
Girls can't be trusted
Aryan (4 days ago)
Yaar aage kya hua...thoda aur explain kar dete....
Love Girl (4 days ago)
Bf koyi hee
Rajendra Kandari (4 days ago)
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amazing facts (4 days ago)
What the f**k she was an escorts
mehul jain (4 days ago)
Yaar indore me koi bandi mil jae relationship k liye.... Whatsapp [email protected]
Sphinx 17 (4 days ago)
Its fair. They both good to each other, and they both play dirty. U canot expect to hav someone good when u urself play dirty. Most of us know when they is something wrong and what worth to sacrifice for. That guy with hes friend having fun dirty way, and that girl also. Fair. Yeahh. U canot expect loyalty from cheap one. Thy dont deserve loyalty too.
ajay sharma (5 days ago)
ajay sharma (5 days ago)
KLPD HEHEHE.............
prema mani (5 days ago)
I didnt understand. ..wt the ending...
Jaydip nikumbhe (5 days ago)
story hee nhi samji
Priya Gupta (5 days ago)
Nice yaar 😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😉😉😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗
Go Green (6 days ago)
How can one get a moral from an immoral/illegal relation????
shoaib roy (6 days ago)
Bahut bhuka hai bechara
avinash bakash (6 days ago)
Best girlfriend ka MATLAB randi hota hai aaj pata chala
Saurav Mishra (6 days ago)
Both dress is changed at last
anchal Maheshwari (6 days ago)
Kya tha ye or kyo tha ye... They both are cheat to each other... Shit man
neha ghag (7 days ago)
M cool liking the movie but do not ever try to push Normalizing the escort lifestyle
Latara Stewart (7 days ago)
I knew it
Happy valley (7 days ago)
Chahat hindi shayari (7 days ago)
Very nice film
Bittu Barman (7 days ago)
I couldn't understand the ending
Abey bhai ending kaisi kuch samjh nhi aaya yrr
Satta all time (8 days ago)
okay thts was a bit mysterious n nice
Aman Mansuri (8 days ago)
Yr ye kia tha
Ashraf Khan (8 days ago)
Bhai ky tha ye
Tryese Simmons (9 days ago)
Ignorance is bliss
Vivek S Aanan (9 days ago)
Those who are confuse about the ending..Listen the last line carefully "You WERE the best girlfriend I have ever had." Breakup kr liya yaar
Prabhakar Mani (9 days ago)
Killed it
918360395286 WhatsApp (9 days ago)
It’s so nice I like caring in this video
Sanjeev Banger (9 days ago)
Shyamsundar Kumar (9 days ago)
Hi like this
jeanne van Marle (10 days ago)
TOP 10 BEST INFO. (10 days ago)
Koi mere sath pyar kare ga me pyar Karna chahati huu..😍😍.
Rezwan Hossain (10 days ago)
fuck off
Uzma Khan (11 days ago)
mujhe koi yeh story batayega ..😞😞😞
anupam chaturvedi (12 days ago)
पागल हो।जो इस तरह का vedio अपलोड करते हो।बहुत घटिया लड़की।
Dinesh Davi (13 days ago)
Abe kuch samjme to aaya nahi 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Gurpreet santu (13 days ago)
nice video
Faari Zee (13 days ago)
WO khud hi gandi thi larka ganda kiya karny LGA tha apny ko
Meghna Mallik (13 days ago)
The girl's job was being an escort whereas the guy gave into temptation. So technically,he cheated.
Meghna Mallik (13 days ago)
At least the girl's job was being an escort but whereas gave into the temptation. So technically,he cheated.
Thomas Smith (14 days ago)
Vagene and bob pls
Mahboob Khudawand (14 days ago)
7760878067 sorry
Manish Panwar (14 days ago)
vijay chauhan (15 days ago)
Vijay chauhan
Neelam Swt (15 days ago)
Acting were good but ending so confusion and logic less
Pari Khan (15 days ago)
story ka end samjh me ni aaya
Indian lovers (16 days ago)
What end 🔚😒😒😒
Pintu kumar Shah (17 days ago)
Yar mujhe na hi suru me samajh aaya aur na hi end me ki ho kya rha hai is video me. Bakwas video hai yar super Bakwas
RAHUL (17 days ago)
The story is that the girl is a call girl who works in a escort....And the boy knows it well. But knowing everything he has no problem with her job.He doesn't interfere her personal job life..But Both are loved each other very much.... The twist is that she has no father, or she doesn't go to any father's office...Actually she goes on his profession...The boy knows it..Bt they just fun.. You can say it's just for making confused to public.
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Shayar hai hum (17 days ago)
ending ... smjh nhi .. aya .. kux.. after the u turn ...
Krishna Mani Kalita (17 days ago)
part 2 plzz
Parekh Barapatre (18 days ago)
Kya chu hai kay Ending ti acche se kr bhai
Dileepshekhawat9 (18 days ago)
last line. u know what my mom says, you are the best gf i ever have. gf is escort viedo shows that
Serve priy Gautam (18 days ago)
tatti story, ghanta
Mritunjay Chaudhari (18 days ago)
Wtf ,he came to kn that his gf is escort ,den too best gf...lauda story 😡😡😡
TOP ACTIVE NEWS A2Z (19 days ago)
Tukau sali
Munna Sharma (19 days ago)
Hate girls
All For You (19 days ago)
Dont trust on girls
Sagarjyoti Das (19 days ago)
If you can understand this short film... Then you can crack jee advanced 😂😂
Vk sathya Vk sathya (20 days ago)
suman rani (20 days ago)
Nyc video
Rishabh Pandey (20 days ago)
People are commenting like intellectuals... And legends are trying to understand what jst happened... 😂😂😂
Pardip Saxena (20 days ago)
Shubham Dhanapune (20 days ago)
best video
JAGPAL SINGH (21 days ago)
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Akhil Sharma (22 days ago)
Abey ye kya chutiya ending h
Vijayta Singh Singh (22 days ago)
Kalyug esi ko kahte h
srikanth vuppuluti (23 days ago)
Kyu kiya rey thum is video
Mani Mahi 7 (23 days ago)
Unexpected ending..😐😑😑😑😑😑
Sidharth Chauhan (24 days ago)
Ariyan Khan (24 days ago)
fucking ending
Limon Ahmed Siam (24 days ago)
I couldn't understand what happend ending?
Apoorv Kakkar (24 days ago)
Bilkul bhi palle ni pada last tkk to dikha dete
bullet stunt master (25 days ago)
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Abdul Shaikh (26 days ago)
Second part banau
Mohd SameeR (26 days ago)
😠😠htt bencho...itna ghatiya content
manoj mohanty (27 days ago)
End me kya hua kuch samjh nahi aaya...uske baad kia hua...ladki kya boli...part 2 he kya?
Megan Hicks (27 days ago)
She's wrong
Angel Rana (28 days ago)
End is.....?? 😏
Rupesh Sah (28 days ago)
sahabub laskar (28 days ago)
She is a call girl and she has been cheating her bf and when he could know that even he does not dump her..
Ahad Naek (28 days ago)
বাল দেখাও বাইনচোদ
pranjal deka (29 days ago)
Bhai part 2 banao na
SB sudhir (29 days ago)
Nothing much understanding

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