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Monolink - Swallow (Original Mix)

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Out now in all stores! https://monolink.lnk.to/Swallow Pre-order my upcoming debut album—AMNIOTIC—here: https://monolink.lnk.to/Amniotic
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Text Comments (37)
Ricardo Alvarez (7 days ago)
I fly to heaven with this music Thanks a lot.
Dakota Durning (23 days ago)
pls make a shirt with this graphic but the one zoomed out showing the the guy and cities and all i would much for it
Saul Sandoval (1 month ago)
Dagmar Leistner (2 months ago)
Super <3
AskinqAenn (2 months ago)
ich liebe dich für deine Musik !!!!
PeTrIrTeP (2 months ago)
*from Ibiza Global Radio! Proud to be Global!*
PeTrIrTeP (2 months ago)
Barbora Vermes (3 months ago)
Depeche Mode
Ria etegta (3 months ago)
I adore your voice ☺
Hrco Rulli (3 months ago)
Omg 😍😍😍🔝🔝🔝
AYU (3 months ago)
YEE daaaymn good! 💖
kf95 (4 months ago)
reminds me to "Frank Wiedemann-Howling (Ame Remix)"
Nekomi Comatose (4 months ago)
my new fav ♥
PAUL BRIGHTSIDE (4 months ago)
dat good as always
MR Grote (4 months ago)
I heard it on 1Live a Radio in Germany. Its so good. :)
Pirate's Team (4 months ago)
nice <3
McFly Inthesky (4 months ago)
aux petits oignons....
Progressive Dreamers (4 months ago)
So nice bro
trouble fuxk (4 months ago)
bu işi biliyorsun monocum
Brilliant... again... I can't get enough of you! -SpooKy
L' Opinionista (5 months ago)
Monolink never disappoints me. Another masterpiece from the master, nice lyrics and excellent melody
Salwa Boumzoughe (5 months ago)
Finally a new one!!! ☺️😊😊🙌🏻✨👍🏻👏🏻
Sax Stu (5 months ago)
boring lyric its like listening to ed sheeran ohohoh love is sooo complicated blaaa
Ionian echoes (7 days ago)
Right, show us your music!
Sax Stu (4 months ago)
You are totally right with that there is more to his music than the lyrics but in this particularly track the solid groove is destroyed by gratuitous pop story telling... Though im a big fan of The End and other Monolink relaeses... ;)
Leon Wrede (4 months ago)
I advise you to listen to the entire album! The themes of nature and ones place therein are enveloped in a love story in Swallow, but paint a bigger picture when you take the other tracks into account. Also the Monolink formula is way more than just lyrics :)
charlie lynes (5 months ago)
Pure Gold!!
Elena Nikol (5 months ago)
Monolink <3
nijgalmusic (4 months ago)
A big big fan of your voice and I'm in love with this track
Mauro Pilla (5 months ago)
Good lyrics... Thought that i saw you in a bar Sat in the corner, just to watch you from the far I lost your face and fell asleep Into a dream of echoed voices from the deep Oooooh you swallow me inside Like the dark swallows the light When I'm drowning in your sea Ooooh the ocean that I've cried Running back into my eyes For I'm not the one you need So i woke when night was gone Thought that i dream I found the reason to your I lost the words i had to say Fell like into the dream i had the other day Oooooh you swallow me inside Like the dark swallows the light When I'm drowning in your sea Ooooh the ocean that I've cried Running back into my eyes For I'm not the one you need Now I don't know where to go, no I don't know where to go Can you Show me where to go Wanna leave!
Nikolay Tsenov (3 months ago)
Mauro Pilla "...found a reason to move on..." :)
Tobias Bouma (5 months ago)
Sounds a bit like a better version of Toby Emerson's Rapture
Dzhin Dzhin I (5 months ago)
So good! Love this sound!
Sandy Gerges (5 months ago)
This is the meaning of great music Keep it up!! 👌

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