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Regular Expressions (Regex) Tutorial: How to Match Any Pattern of Text

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In this regular expressions (regex) tutorial, we're going to be learning how to match patterns of text. Regular expressions are extremely useful for matching common patterns of text such as email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, etc. Almost every programming language has a regular expression library, so learning regular expressions with not only help you with finding patterns in your text editors, but also you'll be able to use these programming libraries to search for patterns programmatically as well. Let's get started... The code from this video can be found at: https://github.com/CoreyMSchafer/code_snippets/tree/master/Regular-Expressions Python Regex Tutorial: https://youtu.be/K8L6KVGG-7o ✅ Support My Channel Through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/coreyms ✅ Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCezIgC97PvUuR4_gbFUs5g/join ✅ One-Time Contribution Through PayPal: https://goo.gl/649HFY ✅ Cryptocurrency Donations: Bitcoin Wallet - 3MPH8oY2EAgbLVy7RBMinwcBntggi7qeG3 Ethereum Wallet - 0x151649418616068fB46C3598083817101d3bCD33 Litecoin Wallet - MPvEBY5fxGkmPQgocfJbxP6EmTo5UUXMot ✅ Corey's Public Amazon Wishlist http://a.co/inIyro1 ✅ Equipment I Use and Books I Recommend: https://www.amazon.com/shop/coreyschafer ▶️ You Can Find Me On: My Website - http://coreyms.com/ My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/coreymschafer Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CoreyMSchafer Twitter - https://twitter.com/CoreyMSchafer Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/coreymschafer/
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Text Comments (782)
Full Of English (1 day ago)
An awesome tutorial for regex. Thank you.
Deepmind X (2 days ago)
you are the man
Akshay Soni (2 days ago)
I don't know what level of expectations these 80 dislikers have.
marie R (2 days ago)
Such a good explanation! Thank you so much!
Noe Brito (3 days ago)
This was a great video.
Is there an advanced video?
Jamal khan (3 days ago)
Thank you very much!!!
Mohd ar (6 days ago)
omg thank you finally i understand it
YukaProductions (10 days ago)
Thank you! Helped a lot with codewars kata! :D
Peter Miller (10 days ago)
why do americans say [ = square bracket 12:19 ( = parenthesis 23:04 ?
Osmary Angarita (10 days ago)
I just find this and it literally saved my day.. please tell me that you did the advance video :D.. thank you so much for these.
Tejan Dua (10 days ago)
Understood RegEx so quickly, loved this tutorial!
Daniel Wilkowski (12 days ago)
If you'd like to use regular expressions in PHP, checkout https://t-regx.com
Mahmoud Altair (14 days ago)
Vitor Finato (14 days ago)
these 38 minutes made a hole decade worth living hahahaha best investment ever.
abhishek singh (15 days ago)
I had assumed that I won't be able to understand and master regular expressions, but you got some serious teaching skills bro. I always wanted to master regular expression because of how important and powerful it is, thank you making such videos and making our life easier as a learner.
akshay D (16 days ago)
Changed my mind for regex!! It was difficult for me to read long bookish material and try. This video was awesome and now I'm confident to explore more on this topic. SUBSCRIBED! please upload an advance tutorial on the same topic.
Mukesh Dak (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot for such easy explanation, please put advanced video on regex soon
Deepak Rai (18 days ago)
Wow that explanation has made regular expressions so easy to understand.
darkbrian ' (18 days ago)
I am on 15:28 I already wanna thank you and kiss your forehead
Ronit's VLOGS (19 days ago)
Thanks. This is the best🙌
Fabricio L90 (19 days ago)
Most useful tutorial on regular expressions that I watch so far. Very clear and practical.
Cory Gilliam (22 days ago)
Thank you for this video.
Sandeep Singh (23 days ago)
I really appreciate the simplicity with which you have explained a complicated process
metromini (24 days ago)
you are only matching similar pattern. i need to learn matching pattern in a complete sentence single or multi lines. do you have those tutorials?
Hari Krishna (24 days ago)
really explained well. thanks
Adarsh Tiwary (24 days ago)
Thanks a lot Corey! In my atom editor, the selection of the text is coming as bold. But in yours it is being highlighted in red border selection. I want to apply same setting as that of yours. How would I do this? Please help.
Vasiliy (26 days ago)
Thanks, man!
Hitesh Sannithi (27 days ago)
how can I write regex for following pattern starts with "hitesh_" ends either with "defualt" or with this regex pattern [A-Z]{3}[0-9] EXAMPLE: "hitesh_defualt" or "hitesh_IND1" or "hitesh_XYZ2" OR "hitesh_ABC8" so on
imagine breaker (25 days ago)
whoops, if you need "defualt" instead of "default", then the pattern would be slightly different: hitesh_(default|[A-Z]{3}[0-9])
imagine breaker (25 days ago)
PATRICIA RUIZ (27 days ago)
un crac noi
H J_47 (29 days ago)
Thank you.
Rajendra singh bisht (29 days ago)
awesome tutorial.......
Class C Act (1 month ago)
Thank you!!
Shamitha Silva (1 month ago)
This is really important before diving into complex regex..!
jhei torres (1 month ago)
thanks for this!
Josef Jr. Ababat (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Shivam Anand (1 month ago)
Thanks Bro This regex was really a pain in my ass. really helped me in solving hackerrank problems
Oneil Matlock (1 month ago)
I have to comment, even though only a few minutes in, can tell this is excellent in material, but especially presentation. Thank you
Corey Schafer (1 month ago)
K. Chris Caldwell (1 month ago)
Superb. Thanks. More please.
Saravana kumar (1 month ago)
I was about to skip this video, but thanks to all the guys who commented. Worth my time. Learned a lot. Thanks, Corey. You are an amazing teacher.❤❤❤❤
GEEKMOVIIIES (1 month ago)
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Chen Niu (1 month ago)
So the answer for matching email is [a-zA-Z0-9_.+-][email protected][a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+, but if i try to move 0-9 to other place, for instance, if i do [a-zA-Z_.+-0-9][email protected][a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+, it can't match the last email address, Can you tell me why?
galmaigy Gal (1 month ago)
You helped so many people like me. God bless you.
Bheeshma K.S (1 month ago)
A super simple explanation .. Ty very much...
Mr possible (1 month ago)
thank you so much
RA009 (1 month ago)
Thank u .. the session helped a lot .. no where I got a clear explanation like this
Vinodh Deva Arul (1 month ago)
Very Nice and Simply worded. Good Job Corey. Thanks
Ozan Yokuva (1 month ago)
For those who disliked this video .... You all need mental support. Go find professional help asap. And to the guy who prepared it, thank you bro, thank you very much.
Mak Rony (1 month ago)
This is a great video on regex. I would love to watch another one on advance regex. Have a great day!!!
TechFreak51 (1 month ago)
Ever since I started learning Python, RegEx always kept me on a backfoot .... BUT NOW ..... NO MORE scared of RegEx, NO MORE baffling with RegEX. RegEX DEMYSTIFIED !!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Corey !!!
Alessandro Baruzzi (1 month ago)
Thanks this was great!
Markus Mulholland (1 month ago)
Absolutely brilliant. I now have a Regex demo in my C# study project which almost matches your text file haha. It is among very few other demos in there of which I actually understand lol. Thanks so much
Abhraneel Datta (1 month ago)
Superb.Very well explained.
Anas Al Sayed (1 month ago)
Realy nice
GYANA SAHU (1 month ago)
Indeed a very nice and structured explanation of the subject.
KRaKeN (1 month ago)
Guys i have just started learning regular expressions, will this video cover regular expression in unix too ? would it be appropriate ?
Liang Wu (1 month ago)
This is the best video I have ever seen in explaining the regular expression.
Balmond Gonzales (1 month ago)
what is the software he is using? thanks.
Balmond Gonzales (1 month ago)
Well, I think I saw it now, is that the ".*" option in find?
Balmond Gonzales (1 month ago)
@Corey Schafer Hi thanks for the reply, I have sublime text, but I can't see the "Find in buffer" option. please help..
Corey Schafer (1 month ago)
This is done using Atom because I liked their regex syntax. I usually use Sublime Text, but I am currently switching over to VSCode
Noah Drisort (1 month ago)
Best Regular Expressions (Regex) Tutorial on Youtube, thank you
naz nazira (2 months ago)
This was just life saving. Waiting for Advanced topics on regex.
Dinah J (2 months ago)
This is soooo good thank you so much! Normally I can read and understand concepts but regular expressions wasn't sinking in until I watched this.
Nidal (2 months ago)
Paused video and came here to say you are the beast
Corey Schafer (2 months ago)
Well thanks!
Shree (2 months ago)
I like you a lot.
Exile Njoka (2 months ago)
best tutorial which is so concise. thanks @Corey
Swapnil Dhalange (2 months ago)
I was hating Regex but now I started loving them. Thank you so much :)
chandana patel (2 months ago)
Thank you so much,ur English is very understandable
Buzz (2 months ago)
This is the first tutorial video in my life that I have literally watched the whole video.
qwarlock Z (2 months ago)
Bloody brilliant. You demystified a quite arcane thing! Thank you!
archana chaathra (2 months ago)
Well explained.....
chandu varma (2 months ago)
Appreciate your presentation skills, and this gave me a very good understanding of regular expressions..Thanks a ton
Fred Johnston (2 months ago)
You should do some YouTube videos!!! great!
Abhinav Kumar (2 months ago)
at 30:00 can we use simply [a-zA-z0-9-.][email protected][a-z.-]+
Mesingel Empericae (2 months ago)
In this exercise, true, but that would cause you to would match invalid e-mail addresses as well, such as [email protected] - I think he was trying to exercise best practice here :)
pavan krishna teja (2 months ago)
simply mind blowing
but it makes sense (2 months ago)
My life just changed forever.
TechFreak51 (1 month ago)
Definitely its not an overstatement .. i feel the same :D :D !!!
Andrew Miller (2 months ago)
I was very confused by regex and it is something that my new job has wanted me to understand. This video really helped everything click. THANK YOU!
Michał Wojteczek (2 months ago)
JESUS CHRIST WHO CAME UP WITH THIS THING ^d4+5GW%{RN(*$?|$/\UMC *[email protected]&JC+-ok3=394[]vnu98i34\/un6<423.v5=]-8435vn=-23 this isn't code, that's me banging my head against the keyboard. looks the same to me. i just need some god damn numbers, why does it feel like i'm deciphering the Matrix.
Anastasia Levchenko (2 months ago)
brilliant, thank you!!! Please make a video on regex advanced!
Nigel Warfield (2 months ago)
Superb video on RegEx and such a great presenter of this subject. I know nothing about programming and was looking for REGEX for absolute beginners because so many sites make the assumption that we are all programmers and know such things as PYTHON - having said that I will have a look at some of your Python start up stuff. Thanks once more for the effort and clear decent presentation so obvious that you did some proper presentation homework and prepared with materials. I would love a couple of things would it possible to post those demo snippet and other files you used with Atom that I have now installed along with Data fake files etc. You also mentioned that you had a mind to do a more advanced vid on RegEx - have you produced that and where can I find that as I looked on the menu for the fee part of your project but could not see it referred to. I dont expect you to give us all a freebie but most of your other stuff is in relation to more programming and I have just started to learn REGEX for Libre Office efficiency and am some way of going forward to programming. Happy to be corrected if the more advanced is in the JOIN sets?
Michael Slauson (2 months ago)
Wouldn't the regex you found online include trailing periods and dashes? i.e., if an email address was at the end of a sentence, for example, the match would include the period at the end, right?
utubedano (2 months ago)
Fantastic! Thanks heaps!! 👍🏽👌🏽👏🏽
Christoph Speckmann (2 months ago)
Jesus, I had a look at so many written tutorials - felt stupid - found your video on a coincident, feel like Batman now!
Sangamitra22 (2 months ago)
Loved the video,great for brushing concepts :)
Pratik Kore (2 months ago)
hey corey, thanks for that awesome explanation! Will this regex work for mail addresses? [\w.-][email protected][\w-]+\.[a-z.]+
Corey Schafer (2 months ago)
Sure. It may be a bit complicated, but I'm sure you can find some mailing address patterns online.
Anatoly Chernenko (2 months ago)
Good stuff! Totally liked.
hftmetrics (2 months ago)
Best 40 mins of my day. I owe you a beer.
Hemendra Sahu (2 months ago)
This is one of the most helpful tutorial on regex. I am glad I found this video. Thank you. Also is there an advance version of this tutorial?
Mish Akopyan (2 months ago)
Hoky crap, I took the regex course in datacamp... still was not sure how this worked. Watching this video is blessing sent from heavens.
Gary Carlyle (2 months ago)
I liked this but in pratice, it seems to get far more complicated than this quickly. Its a programming language unto itself essentially it seems.
x3w032j293 (2 months ago)
Ty for making this!
ATUL JAIN (2 months ago)
very nicely explained, earlier I was not getting this topic, but now I'm pretty confident.
G B (2 months ago)
SO USEFUL! Thanks Corey! Your Python tutorials were a supreme help during a university intensive on Python, and this is super helpful for more upcoming subjects. Thanks again!!!
Joseph Hauger (2 months ago)
Sujal Paudel (2 months ago)
Amazing tutorial, thanks a lot.
David (2 months ago)
My new favourite video on YouTube
Manoj Joshi (2 months ago)
Corey Schafer. You rock dude! I have been programming/managing projects/troubleshooting stuff for 18 years. I have never really learned Regex or even tried. They just bamboozled me. This one tutorial blew my mind away. BEST tutorial for REGEX ever!! Thanks
stephen walker (3 months ago)
Really excellent video, you just saved me a lot of study time. Clear and concise thanks man
rivenblades (3 months ago)
Give us please the snippets.txt
Suresh Yalagudri (3 months ago)
How to get characters between two integer e.g from "sad56AA6test" need AA from "assd32ANM" need ANM from asdas25A2TEST" need A
Paweł Chochura (3 months ago)
(?<=\d)[a-zA-Z]+(?=\d|$) or (?<=\d)[a-zA-Z]+(?=\d) You have to use Lookbehind and Lookahead. But you want to match "ANM" from the second string but don't want to match "test" from the first and "TEST" from the third. You have to be specific.
rivenblades (3 months ago)
Imagine the one that wrote the regular expression parser!!!

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