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The Power Of Sunsets

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"Attention, if sudden and close, graduates into surprise; and this into astonishment; and this into stupefied amazement." - Darwin Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday. Watch More Shots of Awe on TestTube http://testtube.com/shotsofawe Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=shotsofawe Jason Silva on Twitter http://twitter.com/jasonsilva Jason Silva on Facebook http://facebook.com/jasonlsilva Jason Silva on Google+ http://plus.google.com/102906645951658302785
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Text Comments (61)
Sami Hosam (8 months ago)
نريد الترجمة
Abir Bilou (2 years ago)
awesome 😉😇! very intersting 😮love u💗 continue like that💪👏👍😎
Abir Bilou (2 years ago)
cool! 👩I love sunsets 😍on the sea 🌞
Aiti Mus (3 years ago)
These videos are just beautiful. Its all so wonderfully overwhelming, so profound, so humble and inspirational. Love your shit dude, don't.fucking.stop Seriously
That is so true
musicvideosish (3 years ago)
Elba Bonia (3 years ago)
:) Exactly! Very Beautiful... thanks <3
Happy (3 years ago)
voice is too loud and jarring for the subject matter.
Lucid Beagle (3 years ago)
+TehPompkinHead I am glad someone else noticed this. This guy is well-informed but is so very deluded and unethical in the way he presents his ideas, either by purposeful deceitfulness or sheer ignorance. His TED talk is a great window into who he really is, since its is a little more authentic than edited montage clips. He makes pretty dirty uneeded metaphors such as calling humans "Gods with anuses" and refers to the collective creative process as "ideas having sex". His mind is really in the gutter despite being well informed and intelligent. His rationalist-reductionist view is shown perfectly in his video about love, plauged with sexual images; in which he complains about the short life of love. .Maybe if he wasn't a rationalist with nihilism tendecies who reduces everything to sexual projections, than his personal love life as well as videos would turn out a little better.
Gage The Navigator (3 years ago)
+SL1 That's because he's a spokesman for capital big cats of the technology industry that are probably making big capital, (if ya know what I mean) off of the overall resounding idea, "THAT YOU NEED TO BUY OUR STUFF." Fucking swine these people. Don't confuse spiritual awakenings with capitalism folks.
Planetar (3 years ago)
Sunsets or sundawns is a spectacle of great optical illusion at work and it ameze our minds - enchant us. Ultimately Sun neither dawn nor does it set - its always there shining brightly - and yet for us beings living on this globe it does seems to dawn and set. Like in ancient times they were charmed by this mystical unknown secret, they behold Sun as dissapearing with coming of night and reappearing with coming of day - for their minds it was a ground for myths and stories. Today we can behold and understand this grand illusion for ourselfs - mighty Sun unrivaled source of brightness which light cannot be concealed by any celestial body suddenly make an appearance of setting and dawning for each and every being every single day. Realization of this can get you hit with elevation and rapture like lightningbolt.
Amyn El (2 years ago)
All praise is due to TheOne&Only God(الحمد للله).
Amyn El (2 years ago)
goodfilmful I'd like to but it's forbidden in my religion..
goodfilmful (2 years ago)
Amyn El Eat pork
Aditi Kumar (3 years ago)
That explains it .. Because its a moment of transition..and the urge that is created, that its a passing moment.. it is about to get over, we give its minutest detail every bit of our attention to be able to absorb as much as possible! That is why we love sunsets! Fantastically put in words!
Aditi Kumar (3 years ago)
+Amanda Yeo True :)!
latenight cashews (3 years ago)
+Aditi Kumar This helped me understand it better too :)
BNL07604 (4 years ago)
He speaks the truth.
David Ballard (4 years ago)
Well Said.
Francesco Lecchi (4 years ago)
If only more people watch your videos, this world would be better!!
Andrea Di Biagio (4 years ago)
what does a car maker have to do with sunsets?
Charlie T (4 years ago)
In other words: "Running out of ideas."
Gorgeous! But sunrises bring me more happiness... it is like a new beginning to me...
Jovanka Ciares (4 years ago)
I think sunsets and sunrises help us be in the moment, something that is so hard for us to do/be throughout our days. It's a great reminder that we can be present and experience a sense of peace and that we can keep that with us until the next sunset/sunrise.
Anna Jerabek (4 years ago)
Wow it is a great idea and the place behind him is so wonderful!
hessah (4 years ago)
"Attention, if sudden and close, graduates into surprise; and this into astonishment; and this into stupefied amazement."
jairostun (4 years ago)
I dig this one!! I was getting really tired of those other videos really psychedelic where u couldnt really get the message... looks like ure gettin back to the roots of shots of awe
Dima Alameddine (4 years ago)
"Tu sais...quand on est tellement triste, on aime les couchers de soleil..." - Le petit prince
Mayank Kathuria (4 years ago)
+Dima Alameddine When one is sad, one loves the sunset.
ilyPenn23 (4 years ago)
Anyone know the song title?
Vlex GG (3 years ago)
+ilyPenn23 and thank you for asking :)
Vlex GG (3 years ago)
+BinaryHistory thanks buddy!
BinaryHistory (4 years ago)
+ilyPenn23 Dexter Britain: Lucky Ones Still makes me mad they don't put it into the end of the video.
Adam Paigge (4 years ago)
I think the way this video was framed by the producer was absolutely perfect. Subtle effects, and typographical flow. Loved every second of it.
awesomejj101 (4 years ago)
Well said. :)
azura (4 years ago)
I love sunsets so much this was so amazing
Emberwilde Productions (4 years ago)
Pretty sure people like sunsets because of all them purdy colors.
Infinite consciousness (4 years ago)
Oh man. Every video gets me. Just so wonderful i cant even begin to say how greatful i am to have watched it. I freaking love jason silva and shots of awe!
miboso _ (4 years ago)
Well put
Craig Watson (4 years ago)
These kind of videos are your best in my opinion, it's not a particularly huge idea that gets people buzzing, but it's beautiful none the less. There's no need for massive amounts of video imagery when there is so much beauty in nature already :p But it's your art so I have no right to give criticism :]
misc. jhmachado (4 years ago)
This is a funny coincidence - my friend and I recently started (a few months back) Sunset Club in Washington, DC (a social club to enjoy the beauty of DC sunsets with friends, new and old, all are welcome). On September 5, 2015 we want to watch a sunset with the entire global community - imagine for one full rotation there is a global citizen with their eyes on our sun, in effect passing-on the sunset to their neighbor. https://www.facebook.com/events/1586066861665327/
Jason S. G. (4 years ago)
nope, just pretty af. also, crazy and absolutely astonishing that despite the craziness that is our universe, we can just chill and perceive something so beautiful on the floating ball of rock we call home
Namas Knight (4 years ago)
philosophy - for people who can't understand the world with numbers.
Namas Knight (3 years ago)
so philosophy has no practical use. and in one great step I find it less useful than any other scientific mathematic or even art major. As you call it its the practice of abstract thought... why devote a degree to something everyone already teaches alongside the more practical degrees. yes being able to logically solve difficult problems is useful, but you can solve MOST of the worlds problems with equations an experimentation. go read your self serving, self-indulged, smug literature that dose nothing but bolster your own towering ego.
Henry Audubon (3 years ago)
+Namas Knight One application of philosophy is pointing out and clarifying mistakes in reasoning, like the kind you just made. You have assumed that philosophy has a PRACTICAL purpose. Why should it? Perhaps it is like poetry, in that its purpose is to produce an aesthetic experience in those who appreciate it. I don't think that is actually the case, but there's no reason to assume apriori that it isn't the case. Do you follow me? If not, try philosophy. It will help you think more clearly.  
Namas Knight (3 years ago)
+Henry Audubon gasp* now please counter my point, instead of going off topic. what is the practical use of philosophy in the modern world?
Henry Audubon (3 years ago)
+Namas Knight The fact that you are criticizing philosophy while struggling to spell it says it all. 
Namas Knight (3 years ago)
+Henry Audubon well your a phlosipher why not pointlessly solve this non-problem.
Xikes Emi (4 years ago)
Please, change that font. I can't read that. Spaces between words are too small, so my eyes just keep getting stuck.
birdman (4 years ago)
Don't buy toyota!
Namas Knight (4 years ago)
There not that bad actually. But i get your point.
jennyin (4 years ago)
You are the coolest person ever. I love these ideas.
Cameron Otto (4 years ago)
Like this guy but every video now is the same big words over and over that make him sound smart but doesn't ever really go anywhere. I find it annoying now
Chris Alexander (4 years ago)
Cool. I love that this video was brought to you by Toyota within the video but the ads via youtube were for BMW.
Achyut Ram (4 years ago)
Actually we need to Plug Out
Aws Believer (4 years ago)
Awesomeness ..
ron johnson (4 years ago)
like the buddha, we open our eyes and create a universe of awe. all moments are rare, all moments inspired, all moments enlightened even after the sun sets.
Abhinav Kumar (4 years ago)
I'm lucky enough to have a beach right next to our university which is famous for its sunsets. I had this experience of surreal-ness just yesterday. Your video couldn't have come at a better time! :)

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