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CGI 3D Animated Short Film "BIBI"- Funny Educational Cartoon for Kids by Joel Stutz

1962 ratings | 1644681 views
With this cartoon children learn English in a fun and easy way. Kids are learning new words and numbers in a playful manner. This 7.35 minutes animation has been completely done by one person, form design, story, animation and sound design in 100 days only, with a work flow of 1 months to create 15 characters and then 1 shot per day for the next 65 days. BIBI (2016) Animation, Children, Family, Comedy More Info at https://www.bibi.ch CREDITS: 3D Animation & Sound design by Joel Stutz ( http://www.visualcenter.ch ) Rendered at full hd resolution, maya and mental ray, with various nCloth and a bifrost simulation. ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE to MAP for for more Entertainment & Inspiration! http://bit.ly/1QO2b6p Featured Artist - http://illustrationVAULT.com/ Monetize your Art & Creativity with http://illustrationvault.com Official MAP http://www.MadArtistPublishing.com YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/MadArtistPublishing StreamFeed http://streamfeed.com/watch/madartistpublishing# Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MadArtistPublishing Twitter https://twitter.com/MadArtistGroup Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/madartistgroup/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+MadArtistPublishing Thanks for subscribing: http://bit.ly/1QO2b6p ------------------------------------------------------------- If you’re an ANIMATOR, FILM DIRECTOR or STUDIO and would like your work published in our books and showcased to Top professionals in Advertising, Animation, Film industry go here: http://bit.ly/1lBtIuI While we do our best to verify copyrights, we receive online submissions to showcase videos. If you believe this video should not be broadcasted or was used without appropriate permission contact [email protected] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. All trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Used for educational purposes, no harm is meant to the owners of productions. For licensing of content or production quotes email [email protected]
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Text Comments (108)
SMB YouTube TV (25 days ago)
KateROCK777 (1 month ago)
NatherVoltage (1 month ago)
Get help
Rinki Mangla (2 months ago)
How u made this movie and from which app
Altaf Malik (2 months ago)
penflow kids'mation (2 months ago)
nice 👌
Saji KSV (4 months ago)
really good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4A3mlATkZs
Jascha Bull (5 months ago)
Ha ha, that frog was shaking its booteh!
Chubby Dwarf (6 months ago)
What the fuck is this oh my clown!
Indigo Blocker (6 months ago)
I legit thought the creator's name was "Joel Slutz"
Will Woodbreaker (6 months ago)
Also when I watched this it had 666 dislikes 🤭
Will Woodbreaker (6 months ago)
At my school (I am year 4) ten years old) when the frog showed up everyone was laughing best video ever: rated ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🥇🏅
piyush goswami (6 months ago)
『Crystal-Pepsi』 (7 months ago)
I was hoping for some little kids' comments, but no, just regular people talking.
secret dancer (8 months ago)
Mani Kandan (9 months ago)
This is wonderful
Eyeman Malick (10 months ago)
BIBI is so kind!
Krishnendu Pattadar (10 months ago)
Ashleigh dianne Ducusin (11 months ago)
bibi mmmmmmmmmm!!!
Stray Wolf (11 months ago)
the frog is twerking. are you shore this is a kid-safe thing?
Stray Wolf (11 months ago)
also 5:09
Stray Wolf (11 months ago)
4:45 was so wrong
Sylvia Angelina (1 year ago)
Transformice Yipyaps (1 year ago)
No offense, but that scene where the bear turns around, is just.. idk.. weird?
Samantha Chew (1 year ago)
How to do blend shape
Petra Pixová (1 year ago)
No matter what some adults might think, my 16month old daughter loves Bibi and wants to see it ten times a day :)
Heena Anware (1 year ago)
my boy he love it he wanna watch all the time.its really great .thanks
ravi k (1 year ago)
OMG frog
Nina Kib (1 year ago)
À sans les grille bronche et vécu chers l'on Linkin si kamo
The Poppy's Playhouse (1 year ago)
Very nice animation 3D video. Loved it . Big like from us ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Crazyfruits TV (1 year ago)
Wowww.... nice video.... Chk this link for some other cute animation video.. https://youtu.be/WPBd2kvuSyY
Lungie Dube (1 year ago)
thank you. a very resourceful teaching tool for esl students
Arne Jørgensen (1 year ago)
This is so nice. Can i ask how and what the creater used to create the world and how he animate in it. I know they make 3d in 3Dsmax or other 3d program. but always wonder how they creater the world and animate the film in it. thansk for the grate work. Peace
Nizar Bousebsi (1 month ago)
Doesn't really matter, this is low poly art style made with 3D Software like Blender, Maya...then each characters and environment props are rigged with bones. Voices, musique and sound are then added with Audacity, Ableton or maybe FL Studio. There is a lot of work with scene transition and camera movement, all this can be animated in the 3D software itself like Maya or you can even use a game engine like Unity 5. It's a lot of work tho, better working within a team
XDGAMER PROXD (1 year ago)
At my school we do a try not to laugh challenge while we watch this and I'm first to loose at the frog
welday Geberzgiabher (1 year ago)
I like it 👌👌
Ashely dxddy (1 year ago)
Ikr the frog lol
Shah Imran (1 year ago)
the frog is very interesting
Sabri Hamza (1 month ago)
Teagan M (1 year ago)
Cute lion
Martin Ron (1 year ago)
my favourite animal
Kishan Jat (1 year ago)
Mk mi Mk It
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
yes that is my name
Aidana Abdrahmanova (1 year ago)
Joel Stutz jmb
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
thank you yes, this is a wonderful comment
The imagine studio (1 year ago)
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otomasprim therobot (1 year ago)
Oliver Braun wup
otomasprim therobot (1 year ago)
Oliver Braun
Oliver Braun (1 year ago)
I saw your website, your animations suck get out of here!
Oliver Braun (1 year ago)
If you're the best, why are you spamming your studio on other animations? Advertise your own animations!
krithi varu (1 year ago)
You guys r really doing a great job.....
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
thanks for the compliment :)
Naresh Baghel (1 year ago)
Catton map and Video
chocho minochi (1 year ago)
naresh Baghel
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
Yes naresh Baghel....who is naresh behel?
Shyan Bannu (1 year ago)
naresh Baghel
Shyan Bannu (1 year ago)
naresh Baghel
ABKids (1 year ago)
Vey nice video...
Visual Center (1 year ago)
thank you very much, glad to hear it
Danny Walker (1 year ago)
That was awesome. My 1-year-old girl was super into it. Better than anything on T.V. Thank You!
Robert Brookins (1 year ago)
Danny Walker and a 8 I have been in 3rd, 5, 6 I am a beautiful person. I have a great day of j7ii the i k
Danny Walker (1 year ago)
Yeah, We watch both in a row. She likes them both the same.
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, did she see the bibi fun park animation? Maybe in a few months, I'm gonna do the bib Christmas series.
Danny Walker (1 year ago)
You have a serious money maker here Joel. We watched the video again today. My 1-year-old can't talk yet, doesn't even use pacifiers, But she went to the bedroom and brought one out that another kid had previously left here. Pretty amazing. You need to make a few seasons of this.
Danny Walker (1 year ago)
The audio was nice too. Had it hooked up to my studio monitors
Tomas Rolf (1 year ago)
this is very cool! I love the designs and music.
Hồ Ngọc Bảo Kim (1 year ago)
Joel Stutz (1 year ago)
Yea this is super cute, thanks
MyMissAparna jha (1 year ago)
mehreen hasnain
mehreen hasnain (1 year ago)
Visual Center (1 year ago)
50 thousand views :)
Martin Ron (2 years ago)
This animation is really impressive for being a kids educational video
Hadeeer Matar (2 years ago)
ثققثيصءنتجعاقثيىج7ة ،
Sabrina Mari (2 years ago)
Jenna Rose (2 years ago)
so cute I many times watch it over again :)
piyush goswami (6 months ago)
Jenna Rose
Jacob Diede (1 year ago)
Why don’t you watch grammar videos instead?
Marco Viale (2 years ago)
Very nice man!
Paolo Andina (2 years ago)
Children love it! Soo cool!
Jan Botz (2 years ago)
This is so great haha, wonderful
Visual Center (2 years ago)
thank you very much, you can see more of our animations in our channel
Joel Stutz (2 years ago)
The purpose of the animation is to entertain very small children and keep them busy while their parents cook, clean, or do other household activities. Exactly for this reason the entire animation is rich of music and animals, to keep toddlers' attention on the video. Meanwhile they also learn basic words like 1, 2, 3, cloud, car, mountain, etc. Best wishes to everyone, Joel
junglejester777 (10 months ago)
Joel Stutz You make boy very happy best baby video on you tube thank you
Professor José Dias (10 months ago)
Very nice video. I am going to use it in my lessons.
paulina doskocz (1 year ago)
Joel Stutz guyu
muhammad reza (1 year ago)
Mohammad Moin Uddin
Mohammad Moin Uddin (1 year ago)
+Joel Stutz You are welcome, I use it to calm my baby girl while her mother do cpoking etc.
Jonathan (2 years ago)
That frog is priceless
Girlie Dumo (9 months ago)
Jonathan w
Oliver Braun (2 years ago)
The bear is the funniest, he is so clumsy
Rossy kitty (2 years ago)
Omg the frog.
Jida Su (1 year ago)
Deepika Awasthi (1 year ago)
Rossy kitty
Rayyan Mananta (1 year ago)
Rossy kitty gh.
Rayyan Mananta (1 year ago)
Rossy kitty gh.
Katz Pajamas (2 years ago)
This....is terrible. But 4:46 was totally worth it lol! 😂😂😂
NatherVoltage (1 month ago)
and I whole heartedly agree
Uzman Ashraf (10 months ago)
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Uzman Ashraf (10 months ago)
00 Do I'll rkkm l
Uzman Ashraf (10 months ago)
Dop.rA Do
Uzman Ashraf (10 months ago)
Katz Pajamas doranes3s322 n n 344s ex v

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