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[SGDA] Anthony Burch - Dying is Funny, Comedy is Easy

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The SGDA hosted Anthony Burch at UT Dallas to give a talk about comedy in games. Q&A begins at the 21 min mark. Here is a link to the slides used in the presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18Js4_gHQTuXNiWdjdNufgyb8PRIQbsgf_MBmu2LpiNM/edit#slide=id.g10124deac_015 Find out more about the awesome stuff were doing here at our blog: http://utdsgda.wordpress.com/ Join the conversation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UTDSGDA/
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Text Comments (183)
Galactical Bear (4 days ago)
2% of people said this was edgy.
SuperSpazzNinja (6 months ago)
Whoever is chewing gum, STOP IT!
Witch of Hyrule (1 year ago)
Anthony Burch is fucking awesome!! The people who are hating on him honestly need to get a life, its pathetic.
theshadowcult (1 year ago)
Hey Anthony, whatcha wrinting? Really loved Jack as a villain, and look forward to more writing from anthony. Was a goode talk too. Would have been nice to hear the questions though.
Joe Webb (1 year ago)
you're right, none of you are anthony burch, none of you will sell out an auditorium to talk about your passion eloquently, absolutely fucking never
pyrobison2002 (1 year ago)
Joe Webb nice blanket statement? Self-reflecting much?
Jon Hughes (2 years ago)
Borderlands 2 has sold over 12 million copies and has 97% positive reviews on steam, its a massive success. GG neckbeards are just hating on it because they don't like Anthony Burch. The game is great and so is he, get over it you lost, everyone hates GG
Noble Alfred (3 years ago)
Glad he left Gearbox. Now there is hope that BL3 will have decent writing and black humor like BL1 instead being meme central.
SSENPAI (2 years ago)
gearbox is the same company that destroyed aliens: colonial marines and used the money to develop BL2 dlcs
Bogs Binny (3 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're not Anthony Burch.
Gregory Frowendown (3 years ago)
Doesn't matter. At least you're not him.
[email protected] (3 years ago)
What'd he do this time?
Jerrod Hesby (3 years ago)
Damn it. Idunno how, but both I love AND hate this guy at the same time. He's so likable yet if you hear any of his podcasts- he's such an ass. Haha, joking aside; I feel like if we were to ever meet we'd probably kick it pretty well.
Mustafa Berk Bacaksız (3 years ago)
what the fuck is this comment section?Everyone is saying 'I'm happy because I'm not Anthony Burch'.I'm happy because I'm not like those hateful bastards.
Mustafa Berk Bacaksız (2 years ago)
+DrScaphandre freedom of speech i guess.He can say what the fuck he wants on twitter and make games and they can hate him about it.In the end,nobody should even give a fuck.
DrScaphandre (2 years ago)
Mustafa Berk Bacaksız You do realize that Anthony Burch is a literal cuckold who constantly talks about his pathetic sex life on Twitter while making shit games pandering to the third wave Sarkeesian style feminist right? He brought this on himself.
Tophat Rat (3 years ago)
I may be hateful, but at least I'm not Anthony Burch
Jerrod Hesby (3 years ago)
+Mustafa Berk Bacaksız Dude, the youtube comment section is usually stupid as fuck; giving their "opinion" off of some inside shit you'll never understand lest you delve deep into some precise piece of info that would take way much more time to find than what its worth. You'll rarely ever meet anyone reasonable here.Yet, for the record- I feel the same way as you.
Matthew Lee (3 years ago)
"Comedy is easy"? Coming from the guy who can't write shit.
Matthew Lee (3 years ago)
@Gregory Frowendown lol ikr
Gregory Frowendown (3 years ago)
It's super easy when you just steal meme jokes.
Matthew Lee (3 years ago)
+Mustafa Berk Bacaksız Yeah I did. He said it was a sarcastic title
Mustafa Berk Bacaksız (3 years ago)
+Matthew Lee Did you even watched the video?
TemporalMeteor (3 years ago)
Why is Anthony Burch's sex life any of anyones fucking business?
Zee 9ine (3 years ago)
because he posted it on twitter
sauteedcooter (3 years ago)
Bob The Mail Man (3 years ago)
Where is Conker's bad fur day when it comes to top game's that made you laugh. Nintendo 64 had a lot of comical game's like south park or space station silicon valley. Now we have stick of truth but that was not out at the time of this video's creation. Now we look forward to The fractured but whole I like super hero based comedy more then game of thrones or lord of the rings mid evil time comedy but they are both very fun theme's. I tend to take none serious game more seriously for they tend to be more fun an replay able with enjoy able humor.
PinkFloydrulez (3 years ago)
anthony tree
Tedulous (3 years ago)
39:06 is basically when the entirety of the Gone Home Hawp episode was born
creeping CRAIG (3 years ago)
I don't honestly get why people hate this guy
PeedOnMyRug (3 years ago)
uhh, why does everyone hate on burch here? he writes pretty well; sometimes unfunny but you can't win 100% of the time.
Агро Лошадь (3 years ago)
I love it how he talks like he's some comedy master. and yet he's the head writer of fucking borderlands 2 which has bonerfarts. that's not funny anthony, it's the equivalent of saying LOLZ TEH RANDOM is better than a good Jim Jeffries bit. Comedy is hard and you failed horribly.
m? (3 years ago)
Day 57 still not Anthony burch Thank god
Fizalex (3 years ago)
Why is everyone hating on Anthony?
Ross Sitges (3 years ago)
+Fizalex He's a cuckold
iredomi (3 years ago)
Wow everyone is just shitting on this guy. Fucking hell.
agsiar (3 years ago)
Cucktales~! Woohoo~!!
ydoomenaud (3 years ago)
That comment about dying versus comedy belongs to Edmund Gwenn, who played St. Nicholas in "Miracle on 34th Street," and they were indeed his last words. Truly a man for all seasons, and an epigrammatist to the last. Insert Anthony Burch joke here.
(3 years ago)
lets his wife take dindu donkey dong up the doody-hole
Sinsear (3 years ago)
Emutester (3 years ago)
I Look myself in the mirror . Im not Anthony Burch. Life is good.
Protoman (3 years ago)
Yay, another successful day of not being Anthony Burch. Things are looking up.
ApertureBlack (3 years ago)
I will come here everyday to make sure I am not Burch. I implore anyone with depression to do so as well.
iredomi (3 years ago)
+ApertureBlack fuck you
PenPal (3 years ago)
Thank god, I'm not Anthony Burch.
Cloudsol (4 years ago)
Borderlands 2 writing is shit.
Carsonj13 (3 years ago)
@Etherouge You mean Memelands 2?
Karbinite (4 years ago)
MrZurata (4 years ago)
Marriage is funny, getting cucked is easy
Macie Jay (4 years ago)
Why do so many people hate on Anthony Burch? The only thing I know about him is his writing in Borderland 2 and HAWP, both of which I find very funny.
Turtle Boy (1 year ago)
Antbony cuck burch
Ivo Robuttnik (2 years ago)
Because his writing is unfunny and shit.
BobExcalibur (3 years ago)
@Mr. crk Something interesting happens to the pew statistics when you remove the people who exclusively play Candy Crush Saga.
Mr. crk (3 years ago)
Definitely, I totally love dick up my ass, choke me harder with that rope. Hang me for being 1% off, thanks. And why would you even watch this video if you're gonna hate on it so much? http://www.theverge.com/2015/12/15/10220440/pew-research-center-video-games-gender https://www.ined.fr/en/everything_about_population/demographic-facts-sheets/faq/more-men-or-more-women-in-the-world/
Mr. crk (3 years ago)
How? He encourages more well written female characters in games, how's that being an SJW? And how is that a bad thing, it's really just logical from a business standpoint, as more than 50% of the population are women, and nearly 50% of gamers are women.
tatsu (4 years ago)
15:51 "about as funny as puppies dying ....*or an episode of Big Bang Theory*" BOOOOOOOOM x'D
Rua Grill (4 years ago)
TotallyNotUni (4 years ago)
If you think about it there is a Mission in MW2 that's pretty funny. It included dying.
Happy Loyal Soldier (4 years ago)
Grabblez (4 years ago)
Embidd (4 years ago)
IMO, nothing is unforgivable in the Borderlands universe as long as it gives me the life blood that is XP.  As long as a mission gives me that, I'm a-ok with doing whatever you need me to do.
Oliver Zhu (4 years ago)
What is the game on the right that he's referencing at 18:33? I can recognize Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead
sepe (4 years ago)
Oh whoops, ah well, mistakes were made I guess
Oliver Zhu (4 years ago)
It's actually Fable II, apparently.
sepe (4 years ago)
If you still care, it's Dead to Rights: Retribution. You can play the dog and tear out people's throats it's pretty hilarious.
Raultetoteto (4 years ago)
Today I will remind them
chikitabowow (4 years ago)
Well that's weird, the video just cuts out at 40:19 for me, did that happened to anyone else?
mitonitro (4 years ago)
Holdin McGroin (4 years ago)
Damn, this video goes on longer than Anthony Burch's marriage. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT
asparagusman (3 months ago)
bah dum cha (snare)
Aussie Noonga (4 years ago)
@Holdin McGroin AKA getting cucked.
Holdin McGroin (4 years ago)
@Winston Poptart I don't know exactly, but he suggested that they should go for an 'open marriage'.
Winston Poptart (4 years ago)
How long was he married for? Unless this was an inside joke.
Melissa Eastwood (4 years ago)
I just wish there were captions its hard to hear what the questions are...:(
Takunrsx (4 years ago)
Takunrsx (4 years ago)
i wonder the same, cause its quite good
Keitarou Hosaka (4 years ago)
I saw that and lost the game... I wonder what he thinks about that game.
xXCrazyTwitchXx (4 years ago)
Please watch Papers Please by AlChestBreach he will be mistaken by his words
locke89 (4 years ago)
I know it's coming from the right place, but his comment on censoring rape jokes just doesn't sit right with me. So you don't want to make fun of rape victims or rape or whatever. But the whole game makes fun of killing people. It's the same fucking thing. You're just putting rape above murder. There is no point in saying one is more terrible than the other. It doesn't matter. It both extremely awful. So either do rape jokes or censor everything that even has the slightest chance of involving anything with victims. You can't and you shouldn't. The rape joke he mentioned is in no way offensive. Offensive would mean that is makes fun of rape victim like saying it's their own fault for getting in that kind of situation. But depicting someone as a rapist? That's terrible and doing the same with a murderer is not? People really got their heads turned in recent years and feel like if only one person is offended by something, it is wrong and has to change. News flash: Anyone can be offended by literally anything. It is just a form of opinion. Of course, you should never be deliberate in hurting someone, but taking things to the extreme and making fun of it is part of comedy. And if you are not okay with that, it is fine. But you should never try to demonize people who find it funny or entertaining. I really like Anthony and share most of his opinions and even respect the ones I don't personally share. But this is just something that irks me and I feel like he lost his ground too fast and just converted to a new opinion just out of fear of hurting people or being the bad guy. Just like he enjoys putting trans/gays/whatever into his games just to be inclusive I also enjoy offensive humor just for being as offensive as possible. Not as to be mean or hate on other people but to enjoy the wrongness of it all. There is humor in it and outright saying it is terrible doesn't sit wright with me.
locke89 (4 years ago)
Yeah, I don't want any jokes that have rape victims as the punch line, though I don't get the vibe from Anthony that he would be okay with general rape jokes being used carefully. At least not from what I see on his Twitter. I remember the whole dickwolves thing. PA clearly reacted in the worst way possible but I stand by the first comic. I don't think makes light of rape. They wanted to used the worst possible way someone could be tortured to highlight the morality problem. The joke comes not from someone being raped but the outlandish imagery that are the dickwolves themselves. I get why people would not like that but is their right to not look at it or complain. But in no way should PA ever pull that strip as it is their right to publish it.
Pen That Doesn't Write (4 years ago)
I agree with nearly everything you said in your last comment, but I feel that the context in which Anthony was speaking is important to understand. I can't remember all too clearly and my connection is too slow for me to go back and check, but I believe Anthony was responding to a question about the Dickwolves fiasco. In case you haven't heard of this, long story short, Penny Arcade once ran a comic where a character being raped by "dickwolves" was the setup for a joke about morality in MMORPGs. A lot of people objected to this, as casual use of rape in humour is one of the many, many things that propagates a culture where rape is seen as no big deal. Penny Arcade responded to this by running another comic that sarcastically apologized for turning their readers into rapists, which further showed how little they understood about why the content was objectionable in the first place. And it was written in such a dismissive tone that it was actually a lot more insulting than the original comic. Then things got even worse: when anti-rape advocates started to voice concern about Penny Arcade's actions, Penny Arcade started selling Dickwolf memoribilia, and fans even started this awful 'Team Rape' movement. Women who complained about the merchandise received a terrifying number of rape threats. Even some of the anti-rape advocates got hostile at this point and messaged PA's Mark Krahulik, asking him if he'd find it funny if they murdered his wife and kids. Basically, it was _fucked_ up. And after a lot of a back and forth on the issue, Mike Krahulik still doesn't seem to know why their original comic was so problematic. At one point he even went so far as to say that he felt pretty good to support rape culture. So I am so, _so_ glad, for creators like Anthony just being completely damn clear that they won't stand for crap like this, and that they're definitely not going to contribute to it. He didn't say that there should be no jokes about rape at all, he said that he hates jokes that mock rape survivors. And I'm glad he did. See, videogames are such a mess right now. There are deeply discrimanatory undercurrents in what has now become a universal medium, and this has created huge rifts among gamers, journalists and creators. We live in a world where _everyone_ plays videogames, be you a woman or gay or trans or bi... and yet for the most part a lot of people in the community still continue to pretend these people don't exist, and subject the ones who do to ridiculous stereotypes. And worse still, they continue to punish the people who demand that they are included, and that the issues they face on a daily basis are not used as the butts of cheap jokes.  Many, many videogames are still horribly alienating to a large section of the people who play them, and the people who call attention to this are continually abused and threatened. So writers like Anthony aren't including well-written female characters and sexual minorities because they find it 'enjoyable'. They are including them because it _has to be done_. These marginalized groups are as part of society as anyone else and the fact that they are treated like they don't exist in so many IPs is _extremely_ unsettling. Anthony isn't doing something groundbreaking or radical, he's just one of many creators trying, in some small way, to bring the values of the industry to a  point that isn't completely awful. In the very same vein, he dismisses comedy surrounding rape, refuses to take part in it and disapproves of those who do. That isn't censorship, in any shape or form. That is him recognizing how skewed a public mindset is, and working to ensure that he doesn't contribute to it. And that is extremely admirable, if you ask me. PS: Sorry about how late this was, and how long this got. I have a lot of things to say and no real place to say them, so yeah. Thank you for being so civil as well. 
locke89 (4 years ago)
@Pen That Doesn't Write That is actually the first response from that side of the argument I really, really enjoy. Thanks for being civil and not aggressive in your writing. Yes, I understand that rape is a more complex thing and that our culture still has to evolve to better understand it, prevent it and, of course, encourage victims to come forward and not feel guilty - which is easier said than done. It is quite similar to child abuse in that regard from a psychological standpoint. Child abuse is also something that society is more aware of compared to adult rape. Maybe that leads to it as a topic more people can joke about. And I mean jokes in the form from Sarah Silverman, which rather helps as it makes fun of the poor circumstances rather than the victims. As I said in my first post. You never should go out of your way to hurt people and rape is certainly one of the most difficult topics. But I feel Anthony is of the opinion that even mentioning it in some form of joke is terrible and hurtful, and that is something I just don't agree with. One of my favorite rape jokes (that sounds terrible) is from Louis CK when he talks about a guy who hates Boston, because his mother was raped by every single person living in that city. He takes it so far and it elvolves in something so outlandish (to the point people get annoyed when they find out they have to rape that old lady in a month), that it isn't about rape anymore but just the dumbest way a person can be hurt by an entire city.
Pen That Doesn't Write (4 years ago)
An important point a lot of you are missing is that our opinion and response to murder is actually pretty solid. If you're in the sort of civilized community I'm assuming you're in because you're playing videogames in the first place, then the way people in that community respond to murder generally doesn't contribute to it, or trivialize it. You might laugh about blowing a Psycho's head off but you still take death in real life seriously. Rape is not that simple. A large section of most modern societies still tend to respond very, very badly to sexual violence. Victim blaming is horrifyingly common, and the stigma and guilt inflicted on victims is part why so few even report rape in the first place. And rape and sexual violence is a lot more likely to happen to the average person than murder, and it may be as common as it is because a lot of people, in the media and in day to day conversation, trivilalize the shit out of it, and that's if they're not reinforcing it. There's also so little known by people about such common a problem; understanding of consent and respecting the autonomy of women and accepting that men can be and often are victims too is *not* something you often see, and a lot of movies and songs and books add, however subtly, to a culture where sexual violence is more excusable than it ought to be. That's what rape culture is. And if you're providing entertainment, you should be out to improve lives, to help people enjoy themselves and have a good time. You should *not* be inflicting pain. So I for one think it's great that people like Anthony are sensitive to these issues and understand that creators should *not* be adding to the damage. Simply put, laughing at Brick's 'I've killed a lot of people' line isn't going to make you take a serial killer a less seriously. But making a funny rapist guy is trivializing a problem that already gets trivialized enough in real life. Another reason murder flies a lot more easily in media is that it can be blown up to a point where it no longer resembles its real life counterpart. More realistic depictions will definitely be more controversial than the cartoonish stuff you see in Borderlands; take, for instance, the No Russian mission and GTA's torture sequence. This cannot be done with such a complex thing as rape, and certainly can't with the complex way society responds to it. Both crimes may be awful, but one of them *can* conceivably have less complicated circumstances, in fiction at least. That said, it *is* possible, if you are very skilled and careful, to make a joke about even the sketchiest topics without hurting anyone and triviliazing the subject. Bonus points if you actually offer some insight into it. Sarah Silverman's 'I need more rape jokes! Who's gonna complain about it? Rape victims? They hardly report rape.' joke surprisingly, given the source, falls into that category. But again. You have to do it, really, *really* well. Not every writer or comic can pull that off so it definitely should not be attempted just for the sake of it. I do believe that comedians should not have shackles forced on them and that creators should not be censored or dictated to. I also believe that going out of your way as a creator to cause pain is a shitty thing to do. And I think it's important to think about the kind of message the things we watch and play and read give out, as well as what they say about the people who made them, and the people who enjoy them. And if what is taken away from them can have a negative effect on a society, it's important that we recognize that and move to change our mindsets. It's a good thing. Really. tl;dr: These things are a lot more complex than we'd like think, and it's good that creators recognize that. 
Chino Gambino (4 years ago)
@ThePasta66 A friend of mine was complaining that there's no real comedic merit to sick jokes; that there's too much reliance on a relatively offensive or risqué punchline. Anyway, we argued about it for a while and then I raped her.
Russell Morgan (4 years ago)
Goat simulator makes more sense now. :-P
jYjrNiceGuy (4 years ago)
this was fantastic
Marachime (5 years ago)
yaaaay. thankyou for uploading this. it's really fun and interesting.
Arkannon (5 years ago)
I like how the camera zooms in when he's showing pictures in the presentation, but zooms out when there's nothing visually relevant on screen.
Flacko (5 years ago)
Anthony Burch is one of those guys who talks and I just listen. Unbelievable talent oozes out of this guy.
Henry Bussler (5 years ago)
15:40 I felt that a bit of Tiny Tina's humor was forced on us.
Gillian J (5 years ago)
very insightful and funny
27sevenSToFo (5 years ago)
A kid in the front asked if Anthony likes to play fuckin Legue of Legends? What the actual fuck? You're attending a Q&A with a creative pro and you ask about fuckin "lol"?
Ascendant (2 years ago)
He is a writer for Riot, for League of Legends now. This is actually interesting.
@27sevenSToFo I'm not sure if Anthony's proffesion is a writer (overall) so I'll give you a benefit of a doubt.
27sevenSToFo (4 years ago)
@Laominos He makes money doing what he's doing and he's alos hired by a AAA studio. That makes him a professional whether you like it or not :)
@27sevenSToFo A person who bases his stories in 80% Reddit memes and 20% actual writing, which seems like shit wrote by a teenager then I certainly wouldn't call them neither creative nor proffesional.
27sevenSToFo (4 years ago)
@Laominos So a person who writes stories for a living isn't a creative professional? Please, elaborate :)
r3d3mption (5 years ago)
If only he knew Goat Simulator was coming....
Colin (5 years ago)
Way to long...
Zach Braff (4 years ago)
@Tumi Tuck I don't remember the longest panel in the world.
Melissa Eastwood (4 years ago)
@Jack Black its not the longest panel in the world...its just a tribute
Colin (4 years ago)
@GenericUsername whhhhhhhaaaaat w-h-at
Chilled Pixel (4 years ago)
@Jack Black PAAANEEEL, P-a-n-e-l
Colin (5 years ago)
dmbadcat (5 years ago)
I almost didn't watch this until i realised it was THE Anthony B
Toxic Gent (5 years ago)
good talk.
Andrew Lawton (5 years ago)
"As funny as puppies dying or an episode of BBT" Shots fired
agentsanta47 (4 years ago)
Lol "Big Bang Theory"
Winston Poptart (4 years ago)
Battleblock Theater?
agentsanta47 (4 years ago)
Well deserved, BBT sucks xD
Krabman (5 years ago)
GTA 3-SA were some of the funniest video games.
Itwaslupus (5 years ago)
Very interesting, helpful, and informative. As someone who is working on an indie project with a few close friends, this seminar was a great tool for me.
Miku Ivalice (5 years ago)
I got the trivia right because I've watched all the epides 15+ times
Texfire (5 years ago)
Enjoyed the presentation and what of the Q&A I could figure out from the context of his answers, but ultimately gave up out of fatigue.  If you're going to post a Q&A including an audience mic will make the resulting video much better.
Patrick Boyer (5 years ago)
I remember watching the Borderlands II trailer and thinking "was this a totally new development team?" Anthony Burch, i will forever laugh at you. Or something like that
goemon4 (5 years ago)
god hand everything god hand
cortexparasite (5 years ago)
Holy shit. I can't believe I took a semester off from UTD when Anthony Burch decided to give a guest lecture. Just my luck :\
Nananea (5 years ago)
That was my video at 13:25 haha. Thanks for watching my playthrough or just searching YouTube :D
Tsumiki Sakurano (5 years ago)
I suck at spelling
Tsumiki Sakurano (5 years ago)
I feel award
Garlick Zulander (5 years ago)
I found this talk to be highly entertaining.
MonkeyspankO (5 years ago)
this is actually the kind of cool stuff you can listen to if you ever get the chance to go to game developer conferences. but they cost a lot of money and you know, you gotta be a developer.
luckeytree (5 years ago)
Hi, I currently run the SGDA. Everytime we host a big speaker we record the event and post the videos here. We should soon have a video up about animation with a panel from Gearbox. Until then, you may be interested in checking out the free content in the GDC Vault.
Talk Sweet (5 years ago)
Can someone tell me where I can find more talks like these? I've seen all of the ones on this channel and my favourite was the Anthony Burch so if you can direct me it would be great.
Dave Coates (5 years ago)
Great work. This p.much made my day.
Leo Vader (5 years ago)
his bit about game reviews is so fucking on point its amazing
Garcian (5 years ago)
flower, Sun & Rain. Funniest game.
Ricky Goss (5 years ago)
I loved your old lecture on video games, Anthony is the best Burch!
adada (5 years ago)
Find Memes, put in video game > OMG SO PHUNNY
dudeglove (5 years ago)
Yup, comedy sure is easy when you trawl through 4chan for memes.
Jesus Imery (5 years ago)
"That to me is a much more interesting asshole exploration" Anthony Burch, 2013
Tee (5 years ago)
I need a 3 page paper explaining to me how The Big Bang Theory is funny.
pallenda (5 years ago)
Loved this talk, to bad the questions was hard to hear. Big Bang Theory is funny though. Good explanation why on unrealitymag.
Chase Lindsey (5 years ago)
Hey, hey Anthony... whatcha playin'?
Cybren (5 years ago)
"Tropes" aren't bad. Bad tropes are bad. "Swords are cool" is a trope. No one is going to argue "swords" are a problematic element of fiction.
Ben Proctor (5 years ago)
Loved that Big Bang Theory knock. Really interesting talk.
dalthorn (5 years ago)
Everyone has their owns tastes and what not, I had fun and a lot of a laughs during it.
contendo64 (5 years ago)
Well to YOU borderlands 2 may not have been funny, but to critics who have refined opinions, it was. So, we as the public, having mixed opinions most of which are corrupted by the media and government, general say that it is funny.
James Mulhearn (5 years ago)
I'm watching because Podtoid.
AeonStrife1 (5 years ago)
This is inherently a panel on game design. And because people who write the majority of a AAA game release will probably have some insight on how games are designed.
Tyson0395 (5 years ago)
40:15 Damien Fucke
Javier Martínez (5 years ago)
References are the lowest form of humor.
lukusridley (5 years ago)
Did he just ask for Katarina buffs at the end of that talk?
emy (5 years ago)
Quite a lot of spoilers from Borderlands and other video games but otherwise great talk.
Daniel Mohl (5 years ago)
List at 17:50 : Portal Saints Row QWOP Monkey Island Gunpoint 30 Flights of loving Spellunky BioShock Barkley Shut up and Jam: Gaiden Far Cry 3 (sometimes intentionally) Team Fortress 2 Left 4 Dead Planescape: Torment Baldur's Gate 2 Psychonauts Brütal Legend Driver San Francisco (HIGHLY UNDERRATED) Magicka You Don't Know Jack The Stanley Parable Sam and Max Grim Fandango Full Throttle Dungeons and Dredmor A Virus Named Tom Serious Sam Uncharted Overkick??
cyberspacecat (5 years ago)
Yay a video of it! reading the talk is fine, but there's something to Antony's speaking tone and rythm that makes it very nice to listen to.

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