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Parents and Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Text Comments (678)
I honestly don't like how they kept drinking
allingfin (16 days ago)
do they have a sick relationship at home, but in public they are best friends?
Alan Smith (17 days ago)
Yall are really nice people ya know why I say that 1 yall are the first I've seen play right most drink and answer the question and this was much less interesting nice folks though
Hajra Rizwan (1 month ago)
Cinderella is shook😂😂😂😂
jmacsss (1 month ago)
The redhead is breathtaking.
Stephen Smith (1 month ago)
That was awesome I really enjoyed that
Brandon Roberts (1 month ago)
That awkward moment when you can't decide if you'd rather be a stepson or a stepdad kmao
Burgrer (1 month ago)
Lila Gonzales (1 month ago)
Stepmom was asking ALOT of questions about her sexual life
Meherban Ali (1 month ago)
yo this girl looks like an older sister of billie eilish
T-SERIES T-SERIES (1 month ago)
the mom looks like kimmie gibbler
Dede Moreno (1 month ago)
That was very genuine😊
Matches_Malone (1 month ago)
Not to say that I wasn't entertained by the video, because I was, but I was really expecting a biological relationship when I read a title like "Parents and Kids". Just title it "STEP Parents and Kids". People will still be entertained w/o feeling they gave in to clickbait.
Clorox Drinker (1 month ago)
This is why western civilization is falling apart.
Carter Reid (2 months ago)
Idk which one is more beautiful
This is Cutie Ringo Joy (2 months ago)
I rather drink it cause I like alcohol
wild woods (2 months ago)
@0:49 the look of disappointment when she realizes her step-daughter has low standards for herself...very sad
Lord Princess (2 months ago)
Awh they’re so cute
Hero Gamer (2 months ago)
They should be required to answer no matter what
Larry Briones (2 months ago)
I'm going to say no because they kept asking sex questions nothing else 😂
Makenna Duke (2 months ago)
I could never do this holy fuck
Gabriella Swamy (2 months ago)
“you guys can do wheelchair races down the driveway” hahaha
Ashey Jimenez (2 months ago)
The question about them being old and the daughter keeping them at her house and having wheel chair races was so cute, it made my tear up.
Anthony Yalon (2 months ago)
they're either biologically related and the girl doesn't know, or...we now know the dad definitely has a type. they look so much alike.
Jewelzbabiii (2 months ago)
Mom reminds me of Kate McKinnon
Strunk (2 months ago)
I cry.
JCluvr19 (2 months ago)
Isn't ilea plural for ileum? :/ parents, research before you get creative with your kids' names.
Maia Dibble (2 months ago)
JCluvr19 family name. She’s my sister
Kyla Ky (2 months ago)
I bet she was beautiful asfk when she was young
RaGe DRX (2 months ago)
she looks like lil xan btw she is looks very good
Röuge-Léon A (2 months ago)
ONLY WHEN YOURE HOME! Dead.. already l, 6 seconds in!
chris Ez (2 months ago)
Y’all should make a version of this game with weed instead of alcohol “Truth or Hit”
Breanna Pandza (2 months ago)
Omg can I come do this with my mom? 😂😂 She'd be so awkward and I'd just let things spill
camelCase (2 months ago)
It's unfortunate that they're not comfortable talking about intimate things with one another.
Retarded N. (2 months ago)
She had her brother when she was in collage? With her father or... i dont understand
Ray Robles (2 months ago)
this was so cute lol :')
Zhargida Beoulve (2 months ago)
This is incredibly creepy...is that what they're going for?
Makayla Butler (2 months ago)
Lemme tell you when the fire alarm goes off in the barracks and you’re not supposed to be there that’s the craziest feeling 😅
avert thy mortal eyes (2 months ago)
After starting the video into the first question I'm tf out this bitch
Lizzie gould (2 months ago)
what a nice jar of water
Kristel Carbajal (2 months ago)
want their relationship
Kristel Carbajal (2 months ago)
want their relationship
SAHLA (2 months ago)
excuse me? what the fuck is this?
Laurits (2 months ago)
Why are these questions, almost always sexual? I mean, I guess they’re pretty funny sometimes... but really, you should turn it down a bit, I think. Like, f.e. that first question - some kids watch this stuff, at least warn them with an NSFW-tag, or something.
Nicol D (2 months ago)
The girl is looking like Billie Eilish🖤
Super Deathshot (3 months ago)
That is cool
SlutForDemOreos -_- (3 months ago)
Their relationship seems so lovely ~~~ (also they’re both so beautiful tf?)
RealSyndrome (3 months ago)
I'm confused as to the relationship between the 2 of you. Is she your ward?
Abby Prixe (3 months ago)
They take to many shots 🙄
Tashfia Tahani (3 months ago)
that music plays when in reading in my classroom im in fifth grade
Ilia Burrise (3 months ago)
Zipporah Murray (3 months ago)
woww 20 good job
Talibé Bamba (3 months ago)
So cuuuute 😻
Onur Tunçer (3 months ago)
Both faking for show lol. Isnt it so obvious ? Look at their body language. Its so obvious.
Tom Cosgrave (3 months ago)
That’s a weird name.... I mean, who’s called Julie?!
Bill Turner (3 months ago)
Busty step mum
Reagan J. (3 months ago)
I would like to do that with my stepmother!
Metallica Land (3 months ago)
Sweet Jesus that mom is SEXY
hosni gharbi (3 months ago)
ThisIsPrettyMuch It (3 months ago)
You guys need to limit the drinks so we can get some good stuff
ANNO DOMINI (3 months ago)
This is absolutely disgusting, what sick mind thought these were a good idea?
De tout Et de rien (3 months ago)
French subtiles please 😭
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Debbie Speare (3 months ago)
HaleyTheWhale (3 months ago)
they look so much alike how are they not related
Come here BOY (3 months ago)
I could never have a conversation like this with my parents
JACOB Ward (3 months ago)
Promise you two more shots and they woulda been fuckin.
Small Nips (3 months ago)
Im 14 and have has more sexual experience then the daughter😂
Joe Whitfield (3 months ago)
It's not hot if they're not related. 😩
I wish my step mom was that nice! 💕
Duke Of Wellington (3 months ago)
americans, huh...
becky fab (3 months ago)
Too much detail regarding oral sex !
Mana Lilo (3 months ago)
Shane de Leon (3 months ago)
That stepmother should do ASMR
Palesa Esuk (3 months ago)
I’m lying in bed and I need a shot...
Eddy Bolanos (3 months ago)
this is a sin
Ali Cochran (3 months ago)
2:36 she definitely said she was "sedating this guy" 😂😂😂
Your ASMR Bar (3 months ago)
only when you're home 😂😂😂😂 best start to a YouTube video ever
Mohammed Yakub (3 months ago)
3:31 you could see the hurt in her voice
Toxic_ Tide (3 months ago)
Yoooo look at that face 2:32
Grīzz The bear (4 months ago)
Thomas Chaffin (4 months ago)
I love sugar
Sry to say Those were complicated relationships😕 But good u love each other
Samantha Murray (4 months ago)
It was boring because they wouldn’t Answer the cool questions
M M.M (4 months ago)
Those two made my day and that's a gift. thank you.
The girl’s pretty, im surprised she’s kind at all with her stepmom, i had a possible step dad and he was okay excpet he treated my mother like shit sometimes and to this day when i see him i want to put an exacto knife and slice his face in half vertically
Pham Nguyen Linh Lan (4 months ago)
That's the sweetest, most lovable step-mother I've ever seen!
Joe Mason (4 months ago)
Aka akward
Zenz (4 months ago)
They have such a good relationship I love it
black mamba 33 (4 months ago)
They actually look like mother and daughter ❤ they're proof that blood doesn't mean shit. Love them yaaay
Matthew Menotti (4 months ago)
i just wanna know the details man
Steve Aycock (4 months ago)
Stepmom is hot as hell!!!
Jam (4 months ago)
I honestly don't know which one is more attractive.
wafflehacks67 (4 months ago)
She didn't say “I love you too” at the end.
Anna Lena Blume (4 months ago)
So cuuuute guys So nice
Slot Hut (4 months ago)
who was your best lover? well i dated this 7 foot black guy in college
Walter K Bauer (4 months ago)
Dose Julie have a sister? Is she I'm mother? So these two are NOT related. Quie the music Bah chika wah wah! Oh Porn Hub! Check please!!!
Anna (5 months ago)
Did anyone else see Ilea in the video and think it was Ilea (Ilya?) from David Dobrik's vlog?
Ralph Jean (5 months ago)
Felipe Piwonka (5 months ago)
Does ilea have a ig????
Rutvik Patel (5 months ago)
Get Indians on the show it would much more fun!

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