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Level Up (OFFICIAL) Cartoon Violence - Robots and Dinosaurs [3/13]

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Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/LEVELUPSONG From the new album ROBOTS & DINOSAURS: http://bit.ly/radalbum ABOUT CARTOON VIOLENCE Professor Robot is a sonic death machine; a government-engineered robot from a planet where music is used as a weapon, sucked through a dimensional portal accidentally created by Doctor Octave in his secret underground music lab. Together they assembled the musical crime fighting team known as Cartoon Violence. Our intrepid heroes travel the galaxy seeking out victims of bad pop, mindless dance trash, and easy listening music. Wherever musical injustice is served, Cartoon Violence will be there providing the just desserts: tasty licks, fat grooves, and an ice-cream sundae of pop culture and musical homage, topped with awesome sauce. http://twitter.com/CartoonViolins http://facebook.com/TheRealCartoonViolence http://www.cartoonviolencemusic.com WITH GREAT MUSIC COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY Video directed by Doctor Octave Footage courtesy of The Internet Archive at http://archive.org Credits: http://www.cartoon-violence.com/?p=648
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