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Minecraft Style / Gangnam Style Comparison High Quality

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This is a picture in picture video to show how much effort had gone into making this parody of Psy's Gundam Style. the music overlaps perfect, vocals are basically on point as with the the scenes and backgrounds. Please click like to show your support and showing that record companies can not use YouTube to stifle someones creative work! I do not own this video or the rights to any part of it. This is for enjoyment only Download the parody song: http://tinyurl.com/9odjhr8 Credits: Vocals by TryHardNinja: http://www.youtube.com/user/TryHardNinja Music by Approaching Nirvana: https://www.youtube.com/user/ApproachingNirvana Animation Bootstrap Buckaroo:https://www.youtube.com/user/BootstrapBuckaroo Director and producer Jordan Maron: https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSparklez All links: Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parody US copyright law: http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107 CaptainSparklez Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXTFFUz1L-k&list=UUshoKvlZGZ20rVgazZp5vnQ&index=2 Original Parody Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9emjalsOsE&feature=g-user-u Working Parody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a80T3F-cus Subscribe to the channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeDude CaptainSparklez Tweets: http://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez CaptainSparklez Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CptSparklez TwitchTV live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/CaptainSparklez Subscribe by clicking this convient link: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jvansyoc Follow me on the Internet! Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/RavenusFlamingo Twitter:https://twitter.com/jvansyoc Twitch TV:http://www.twitch.tv/ravenusflamingo/videos Just Added: Still a work inprogress T-Shirts: http://RavenusFlamingo.spreadshirt.com/ United States: Although a parody can be considered a derivative work under United States Copyright Law, it can be protected from claims by the copyright owner of the original work under the fair use doctrine, which is codified in 17 U.S.C. § 107. The Supreme Court of the United States stated that parody "is the use of some elements of a prior author's composition to create a new one that, at least in part, comments on that author's works". That commentary function provides some justification for use of the older work. See Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. In 2007, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a fair use defense in the Dr. Seuss Enterprises v. Penguin Books case. Citing the Campbell v. Acuff-Rose decision, they found that a satire of the O.J. Simpson murder trial and parody of The Cat in the Hat had infringed upon the children's book because it did not provide a commentary function upon that work.[23][24] In 2001, the United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, in Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin, upheld the right of Alice Randall to publish a parody of Gone with the Wind called The Wind Done Gone, which told the same story from the point of view of Scarlett O'Hara's slaves, who were glad to be rid of her.
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Tam Nguyen (1 month ago)
Hbblkk L Lkkleeeee
Roman Miranda (1 month ago)
Here what 6. 3 Likes
Roman Miranda (1 month ago)
High coment and High dances
QazaQ !!! (2 months ago)
Одного звука заглушить нада было.
Lane Gueds (2 months ago)
😎😎😎🙌 uau quen gotou deixa o like
Base Displays Limited (2 months ago)
I liked it 12 times I love it so much I Erin eat some gummy bears🐻 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😋😋😻😻😻😻😻😻😾😽💋💋😍🥰😍🤩💋😻😽😎😄🥰😍🤩😻💋🤩😍😍😍😍I love gummy bears🐻
Base Displays Limited (2 months ago)
So cool 😎 has amazing gummy bear 🐻 ilove it I love his music 🎵 voice so cool 😎 I love gummy bears 🐻 now. So I’m ore day I will eat a gummy 🐻
Selene Silvas (2 months ago)
DRaMa Bersaudara (2 months ago)
Valentina Pirola (3 months ago)
AbbgkzmznznzjRytx dabbene. y
Dhaisy Billedo (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 pigs and zomdie kid and a girl creafer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eya2004 (3 months ago)
great work! :D
Meiyan Li (3 months ago)
Jagoda górka (3 months ago)
hi perose
Pedro Besen (3 months ago)
Home Champion (3 months ago)
i like it but i hat that girl is a creeper.i don,t like her but i like the real one.
Home Champion (3 months ago)
i like it but i hate that girl is a creeper.i don,t like her but i like the real one.
robert corathers (3 months ago)
Elnaz Saidi (3 months ago)
#was if
marta e Manuel tv (3 months ago)
Eu gostei do vidio😎😎
hanadi alzaidi (3 months ago)
vu manh thang (3 months ago)
حسين يا روحي (3 months ago)
meyer d hindu (4 months ago)
Cool 😄😄😄😎
천연레몬향기 (4 months ago)
TK MC (4 months ago)
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秦慶富 (4 months ago)
Kgidwwd kgmdw (4 months ago)
Lucas 60 (4 months ago)
11: 00
Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Bhanja (4 months ago)
Gangnam style elevator Minecraft style elevator
حسوني الكردي (2 months ago)
Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Bhanja (4 months ago)
Sir rock
Long SiDa (4 months ago)
Dima Tot (4 months ago)
це моя любімая песня
maria silva (4 months ago)
maria silva (4 months ago)
maria silva (4 months ago)
Maicon Rogério GAMER (4 months ago)
هيثم ابوذيب (4 months ago)
لتسو اعنيار
кука кизет (4 months ago)
Немене мыау не
Seher Shabanova (4 months ago)
Like to
Seher Shabanova (4 months ago)
Ooo cool
F. Arevalo (4 months ago)
Esqueleto 1:43
James XD (4 months ago)
Oh fuck no
Anastasia S (4 months ago)
Yuan Zakari (4 months ago)
Everything wrong The kid is not steve Its not a creeper fan No creepers People are not villagers No slime Its not a iron golem Not a portal its elevator Emoting of a dumb Iron golem Ughhh the people ITS NOT PIGMEN Its not the emotion of the girls I SAID NO CREEPERS The people theres more i didnt see while typing
경관수 (4 months ago)
FGL riski squad wek (4 months ago)
Minicraft vs really.. Minicraft like really comment
Sharon INCARDONA (4 months ago)
Non si capisce niente😈👹👺👿👅
송주한 (4 months ago)
이건 진짜 인정해야 함... 진짜 잘 만듬... It must be acknowledged ... It makes a real good ...
elproxdxdpro faker13 (4 months ago)
Zarina Duisembayeva (3 months ago)
Yo Soy Haker рулрокорвлуовлв
maxence chsg (4 months ago)
*i love*
Shiela Mae Buendicho (4 months ago)
jazzghost brasil (4 months ago)
Cantik Cantik (4 months ago)
sayasuka sayasuka
Petra Hrdinová (4 months ago)
Rikki's Garitty (4 months ago)
Raphael Krisantus (4 months ago)
3:20 herobrine is on the right
Dieu Dao (4 months ago)
Raphael Krisantus mhat bo ro
FGL riski squad wek (4 months ago)
Yes I see
Macarena Sardo (5 months ago)
Samara Morgan (5 months ago)
Winter Soldier Gaming (5 months ago)
I not like
농부yv 사장 (5 months ago)
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stormken Gd (3 months ago)
No spamming
Grace Aceituno (4 months ago)
Grace Aceituno (4 months ago)
농부yv 사장 hola
Jonathan Padilla (5 months ago)
Macarena Sardo (5 months ago)
JM Records (5 months ago)
The kid is not copy Baby zombie
nis mert (5 months ago)
nis mert (5 months ago)
Hamza Eltahan (5 months ago)
Jake Phillips Phillips (5 months ago)
I love that song
Anne Nadeau (5 months ago)
Il y
Chương Lê Ngọc (5 months ago)
Anne Nadeau u
Jim aka Luong (5 months ago)
Kadir Gezer (1 year ago)
project zorgo (5 months ago)
project zorgo (5 months ago)
Sucipto Amex (1 year ago)
pge. 😄
Drey Nicolas (1 year ago)
Question. What. Every. Rapha. This. You. Use. If. Ok. Patrol. Ano. She. Daddy. First. God. Happy. John. Kaya. Love. Zombie. Xanes. Can very. Babe. News. Mommy
Ernisse Fachion (4 months ago)
afhvu ANTONY (5 months ago)
afhvu ANTONY (5 months ago)
ChuanHeng Lim (9 months ago)
Loc Bichloc (11 months ago)
Phan Hang (1 year ago)
awesomegirl5 (3 years ago)
Gangnam style wins
Vgchjj Hfvhhg (3 years ago)
Talha Bayar (1 year ago)
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HeyBob777890 (1 year ago)
Vgchjj Hfvhhg wasn’t
Vgchjj Hfvhhg (3 years ago)
Kimberly Adam (4 years ago)
U, 😷😸😺🙀🙀😻😹😹😹😹😹😻⬅️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🚢🚤🚢🚢✈️✈️✈️✈️🚁🚁🚁🚟🛄⚓️💶🛄🚓🚔🚔🚔🙍🏾⚽️⚽️⚽️🚍🚄🚄🚓🚓🎁✈️🎁🚁🛄🚁🚍🎁🚔🚍🙍🏾🙍🏾🙍🏾🙍🏾🚍🚁🚢🚁🚍🚍🚍🎁⚽️⚽️⚽️🎁🎁🎁🎁🛄🚔⚽️🚔🎁🚓🚄✈️🚓🚄🚔🚄🚄🚄🚄Ty
stormken Gd (3 months ago)
о боже э09036809
кафО Б
Taylah Ramsay (1 year ago)
Kimberly Adam eđ
Betty Aguilygñ luoar (1 year ago)
Alejandro Delaroche por
[Zo'or ] (4 years ago)
parody and original :)
Mj Tomas (5 months ago)
Optimus Prime
Thắng Bùi (9 months ago)
Izabela Chmielewska (1 year ago)
Klvcxcc Pla m-c nn" xö
Cloaker Unit (5 years ago)
y'know whats stupid? minecraft style wouldn't of been created without PSY, so why compare it, PSY created it and there for win
tuan Anh (2 years ago)
Vgchjj Hfvhhg h
Vgchjj Hfvhhg (3 years ago)
Vgchjj Hfvhhg (3 years ago)
Gastón Darío Festa (5 years ago)
mejor que el video original !!!
Huy Nguyen Gia (2 months ago)
kieu diem bui lio m,
kieu diem bui (4 months ago)
dr spidero (4 months ago)
herby canopy (5 years ago)
What only 25 likes!
Caitlin Wilson (6 years ago)
Baagii Badrakh (3 months ago)
Bj hi Guffey ft yu u yet tobogganing u u uuj by g guy by l so camel to be hospice
Alfie Higgins (6 years ago)
minecraft is ny best game and gandam style is my best song

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