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The Future of Branding is Personal | Talaya Waller | TEDxPSU

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Did you know the average employee has ten times the amount of followers as their company on social media? In a post-recession economy where innovation continues to disrupt the way we do business, corporations have turned to personal branding to help build consumer trust. In this engaging and insightful talk, personal branding expert Dr. Talaya Waller discusses the power that is unleashed when corporations and consumers alike develop brands that are authentic and personal. Dr. Waller is an award-winning marketing scholar and international speaker whose mission is to help leaders share their story, leverage their expertise and make a positive impact on society. As founder and CEO of Waller & Company, Dr. Waller works with executives, entrepreneurs, and public figures from a variety of industries in the U.S. and abroad to develop awareness and credibility for their brand. She is featured in publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Talaya Waller is an international personal branding consultant, speaker, and award-winning research scholar. Her consultancy helps thought-leaders build influence and credibility for their personal brand. Dr. Waller’s mission is to help people share their story, leverage expertise, and make a positive impact on society. She has a Doctorate in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership and is presently researching personal branding. Dr. Waller has an online presence of over 35,000 followers and is published in Forbes, Fast Company, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Text Comments (25)
Paul Baker (6 days ago)
Incredible talk Talaya ,thank you.
Gerhard Iileka (23 days ago)
Rihanna example is off.
bohlale letuka (1 month ago)
I love your hair
S Watson (2 months ago)
Great talk!
Good job!
Brady Smith (3 months ago)
Wow. You made me think through some things. Thank you for giving such a well thought-out presentation on what people can bring to the table. Congratulations on your perseverence and being able to enjoy being yourself with others. Sharing your failures as well as your success is a powerful way to build trust with your audience. As I understood your talk, now and in the future, understanding how others perceive us, being there for them in times of need, living all aspects of life with joy and, as you say, "knowing what we want to be known for" guarantee that we will be successful in being human even if we don't make a lot of money.
Empower Entertainers (3 months ago)
Value packed presentation! Great Job...
MARNEI CARMINATTI (4 months ago)
Anna Campolo (5 months ago)
ASSADZMAN FILMS (5 months ago)
this is very True!!!!
Mwangi Muthaa (5 months ago)
Awesome,omni sentient
Aman Mohammed (6 months ago)
Beautiful video Talaya
AJENKINS1920 (6 months ago)
love this and her out fit
Brianna Jaswal (6 months ago)
I loved this, she breaks down the information in such an easy way to understand.
Niouseline (6 months ago)
This was so inspirational
Jess Blaise (9 months ago)
informative and engaging; this is great work! Congrats!
Geoffrey M (9 months ago)
"Talaya, go home and print some resumes!" Great impression of your dad, lol. I love it.
CM B (9 months ago)
She is a very lovely young lady. It was refreshing to listen to her after having difficult encounters with the youth in my life. Our children need to hear these influential and personal development speakers.  This young lady is confident, well spoken and a pleasure to listen to.  I have shared her link with 15 people this morning alone.  Keep up the great work Talaya.
YX Ye (9 months ago)
Elon lols xx
Josiah Sprague (9 months ago)
Great job Talaya! 🙌🏻
jcσ666 _ (9 months ago)
using pupunder and popup ? kkkkkk
Sequoyah Day (9 months ago)
This was so well thought out and relatable! I absolutely agree, the future of branding is personal, the future of branding is NOW. Exceptional
Waller & Company (9 months ago)
I appreciate your feedback Sequoyah! :)
Lakeshia Tabb (9 months ago)
“Creating and sharing human experiences” is the key to why social media branding is so valuable. Thank you for sharing Dr.Waller.
Waller & Company (9 months ago)
Thanks, Lakeshia :)

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