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How to Have Sex With Mature Women

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I was ill when I made this and young! 5 years!
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Adrian Witkowski (10 months ago)
I would love to have sex with you ,but you are propably very far away from Poland ...
Kevin Kelley (1 year ago)
I want sex with u
Blank blank (2 years ago)
You're very pretty
Blank blank (2 years ago)
Maybe we could get to know each other. I love mature women. Ur profile picture is very beautiful too.
Renata Carone (2 years ago)
Renata Carone (2 years ago)
now it is more than 7 years ago whenI made this! I am living a long life.....lolol
Masta Plann Gomes (2 years ago)
You hot I will fuck you all day long
bell kettle (3 years ago)
Renata Carone (4 years ago)
I was ill when I made this...and dumb...5 yours ago? and young! lol
younes bairi (1 month ago)
are you single , i like mature women , and i am attracted to you , do you want to talk a little , mayt be we can meet , my facebook is " younes bairi '' add me , i will be waiting for you beautiful
youre so cute
ladyofperpetualmotion (5 years ago)
Ill? You think?
newLEGACYFLEKZ (5 years ago)
Least she's honest
pavitar bajwa (5 years ago)
She has already been there, done that. Her wisdom and knowledge could never compare to your wisdom and knowledge. You will have nothing in common.
pavitar bajwa (5 years ago)
She will eventually leave you for an even younger man. 20 years older is too old. Have you not noticed that when a person has a relationship with a much older person the younger one starts to age rapidly? She will suck the youth right out of you. Trust me, when she sucks the youth out of you she will look great for her age and you will start to age and no girl your age will want you. It might be good for her but not for you. That's not normal.
Danny Tracy (5 years ago)
Your beautiful i wanna have sex with a mature woman
Zems el zem (6 years ago)
good love women big
YoungSean (6 years ago)
why do old peolpe turn me on? i mean not only old grandmas.... i realy mean all old peolpe
Performance Artist (6 years ago)
i like attractive women like you, shame you aren´t in my country.
UnrealTournamentSERB (6 years ago)
you're so cute <3
The$milyWah33d (6 years ago)
How old r u hny......u looks young ;)
ivan andrietti (6 years ago)
eu quero trepar.
bengtig77 (6 years ago)
hmnm....pretty face!
Mr89pyont (7 years ago)
I want to have sex with this woman.
Renata Carone (7 years ago)
killerchipmunkattack (7 years ago)
Honestly u shudnt call urself 'mature'. when i think of 'mature women' im thinking of women in their 20s as oppose to teenagers. you're an 'older woman' or a 'cougar', not a 'mature woman', so get real
Windsor Guy (7 years ago)
ISniffDirtyPanties (7 years ago)
can i cum in ur FACE PLZ?
MrRockhardman (7 years ago)
@Brazilady I don't have sex with mature women like you... I make love to them as I would you.
bestamerica (8 years ago)
' i would love to makelove with a nice pretty sexy mature lady,,, i love her pretty natural eyes, face, lip, skincheek without a foolish waste makeup chair,,, no need makeup chair,,, no need implant boobs
Marie McChesney (8 years ago)
you mean DRUNK when u made it?
Power brink (8 years ago)
NO ITS:::::: cum them in there noses and then they gonna BLOW YOU
UnrealTournamentSERB (8 years ago)
Renata Carone (8 years ago)
@barndler errr...was this a compliment? LOL
Renata Carone (8 years ago)
@bloodrock333 lol, blood....I made it look as tho having sex with mature women, required some special ability from men... or as making sex with mature women was a difficult job ...LOL None of the above, you know cheers!
bloodrock333 (8 years ago)
Most guys know how to have Sex. So your title should be,"How to approach an older woman to have Sex" Or "How do I really Know If she wants me"! LOL Just haven fun with ya.
Dannie Kamete (8 years ago)
@selfsanctified1 what? 89??? wowwowow that's just sick bro! 45 is ok, but 89 That's stretching it too far because it's just plain gross
Stenis Lowery (8 years ago)
Renata Carone (8 years ago)
question: can you see any add on this video? I don't see them anymore...
Renata Carone (8 years ago)
darn, Tom I know..............lol but this is what sells the most!
pavel280488AA (8 years ago)
i love sex with mature .i dont know why but love
Veronica4u2day (8 years ago)
YOUNG MEN LOVE TO HAVE SEX WITH MATURE WOMEN LIKE US :)))) we know how to do it. We know how to suck it :)))) And ummmmmmmmmm we do so well :))) Love ya XXXXXXXXX
Guilherme C (9 years ago)
xso61673 (9 years ago)
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
goranca, dear. You are being too kind...yes, maybe you are right, women love compliments but I honestly, don't think I deserve them...
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
I don't like makeup anymore. When your skin is not like a fresh peach skin anymore, the use of makeup will only make those imperfections pop up...lol I use makeup only for covering small spots hare and there and a bit of eyelashes mascara.
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
why, thank you! I was ill in that day. Had a flu.
bestamerica (9 years ago)
i do love a hot mature sweet sexy lady with her natural eyes, face, lip without a waste makeup chair,,, no need a waste makeup chair
bestamerica (9 years ago)
wow she is a so hot and very pretty sexy mature lady,,, yes i do love enjoying makelove and sexually sensually with a hot mature pretty sexy woman
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Thank you Angel! lol
Doilio Abel (9 years ago)
hey dud are you a man??? tu es homem ou mulher??
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Flip D Switch (9 years ago)
i heard ur balls floppin about. dont worry ur secret safe wit mineself
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
yeah! How did you found out? shhhhh don't spread.
Flip D Switch (9 years ago)
shes a man
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
well....not exactly my best video. lol
garybsg (9 years ago)
LOL very good, very funny
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Gill Look around, the related videos. I am sure you will find one that you will make you happy. lol <3
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
sem estardalhaço...kkkkkkkk
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
pearls of shame too, Bobbie!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
specially that one you got, hm?
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
My dearest friends! Only now I saw you guys posted videos responses. Sure I approved them!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
ok, obrigado.
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
what's with SEX...? look at the views... Had God previewed the frenzy when he created it?
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
I hope the video helped you, dear.
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
I was sick when I filmed that....gosh
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
try everything you can we live once
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
morbeck my dearest friend....just add something naughty...it's success guaranteed or your money back. lol
Morbeck (9 years ago)
lol nice title, why didn't i think of it before?
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Glad to know there is someone as insane as me, Daniela!
weathermanspike (9 years ago)
That was a question I am very glad to be answered now! :-) Thanks for sharing!
jelasings (9 years ago)
hahaha... i love your shows. and this one showed again we are swimming on the same wave*****
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
This was Favorited ONCE How can this be Top Favorited?
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
#10 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style - Brazil #34 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style - Brazil #27 - Top Favorited (Today) - Howto & Style - Brazil #52 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Howto & Style - Brazil #24 - Top Rated (Today) - Howto & Style - Brazil #71 - Top Rated (This Week) - Howto & Style - Brazil
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Crux sancta sit mihi lux Non draco sit mihi dux Vade retro satana Numquam suade mihi vana Sunt mala quae libas Ipse venena bibas
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Maria I just met a girl named Maria And suddenly that name Will never be the same To meeeeeeee (West Side Story) How you doing girl (girls)?
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Shame on this! But I always release a B movie before a more expensive project.
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
I wish I could, Lou.........LOL
LouRyder (9 years ago)
Great advice, but do you offer personal instructions? I need all the help I can get.
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
shut up, Brazilady!!!!!!!!!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
OMG! I am out of here! I think all maniacs on YouTube are coming this way. This was too appealing!!!!!!!!!!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
geeeeesssssssss....the views are growing like crazy!!!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
gosh......my video is surrounded by porns!
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
Renata Carone (9 years ago)
wheeeeee......take a look at the related videos!! >

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