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Making WPF application contain both metro-style and tradition windows style - Demo 3

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LinsUIWPF Suite version 2 is a toolset for building Windows 7/8 style like user interface for Windows Presentation Foundation application. It supports two modes, Normal and Metro, both of them supports multiple document interface (MDI) and tabbed document interface (TDI), and both can be mixed-used. Users can switch between these two modes. All controls provide a high-performance, animation, and visually appealing interface. It is very easy to create a metro screen, ribbon menu, menu, context menu, or toolbar and assign it to the main frame, a document, or a panel
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Gina Benavides (4 years ago)
Hi I'm new in wpf and I am very impressed with your video. I would like to know how do you make the windows to be embedded into a main window, well in case that those are windows, or if it not, could you tell me what is that and how it gets the window looks? Thanks
Goldcing Lin (4 years ago)
Hi Gina, Thanks! You can go to the following website, it will teach how to use LinsUIWPF suite. It is very easy to use it. http://goldcing.blogspot.com/2012/07/setup.html

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