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How to Choose a Name for Your Ecommerce Startup Business

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http://lidyr.com In this episode of the Ecommerce Success Show your host Nikki Purvy teaches you how to choose a name for your startup ecommerce business. We also talk quick tips for great ecommerce landing pages, and Facebook's new competitor to 'Angie's List' and what that means for your business. http://lidyr.com/starterkit
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Ab O (1 year ago)
Google was not made up. it was a mistake from a mathematical term googol which is 10 raised to the power 100
Gulzar Ahmed (1 year ago)
you are gorgeous
Hustle in My Dna (1 year ago)
I had too watch this video Twice cause of the posh beautiful distraction.
Joyofsikhi (2 years ago)
Hi Mate, Thanks for explaining things in such a non techi jargon. It makes sense and I appreciate it a ton. Subscribe and Shared :). I would love to hear your thoughts on my domain name dilemma. I have recently started a Leadership and development program for kids age 5 to 13. My company provides this leadership program through the medium of fine arts. I named the company Trans-fo-minds (short for transform minds). Although I am in love with this name, I do feel that it is not easy to remember (debatable) would you recommend sticking with domain name transfominds.com or T4MG.com (G for globle). I feel that t4mg will be more easy to remember for parents. Please advice
Ftw Dudes fnad (1 year ago)
Joyofsikhi I fucked up by clicking read more
Romelo Burnett (2 years ago)
Good information. But it was so hard for me to concentrate with so much gorgeousness aimed at me
Double R Imports (3 years ago)
I think this video is going to help me a lot. My partner and I came up with a temporary name, Double R Imports, a combination of our first names. However we both thought we would need to change it in the future. I'm going to use these tips to see if we can come up with something better. Thanks for the help.

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