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Lolita 1997 Full Movie HQ Video

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Bruh cup (16 hours ago)
PS: she was 15yo in this movie
alexcia m (1 day ago)
alexcia m (1 day ago)
not sure how to feel
Veronica Leagh (1 day ago)
I've watched and read Game of Thrones so this movie didn't phase me as much as it may of others. Still ick tho.
Jojo Logan (1 day ago)
Just saying they are to many pedophile's out there.. crazy sad world!
fadly kodel (1 day ago)
1:06:43 Reminded me if i watched this movie
JadaT 99 (1 day ago)
How old was lo supposed to be?
re dreeaming (2 days ago)
Okay now I watched this whole movie. I've heard about it a lot, saw some pictures or read about it, but I never intended to watch it. Then YouTube recommends I should, lol. And out of curiosity, I did.. What can I say? It's not what I expected. Not that I expected anything lmao, but I honestly don't know what to think...
Sarah Ivy (2 days ago)
I don’t know how to feel after this movie Sad ,creeped,depressed or fucking happy I have no idea how to feel but I’m crying no matter what
Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
SunBunz (4 days ago)
25:12 ... 1999's MTV Movie Award Nominee for... "Best Kiss." Um.... lol That's kind of fucked up. Thankfully, I've read down the list of others, and some "kisses" are VERY ridiculous that are _not_ sexy or romantic at all. 1995's winner was _Dumb and Dumber,_ that face-suck sequence with Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly. 😂
Brenda Mpangah (4 days ago)
This is so disturbing to watch
SunBunz (4 days ago)
Right? lol The book is a LOT worse. I mean, REEEEEEEALLY fucking worse.
Shayla Spence (4 days ago)
59:45 is so sad
SunBunz (4 days ago)
It kind of makes me angry. Charlotte treated her daughter like shit. But Lo still loved her mom. She was jealous, not concerned of a grown man preying on her. She sends HER away, instead of him. Then she says, "You will never see that brat again," instead of something like, "You will never lay your filthy hands on my little girl!" like a real mother should. She _sucked_ as a mother. lol
Morehan Morehan (4 days ago)
Achi achi bhajo xnxx
I am confused which side to take and in movies there is the bad and good guy well I am not sure who is it for me some of examples i was wondering....Well Lolita is a 15 or 16 year old child/teen who doesn't now that much about men and is curious what is in a men’s mind, and doesn't know what she's getting into which is normal I mean let’s admit we are all curious about a sextual relationship and who enjoys flirting and sexually active and to me it is normal for me it’s normal because everyone is curious but I believe she wanted more.. and to her it looks like a game or a joke and my opinion of why this is happening.. I think this is caused by her father (her real father) and migh'tve lead for Lolita's mothers divorce due to sextual assualt or raping and why I think this in the beginning of the movie Lolita’s mother was very upset when Mr.Hambret or whoever was having an affair with Lolita and she might’ve wanted to kill herself just because she is tired and exhausted that this happened to Lolita before... (Also Lolita and her mother get in fights in the beginning in the movie probably because Lolita is angry of divorcing her father from again sextuplets assault and her mother is angry but angry inside)I hope this makes sense cause it makes the movie/the book interesting. To Lolita it shows to her what men REALLY want just for her spreading her legs.well I feel dearly sorry for this poor child with no education, or nothing and has no talent.And Mr. Hamberet he is just a man who yes is disgusting and awful but gets weird vibes that he isn't a peafile i beilive he is just a man seeking for love but took the wrong train tracks. And is confused and is desperately seeking for love so again there isn’t a side to take he’s not a pervert but wants someone to Care for and to remind him of his childhood love and wants to feel the body and the grip of a girl and if compare Lolita and Mr.hamberet to his childhood crush they look like by there age so my point is he wanted to find someone to be with just like the girl he was in love in his childhood and is seeking for that... but I do think these 2 wonderful great characters are just living in a fantasy one is seeking for love and another is just curious of love.
Shayla Spence (4 days ago)
True l like it
R g (5 days ago)
huhwhyte people 🤢
lee coanner (5 days ago)
to me the movie lolita is a very outstanding performance..it made me soo very sad for the mother and daughter...the day that man entered their lives was the day mother and daughter life ended...i never liked him to the end..he ruined the life of an innocent 14 year old girl and her mother...he was too much of a coward to kill himself...mother and daughter had a very good relationship until he walked into that house....what a very sad and emotionally heartbreaking movie....lolita..
Just because (5 days ago)
I- 🙃😟
Axel Smith (6 days ago)
For fuck sake I'm only 25 minutes in and they already kiss?!! What is that woman teaching her child?!!!
SunBunz (4 days ago)
I think it's just raging hormones, daddy issues, and her mother was a fucking bitch, tbh. But you might be right--her mom was a very shameless flirt. 7:41 That's not very subtle... lol Like mother, like daughter, I guess. She inherited the "slut gene." lol I must point out, this film is like a STRANGE re-imaging of Lolita, where Humbert is the good guy, and Lo throws herself on him-- at least, in _his_ perverted perspective she does, where he's the tortured, hopelessly in love protagonist, who truly cares for her like a father, but also as a lover...It's uncomfortable, especially when you learn about what the real story was about... and Lolita was 11. However, I think this movie is excellent. The acting was pretty amazing, despite everything.
Yanira Lora (7 days ago)
But why is her mother so.....INSANE?
Catscan try (8 days ago)
I want to read the book after watching this.
Us (the viewers): *watches the movie* FBI: "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" *We're all the list lads!*
ava (9 days ago)
1:46:34 just for me to remember what time I was at.
JK Films OfficiaL` (9 days ago)
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COC KING EMRAN (10 days ago)
Xxx man
Vasif Seferov (10 days ago)
It's not real lolita
Jamful Mochi (10 days ago)
Just a warning for those of you: It shows the guys dick at 2:06:26
John Montoya (11 days ago)
Couldn't find any excuses to get back to pay for the things that happened oh well, that's a good thing, right!
Camryn Zapinski (11 days ago)
But also this bitch is smoking a cig with a baby...okay skdjsjxhcu
Camryn Zapinski (11 days ago)
Domonique Swain was the perfect girl for this role
Lexi Rae (11 days ago)
I feel so bad for Charlotte. This movie is kinda weird lol
Gina Luna (12 days ago)
Life is sad this girl had no father she didnt know better and her mother was lonely 😩 ugh this man is disgusting
Prof.Hend soliman (12 days ago)
This girl is bitch and mother fucker . She seduces him . She has sex Hermiones
Youka Hayasaka (13 days ago)
Melv W (13 days ago)
16:56 im so uncomfortable
Aesthetic Squidward (13 days ago)
Melv W Same I’m getting teary-eyed by it
Mint Music (14 days ago)
siobhan sievers-davis (15 days ago)
Got the the 10 minute mark where he meets lo already to creeped out to watch any more
irfan a (15 days ago)
Bill Redfields (15 days ago)
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My Name Is Tim (15 days ago)
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Bill Redfields (15 days ago)
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Elvis Van (15 days ago)
Mann, i can't stop smiling at 11:22, that footstep, that smile… i'm dead😆🙏
Elvis Van (15 days ago)
6:56 This damn old lady just won't stop shaking her hand huh
Aesthetic Squidward (13 days ago)
Elvis Van i just wanted someone, ANYONE, to wave at her
Elvis Van (15 days ago)
13:30 Damn i love that pant, better get one some day :v
Elvis Van (15 days ago)
_🌆11PM Jun 2 2019~_
mahra J (15 days ago)
i feel sick that i actually cried with him at the end when he saw her...i feel so sick of myself for actually hating lolita (the girl) but also hating the whole movie but actually find it so fascinating ugh..i feel sick that i actually felt bad for humbert ugh i really dont wanna feel these things cause its wrong of me to do so
mahra J (14 days ago)
Thought Police this movie just fucks up my brain so bad lol
Thought Police (15 days ago)
She wanted a father but got a pedo instead .
lala_18 (14 days ago)
The part where she screams "murder me" after he calls Mona's number is beautifully acted. A gorgeous yet extremely fucked up and complicated classic story to be remembered. Love the book and the movie. However, can I add that in the book because we can hear all of Humberts inner dialogue, he is more perverted than this movie makes out.
Satish Sharma (15 days ago)
She is as innocent as lamb.But she is exploited by human nature of love like beast.
gossip girl (16 days ago)
Officially finished this movie at 2:52 a.m. and there is only one word that describes my feelings after doing so: shocked.
OliviasWorld (16 days ago)
REMINDER: This story is about a mentally ill pedophile. We are seeing it from HIS point of view and how HE sees this. That's why it looks like Lolita was flirting. He uses his point of view to manipulate the viewer and himself into thinking he is in the right
Duck Horse (17 days ago)
the actress for Lolita is 16 in this.
mental xetri (17 days ago)
it was a interesting move love it
ella jeter (18 days ago)
Ik this is wrong, but after watching this, don’t you wanna be more like Lo in a way. Like her free spirt and fun-loving style.
Samsung Plus (18 days ago)
Jangan di tonton vidio ini y
I Want Eat. (18 days ago)
1:22:35 that scream of horror was spine chilling
Sarah (18 days ago)
i dont get 1:41:18 whatis she laughing at lol
Kyle Rvonn (19 days ago)
Actually I have no problem with the movie hahahha... I think I'm a Lil fucked up
Zebra Zerpx (19 days ago)
We all know scar has done worse things
I Want Eat. (19 days ago)
One of the greatest story of all time but it gives me the creepiest chills and sickening vibe😰
narv i (19 days ago)
I want to come inside her too!!!!
k. m. (20 days ago)
🤮 can't watch it... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Delirious (20 days ago)
king tha don (20 days ago)
Damn they both died in 1950.
Diana Lozano (20 days ago)
Poor girl
Rahul Kumar (20 days ago)
1:40 so hot sex
Peachy Min (21 days ago)
All I can think about is how nice lolitas skin is
Ai Mei (21 days ago)
Can we just talk about the way he died 2:08:54 Cause I'm laughing hard 😂😂😂😂
The King. (21 days ago)
Melanie Griffith’s daughter is the same Dakota Johnson that played Anastasia in the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy
bernadette howard (22 days ago)
the way he uses her just hurts to watch how can you romatize this..he is just way too old for her and she is just a child entering puberty
blep blep cat (22 days ago)
Don't know who if I hate Lolita more or Humbert...
Malibu (19 days ago)
Lolita was a victim of Humbert, why would you hate her?
Scandalous peach (22 days ago)
1:40:36 see the way he pushes on her, he forces her, she isn’t laughing which is his perspective she’s upset, when she’s moans she’s crying. And if you here that laugh, she’s crying.
Scandalous peach (22 days ago)
Scandalous peach (22 days ago)
Why are people saying that it’s humberts fault that the mother died.
Izumi Kirino (22 days ago)
She loved him and he started a relationship with her but then she found his journal, in which he wrote about his sexual desire for her daughter and that he saw her (the mother) as a disgusting chubby pig
Scandalous peach (22 days ago)
Tbh, I would have a crush on the mother! She’s stunning
Natz (22 days ago)
It's disgusting and wrong but it's beautiful. This movie was so great.
Fardin Yazdani (23 days ago)
What a sad End
Rachael Ward (24 days ago)
1:13:27 😖
Rachael Ward (24 days ago)
25 :16 made me vomit
Isabel A. (24 days ago)
I need therapy after watching this. Mostly because rather than being disgusted I was pretty neutral about it. I don't agree or romanticize it but I'm not disgusted. I literally have no emotions toward it besides that it was astheticly pleasing.
JadaT 99 (3 days ago)
Isabel A. This littering how I felt, thought I was the only one. It’s a lot to process.. I get what was happening but I was pretty neutral.
wjsntheworld (8 days ago)
Connor _ it’s a movie, chill. some people don’t get emotions from movies and that’s okay
alix r (9 days ago)
same ‼️
Connor _ (20 days ago)
Isabel A. Yeah umm please get help.
Isabel A. (24 days ago)
Everytime she hits him I get this big wave of satisfaction from the sound.
Isabel A. (20 days ago)
@Delirious I don't think there is anything really wrong with me. The sound is funny and the person she is hitting is her abuser.
Delirious (20 days ago)
Ew tf something is wrong with you. Like fr.
Rabbits Are cool (24 days ago)
Should've ended when he said bye to Lo, the actual end was pethetic
He is soooo disgusting ,peodaphile ,plain and simple ,whatever way you try to sugar coat it 😠😠😠😠😈😈
Kimhoa Tran (25 days ago)
Sao k thấy ai coi phim này thế nhỉ....có thì chào nhau cái cho bớt cô đơn đi.
2:07:26 hmmmm interesting
Milady Espinoza (29 days ago)
She's fucken annoying
rehan khan (29 days ago)
Aless (29 days ago)
It's scary how can u love a person so much
Galini Nousou (23 days ago)
You cant count love
JANEE WINN (24 days ago)
Aless what do you mean?
BellA Loves (30 days ago)
Weird to hear Scar from Lion King creeping on a little girl
Amy Carmen (30 days ago)
Exxagerated nman cyang sobra sa ospital!!
mētājos (30 days ago)
Not sure if this movie was 3 am worth
Was this a true story?
YAMILA (4 days ago)
Alma Rodriguez Castaneda sadly it was , not the whole movie , but the idea , there was this man who stole this girl from a shop her name was Sally Horner, search it up
TD Siren (1 month ago)
You guys gotta admit he was cute when he was 14 and it’s sad when his girlfriend died
Dream girl 21 (1 month ago)
Get over it your an old man👴she was just a child I could see if she were 18 at least 🤦
Sonia Malik (1 month ago)
Wow it's so hot
Marianne Distrajo (1 month ago)
i'm extremely confused, uncomfortable, and slightly disgusted. i genuinely don't know what to feel.
Farzana Tabassum (1 month ago)
Most of the children face abuses when thy are neglected or anyhow not cared properly ...maybe some viewers also included themslvs ths somewhre in lives... abuse n assaulted... Lo was just n example of that early times.😔
Natalie Marze (1 month ago)
If this were about a teenage boy ppl wouldn’t tolerate it same if the man weren’t as attractive as he is
Komal Kumari (1 month ago)
How he gaze the girl
Grimson (1 month ago)
Lolita minipulated hum the entire movie tho

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