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What is the right dosage when taking a psychedelic?

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Klaus conte schertel (18 days ago)
just ignore those people, im knew on your channel but im already liking it
Olivier C (19 days ago)
Intense , lovely eyes! Great videos too :)
Lucifer Morning Star (21 days ago)
im 17 now and im thinking of taking 1.5 grams of shrooms(penis envies) this december for my first time. Is it a decent dosage for my first time? my friends who have done it recommend 2 g's but im a tad bit scared
Klaus conte schertel (18 days ago)
Do 1.5 grams
H. L. (21 days ago)
Do more*
H. L. (21 days ago)
Lucifer Morning Star i would pick the 1.5 g’s and not because ”thats how it is” but because it sounds much more comfy than the 2 grams. You can always too more but you can never do less. It might be a bit foolish even to provoke the epxerience if you are not sure yet. Go with the 1.5 if you feel its better.
psychotropic (22 days ago)
during listening to this video i went and looked at some of those comments and by god they are just hilarious examples of these peoples misfortune in misunderstanding the psychedelic experience. 'the whole point is to lose your ego brother' GEEZ
Intergalactic Magic (13 days ago)
psychotropic amen.
can you do a salvia review
Jon Thomas (22 days ago)
people that shit on others for taking a low does are wasting their time. Any dose of any psychedelic is still an incredible experience. A high dose doesn't make you special, and people should just do what they are comfortable with and enjoy the ride. Its far more impressive to be someone who does high doses consistently and be humble about it, then to be an asshole to others who aren't totally comfortable with it. Be safe with dose and push your boundaries carefully.
severus (4 days ago)
+Intergalactic Magic thread carefully respect the substance to the fullest :)
Intergalactic Magic (13 days ago)
Captain Gerg you can experience the same ego death experience and or in a non ego basis a furthering and learning of the heart in such experience. Not same visuals- let it be said visuals can at times be besides the point of a reflection that you may already see through feeling. It is the work of inner that matters and corresponds to our daily lives.. non the less it is beautiful to see mosaics of time and space encoded within your eyes. Peace&Love. True statement. Throughout time.
Captain Gerg (14 days ago)
Meditation vacation I would like to try it one day for sure. Not anytime soon though XD not even close to ready for that experience.
Meditation vacation (15 days ago)
Captain Gerg I have watched a couple videos about him ,I couldn’t imagine that much but I also think that would be stronger than a Dmt trip hahah
Captain Gerg (16 days ago)
Meditation vacation right potency also plays a role. Have you guys heard of Kalindi? He’s doing like 40 grams of shrooms at a time saying the experience is basically a slow release dmt trip.

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