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Next USA Conflict Iran Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 6

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This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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Tahir Rana (2 years ago)
So many Zionist Jews rubbing their hands for greed and control of natural resources!
JOHN_007 (6 years ago)
Jews are the one who capture Palestine territory and the original inhabitant
Hammad Ahmad (7 years ago)
@ToleaParc we are ready to take down your EVIL EMPIRE fuck ur new world order.
mercuryrazvedka (9 years ago)
Watch my video on the Iran Pak China pipeline, the Al Qaeda air lift, and Understand War Understand your economy on the US petro dollar. All are linked, you can then join the pieces in Zbigniew Brzezinski Great Game, or just read his book 'The Grand Chessboard'. I note you are from Pakistan, learn from your coloneal experience with Britain and realise this will be much worse over the next five years. Know Al Qaeda/Taliban are neo coloneal proxies or puppets. I pray for Pakistan.
mercuryrazvedka (10 years ago)
A US journalist who worked in the region for years. Turkey will influence this region on behalf of USA, hence the recent close relationship. Amazing region central to the State Dept going under the radar for good reason.
Aviram Porat (10 years ago)
Who is this guy?

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