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Jason Derulo - Tip Toe feat French Montana (Official Music Video)

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The new single 'Tip Toe' feat. French Montana is available now! Get it here: https://Jderulo.co/tiptoe Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all your favorite services. Director: Jason Derulo Director/Choreographer: Jeremy Strong Producer: Garen Barsegian / WHOODEN Cinematographer: Joe Labisi Editor: Steve Rees
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (21985)
Milena Schöne (14 minutes ago)
0:46 omg😟
Shahd Ahmed (10 hours ago)
Samuel Getachew (10 hours ago)
Swalle and french made this this song totally lit 👌👌🤙💕
sippin facts (16 hours ago)
*Is all his songs always sexual?* 😂
The tiger is beautiful. The blue ballerina peacocks too.Wind for me darling, the way you wind your spine is alarming. Loving the colours in the video.
jhon herrera (21 hours ago)
Jack Allwood (1 day ago)
мик гик (1 day ago)
Maddie Xx (1 day ago)
3:06 Anyone noticed the girl skirt come down
lareina Nairobi (1 day ago)
Jason derulo the best dancer in life
Jiji 24 (2 days ago)
0:18 guess who’s the main character
H. D. (2 days ago)
꧁joel꧂ (2 days ago)
Estaba buscando top manías y llegué aquí :v
Tyto Alba (3 days ago)
minus the gross, misogynistic imagery, the dancing is great.
Claudiasantiago Alves (3 days ago)
Eu a dorei
Spørg mig ikke (3 days ago)
Do you like please👌👍👍
Spørg mig ikke (3 days ago)
Do you like this yes or no
bunkem Adinnu (4 days ago)
Tommy Leung (5 days ago)
I only see women objectified serving the males... 😢
Hannah Scovell (6 days ago)
This song should be covered by Dave Grohl and Nick Oliveri.
nana la quenn (6 days ago)
I like 💖
kim taehyung (6 days ago)
Ioana Ivanica (6 days ago)
2019?? :))
Yaq (6 days ago)
nice girls
Flavio Rovetto (6 days ago)
Minchia nessuno italiano
He is nasty in all videos
Cynthia Auma (7 days ago)
Just whine for me darling 2019 anyone
Top Music (7 days ago)
When you mix roar and Anaconda in one video
Sarah Toscano (8 days ago)
I love it
Yumika chan (8 days ago)
забаньте его канал пож
김경민 (9 days ago)
who is the gold girl
Kä dï (9 days ago)
يحيا المغرب العربي ديما موجودين في كل بلاصة في العالم في الفن تمثيل كورة في كل شي مغرب جزائر تونس 💓
Who is the girl who is singing in the background ?
lazubu20 (9 days ago)
MMj Lee (8 days ago)
I like a singer who can dance sing/dance at the same time like neyo and Jason Derulo (love the dance)
Kishor Badhgujar (10 days ago)
Danny prince (11 days ago)
Best song ever in history
Mr. Mindhacker (12 days ago)
Hold tight when you Tik Tok...
Ayanaditya Roy (2 days ago)
Director: how many naked girls do u want? Jason:yes?
Kat 62635 (4 days ago)
You should have said how many naked girls do you want.
Dee Jay (13 days ago)
That man has a great smile.
Edmilson Silva (13 days ago)
Anaconda Nicki Minaj
Ira (14 days ago)
1:36 anybody noticed the girl on the right kinda slipped on the floor?
Zachariyah Markiw (14 days ago)
When you out hate the haters.
SAD9_NI (14 days ago)
morocan dreAm🔰
NirZara Mahale (14 days ago)
Who else thinks jason outdid all of those dynamic women?✋🏿✋🏿
Muhammad Yusuf (15 days ago)
Aleksandra Rochkova (15 days ago)
You are my Favorite singer
The darina (15 days ago)
Здравствуйте Русские :D
Miss Jacqueline (15 days ago)
Y.끼라루스 (16 days ago)
Japanese hate this video
Mayu まゆ (8 days ago)
Y.끼라루스 I like this video tho
kimvale army (16 days ago)
It's my favorite song is amazing
Thomas shelby (16 days ago)
Meg Amelia (16 days ago)
2:02 😍😍😍
Rbk Caracoli (16 days ago)
Olivia Gomulko (16 days ago)
Do you know people say those naked girls are still trying to get that gold glitter of them now
Лови мой хэдшот
Ar C (17 days ago)
Alguien no entendió ni mierda?
Axid Burn (17 days ago)
PSL pakistan 😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️
Iwan Viktoria (17 days ago)
Who is streaming 2019? ✌
Wided Zetrini (18 days ago)
فما عربي يسمع فيها؟
Vegie Bastatas (18 days ago)
JD idol
Matt Lee (19 days ago)
Jason buff ohh No homo
Plen xy (19 days ago)
Me gusta esta canción. 🎶 👏🙃
Nian Rosa M.S (19 days ago)
Another macho video clip that leaves women at the height of bitumen. Women are people, they do not have to let a singer touch them because "it's part of the video". To those who hired to act for that video: -That's not right. What this video shows is that women are "wild animals" and they have to "tame" us. Do not send that message to anyone, please. And the lyrics of the song ... Buff! To the author of it, who has educated you? Hittler? Please! Women are not objects! They do not have owners to tell them what to do. I would remove that video clip immediately. What message do you want to send to the public? Of course, the song is not positive.
Kelly Mey (20 days ago)
Way you move ya "Schweinesalami" 😂😂😂
Night Starr (20 days ago)
I like the music but the music video is a little inappropriate
Volfzi (21 days ago)
Someone in May 2019?
Rimone Daley (21 days ago)
When you're trying to sneak out of your room and your grounded. Hold tight when you tip toe.😂
Reseller Km20 (21 days ago)
«Отдай мою тетю»
one step of monster song exo
dolphin magic (22 days ago)
3:06 *the ultimate best friend handshake*
Cynthia Lemmon (22 days ago)
Te amo Jason Derulo ❤️
Движение на земле ногами будто у EXO Monster
Marija Valentic (22 days ago)
This video has so many moods
lacey bisson (22 days ago)
I love this video and the dancers are amazing!!
enes sarı (23 days ago)
Cherif Hassan (24 days ago)
Number one
supergirl toTheRescue (24 days ago)
Vile. Illuminati puppet
Pharhxd inst (24 days ago)
Gery D (24 days ago)
10 billion
Gery D (24 days ago)
Tic tac show with black and white bird is not even funny...
Riana R (19 days ago)
It's a song... Why do you even want it to be funny...?
Li (24 days ago)
Wow french montana shows so much emotion when he lip syncs
dan lee (24 days ago)
Wearing a fur coat in jungles tho
Rosy Maccarinelli (24 days ago)
Sei dravisimo
SAWII 2345 (24 days ago)
Deluxe (24 days ago)
*Отдай мою тётю* *Шей сам свою тётю* 1:03
Yassmin Ali (24 days ago)
Love the song, but these dancers can't even hit any moves right. You should have BLACK WOMEN. They would make make thr video 💣💣💣💣💣💣🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌡🌡🌡🌡🌡🌡
Majed Adam (25 days ago)
nonhakte 92 (25 days ago)
Mackson Juleseus (25 days ago)
Alddiction (25 days ago)
Love this one!
Clecio Santos (25 days ago)
1:43 his head shaking! Wow! What a move! <3
YT_Ex0tic _Vibezz78x (22 days ago)
Yh that's mad
Olivia Brink (25 days ago)
I have so much respect for the girl dancing in red heeled boots in fake snow good lawd
ANL PTL (25 days ago)
#Sorry 1:59 wow
Unknown One (26 days ago)
Yo this song sounds gay af
Nenad Markovic (26 days ago)
3:03 me when my bro looks me
Kandi Wilson (26 days ago)
I Love You ❤️
Priscila Gonçalves (26 days ago)
Jason my name priscila love you

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