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How to Identify Sativas Indicas & Hybrids Marijuana Tricks & Tips w/ Bogart #11

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In this episode of Marijuana Tricks and Tips with Bogart we learn How to Identify Cannabis strains. We will cover Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids as well as other information about the types of marijuana from the Bill Nye of Marijuana... Bogart himself! Watch the Complete Marijuana Tips and Tricks with Bogart Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2kPvXsoZWzTJ_SxGM5oYNJN_qHcKtSd0 WEBSITE: http://www.ruffhousestudios.com YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ruffhousestudios GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100321991289006940450 BOGART'S FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BogartWeedTips FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RuffHouseStudios TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/#!/ruffhousestudio Public Domain Photo Reference Sativa photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sativa.jpg#filelinks Types diagram: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cannab2.jpg Indica Leaf: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Indica_leaf.jpg Trichomes CLose: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Trichomes_Close_Cannabis.jpg OG_Kush_Indica_CloseL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:OG_Kush.jpg Small Low Rider Ruderalis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Small_Lowryder.jpg White Widow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:White_widow.jpg
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Text Comments (472)
eric mendoza (24 days ago)
My current bud (the fucker said "mysterious mishaps" is its name) fucks me up. It makes me paranoid to the point that i almost tried to munch on a nug to hide it from the police. I dont think its right for me.
Vallente Dunn (1 month ago)
What track is that called that plays at the end?
Mike Btrfld (2 months ago)
Ever smoked weed that knocked your dick in the dirt? What's with the tie and lab coat?
bababooeydude (2 months ago)
Been smoking 20 years daily. I've never had anything relative to hallucinations. I don't understand in what terms they are speaking? Or what they consider a hallucination?
Emma Nichol (3 months ago)
There’s only three genus of cannabis,Sativa,Indica and ruderalis a hybrid is exactly that a hybrid dumb ass
Ronald Strout (3 months ago)
I've never had hallucinations from any Cannabis.He's a stoner in a tie with a white jacket on plain as day.I will add if you're teaching people about different strains teach with the correct wisdom and knowledge,information.God bless you guy.
metallic58roses (5 months ago)
What the heck you talking about all buds are right for me as long as i get high, it all leads to one place.
Roger's Aquarium (5 months ago)
I feel dumber after watching this.
AChaf VP (6 months ago)
Fuck inhale it
Your Dudeness (6 months ago)
Every cannabis plant is a cannabis sativa
Joshua C Combs (6 months ago)
I 💘 my kc36,hash plant,and dutch treat.
Ryan Downey (6 months ago)
Man i got a plant the things only 2 ft tall with 12 top buds that are hairy as hell. semi skinny leafs but bushy and going into its 4 week of flower never seen such huge buds on a little plant. I left it in a small container and super cropped the shit out of it while topping and low stress training here and there to stunt its growth cause im in the city but its like a perfect cross i guess cause it has a little bit of traits from every strain it seems like.
joe bug (2 months ago)
im pretty sure the thia sticks i smoked 40+ yrs ago was sativa and that stuff was mostly melt to the couch stuff
jeannine grant (6 months ago)
Bogart try multnomah coma from dank Dave Portland Oregon absolute couch lock
Islepaint (6 months ago)
I always thought Sativa was 100% Sativa and Indica was 100% Indica. Hybrids are the combination of them. Ruderalis is used for its height genetics. It grows short for indoor farming.
Squirrel (7 months ago)
pots heads! Jesus will punish you!
Squirrel (7 months ago)
God also mad poison ivy, Praise be him.
RuffHouse Studios (7 months ago)
Lol, I doubt it very much. He gave the herb to us, he'd punish you for judging others though. Burn baby burn.
buddha65281 (7 months ago)
never smoked but have chronic pain and anxiety... I hate smoking, are there other ways to obtain the necessary medicinal effects of Indicas or hybrids? thanks for the info.
henrychickenhawk (2 months ago)
A good one for you would be "candyland" sat dominant grows short smells like a bag of candy. Good for pain and an anti anxiety high. Think the breeder is grand daddy purple. U can easily make butter by putting a large amount of leaf.. or small amount of flowers in a pot covered with water then throw in a block of butter. Simmer for 12 hours strain the vegetive material out.. alternatively put the green in a old stocking for easy removal. Let cool and set. Butted will separate from the water.. your ready to make a nice cake or something similar that use butter. B careful ingestion comes on slower and lasts longer can be easy to over do it with eadibles! 😉
Fresiva GANJA (8 months ago)
How can you tell fake weed do video on that
Camilyn Morrison (9 months ago)
How do you know if an edible product is Setiva, Indica, or Hybrid-? Does it have anything to do with the THC vs CBD content?
Chris Horv (9 months ago)
You cant get sativa in canada. Ive been looking 20 years! Indica flowers in half the time, and yields twice as much! Do the math? You think ive been hunting for it the last 20 as a hobby?
hanktharipper10 (9 months ago)
Hey what's up man. I live in las vegas nv where it has passed recreational use just years ago. I have smoked in like 15 years due to my job and my kids. But I been thinking bout maybe using again just for pain and stress but don't want to get to lazy like being active and I all ways have a busy schedule through out the day. Please help. Oh something not to strong lol. Thanks
Fili Juarez (8 months ago)
Hybrid sativa
Jose J Cortes (9 months ago)
I'm still debating witch is better for smashing
David looking (9 months ago)
Back in the day skunk,Columbian gold this new shit sucks
Santiago Agüero (10 months ago)
Great video!
Donte Yerby (10 months ago)
Love it ✨✨✨✨🔥🕺
Frank Marion (10 months ago)
Marijuana is a name for a preparation of seeded flowering tops,not a plant.
Jacob Carlsberg (11 months ago)
80% THC? I assume you mean in relation to cannabanoids present in the buds rather than actual THC content. the highest ive heard sativa tested at was somewhere around 35%
Jacob Carlsberg (11 months ago)
do correct me if I'm wrong though
W Campfield (1 year ago)
Dude you rock.
That TV Guy (1 year ago)
One like for the newbie bong hit
Tristan Stout (1 year ago)
"Don't be a dumb ass" nice Doc...
C J (1 year ago)
I love this guy lmao
Bianca Bloom (1 year ago)
In Ireland you take what you can get. No one knows wtf they’re using. I need mine for medicinal reasons now, sativa specifically...NO ONE sells sativa here 🤷‍♀️
amacm69 (1 year ago)
Used to smoke so much sativa and loved it. Now can only smoke indica damn sativa has me replaying memories and the craziest shit. Like something from school haha
Tokify - (1 year ago)
"Now don't be a dumbass" DEEAAAD
Sr. Peyote (1 year ago)
420k jejejeje, ese Dr. Sabeeeeee!!!!! Hasta uno se siente sano al verlo fumar
This video cracked me up at the end. I swear I thought the young guy was a M.D. lol
Isaiah Esparza (1 year ago)
wait! what makes him certified to be a doctor (of some kind) to be giving us this information
Mike Byrd (1 year ago)
Cool brother thanks for the info
boltspeedman35 (1 year ago)
sativa ALWAYS makes me so paranoid and quiet haha
Advection (1 year ago)
I've smoked some crazy sativas before... got insane insomnia and hallucinations lol... it's serious shit so watch out with sativas... they will just keep charging you up until you over-flow & lose your shit
SonnieDae (1 year ago)
They way I remember it is,,,Sativa,,,Sat - Saturday night( awake party,energetic )...Indica...in da couch ( couch potato -relaxed -sleepy ) :O) CBD well,,, Calm the body down, also relaxing and a great pain reliever .
EZ Sniper (1 year ago)
Indica and sativa are taxonomic categories. Effects come from terpines and cannabinoids.
8ftbed (1 year ago)
AJ Steele Sorry, but no. First, get your spelling right. Secondly, terpenes are what gives the smell... pine, pepper, berry, skunk, etc. and not just cannabis. Lastly google shit and check valid resources to load your internet kniwledge bop gun. 😎 For extra credit, I grabbed one slice if googlefu for you: Oct 14, 2015 · Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They're what give Blueberry its signature berry smell, Sour Diesel its funky fuel flavor, and Lavender its sweet floral aroma. These oils are secreted in the flower's sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.
br3wskee (1 year ago)
Are there 100% Sativa? If so, what strains?
Dog Feva (1 year ago)
Silly ass wigger 😂😂👈🏿
M.P.G. (1 year ago)
I'm sleeping now from smoking non-stop all day. ....so SHUT UP!
Dane Stinson (1 year ago)
God i love indica my no. 1 sleeping pill
Tim Barr (1 year ago)
cannabis adds or info sites should warn non adults not to smoke as it could be bad for the brain
Major Buntyn (1 year ago)
What a god
Sir Akeem III (1 year ago)
At 2:25, I was like, "This dude is a G," and then he says Don't be a dumbass...Bogart is a straight Gangsta
THEFATMANXD (1 year ago)
species not strain.
Ismael Salazar (1 year ago)
I thought Indica gives you the munchies why did this guy just say sativa gives you an appetite? Anyone
Iraq Vet Iraq Vet (1 year ago)
indica all day
Strandz (1 year ago)
I love Indica but Im trying to take things strain by strain these days
Oz Boz (2 years ago)
8 of these comments need to ne deleted. ill delete mine when i see there are 421 comments
MzUNiiKE (2 years ago)
Man I was not expecting him to start cussing and smoking at the end😂😂😂😂
Jesse James HollyWood (2 years ago)
slick dreams (2 years ago)
yo thx
tri morey (2 years ago)
I actually have trouble finding strains that work for me because I have Autism and we commonly have this issue where we have the opposite (adverse) affects with certain chemicals. I am still trying to find one that works for me. I have had one or two that did, but I never asked what they were. Now I have to be my own guine pig until I figure it out the hard way. Body buzz strains leave me feeling like I can't get my body to remember to take a breath and my already abnormally slow heart rate slows even more. No fun.
Max Diaz-Gonzalez (2 years ago)
is really weird to see someone in a suit smoking
Jonathon Gomez (2 years ago)
i like sativas but when i go to the clinic all the good weed is strong indicas so i get sativas because i want my bang for my buck .... guess im the dumbass hes talking about :'(
omnitoad (2 years ago)
Trying to find a strain that's good to help with my PTSD
JamKewJie (2 months ago)
omnitoad that would be indica bro
Staying Shmacced (2 years ago)
omnitoad Indica
Vapegeta (2 years ago)
i like your channel man i subbed
M (2 years ago)
Best growing strains are Indica and Indica Dominant Hybrids. Like if you agree.
Shehab Ismail (2 years ago)
Don't be a fucking dumbass
Casey Mathews (2 years ago)
Who else is stoned right now?
Clint Houston (2 years ago)
King Richard me
Dustin Mercer (2 years ago)
Did he really just say sativa has a high hallucinogenic affect...
den310 (4 months ago)
yeah what sativas is this guy smoking
Levi Hope (2 years ago)
Jake Nathon I no what u mean bro it is had to explain
Jake N (2 years ago)
I think he is talking about like tunnel vision. Or like when you get like that choppy vision. You know what i am talking about? Its hard to explain.
brb224 (2 years ago)
all pot is good for me
Horse Screamer (2 years ago)
will I get a comparable therapeutic effect if I put the raw flower in my rectum?
8ftbed (1 year ago)
Horse Screamer ... is it funny, ironic or a coincidence that your name is "horse screamer" and your question involves packing your pooper? 😂 Maybe some high grade cannabutter/oil would make a good lube for your equestrian capers.
nadirah naima (2 years ago)
Idk what strain it is but sometimes when I used to smoke I would have minor anxiety attacks and a lot of over thinking idk but I wanna stay far away from that strain
Paolo Espiritu (6 days ago)
Jay Holmes (21 days ago)
Julian Bruce (2 years ago)
What's that song at the end of the video? So dope!
Vape Tape (2 years ago)
Why do I like this guy so much
Liz Hernandez (2 years ago)
"don't be a dumbass"😂😂
Max Ferguson (2 years ago)
Dude what's ruderalce or whatever
Ben Donaldson (2 years ago)
What do you mean by hairy?
Mr Joshyy (2 years ago)
orange hairs
Vincent Louis (2 years ago)
this weed is fucking good, get me on [email protected] to order yours
Dale Poulette (2 years ago)
what if kids eat the THC and CBD candy? would the bullying stop?. think about that
Jonny Jonson (8 months ago)
Alpha Centauri You sound like a little bitch.
Jimmy The Gent (1 year ago)
Dale Poulette yea but the mental illnesses would begin
Alpha Centauri (1 year ago)
No. The bullying won't stop. Bullying is a symptom of a larger problem and not a single variable that can be isolated and removed. Consuming Cannabis will not change behavior long term in kids, and it's unethical to drug kids unnecessarily.
sky scanner8 (2 years ago)
Navaren_sam (2 years ago)
Nathansyupp (2 years ago)
I'm subscribing because of the lab\doctor coat.
ohMY03 (2 years ago)
I like this guy smart and he smokes weed cool dude
why not (2 years ago)
i prefer sativa. for me
ForeverMasterless (2 years ago)
Body highs make my anxiety worse, whereas I can smoke a sativa all goddamn day and feel amazing. Figure that one out. Really wish I lived somewhere I can just walk in and buy what I want and know what it is. I'd never smoke an indica again.
Just Jey (2 years ago)
The Bill Nye of Marijuana
Rodger Green (2 years ago)
Hey doc your the fucking man. love and respect form Cali God blessed
Peep Game (2 years ago)
Funny Stoner videos on this channel! Help us hit 30k subscribers!
Johnny Carrillo (2 years ago)
thanks for the info
Johnny Carrillo (2 years ago)
what was the name of the 4th cannabis you mentioned I couldn't understand and is that the same as high CBD flower?
ConcreteMars (2 years ago)
I think he said "cannabis rudaralis" I have no idea how to spell it, lmao. But I think it is just high CBD strains, but I'm not sure, I'll have to look it up I guess.
nelson betancourt (2 years ago)
i have a question how can i know what kind of strain are because all they look the same for me
Isaac George (2 years ago)
"Don't be a dumbass!" Haha, best part of the whole video. I really liked how you included ruderalis, as not many people acknowledge the existence of that species of cannabis.
Madame Palesa (2 years ago)
Love it.. He's doing what Qualified doctors are meant to be doing..
Candy Schuman (3 years ago)
lmao that ending tho
Mrius86 (3 years ago)
I am not "for" leaglization and I am not "against" legalization. But I am very much for public service announcements like we see in this video. Smoke responsibly, and if you don't smoke personally, at least take care for your friends who are tokers.
pozionmynd (3 years ago)
what about afghani ?
Encosi Kirwan (1 year ago)
pozionmynd it's an Indica strain
OG Mango (2 years ago)
+pozionmynd That's not a species of marijuana that's simply a strain from Afghanistan.
Dalton Handley (3 years ago)
Yes thank you for making this!👌
diego Vicencio (3 years ago)
It is psychoactive not hallucinogen
diego Vicencio (3 years ago)
You totaly got to give me some of yours hehe JK
SebastianChem97 (3 years ago)
You're a stoner if you read this comment
Poké AK (3 years ago)
lol "now don't be a dumb ass" nice one xD
Bacaw (3 years ago)
2003Harleyguy (3 years ago)
Is there a strain that is less likely to make a person paranoid? Or does a person just need to try different strains to see the effects? Thanks
ForeverMasterless (2 years ago)
You gotta just try shit out man. Everybody says Indicas are great for anxiety and all that, so it must be the case for a lot of people. For me, Indicas actually make my anxiety worse. Everybody's body is different and cannabis is a complex goddamn plant.
DrMakak (3 years ago)
+2003Harleyguy Indicas are for you.
Cesar Alvarez (3 years ago)
I wish he was my doctor lol
GangGang 420 (8 months ago)
He aint no doctor or he wouldve said he is
Kieron Young (1 year ago)
Sees a guy in a lab coat and you automatically think he's a doctor 😂
Cesar Alvarez (2 years ago)
Ashely Sweet lol nah cause he smokes lol
Joshua Ayala (3 years ago)
what marijuana do you suggest on relieving depression
L G (2 years ago)
Joshua Ayala indica
+Joshua Ayala Probably a sativa, unless you also have anxiety. Try different strains. You can check out effects of different strains on leafly dot com. You want to go for one that produces more happy and euphoric effects as opposed to the pain relieving or sleepy effects.
bassman7772 (3 years ago)
oh please dear god what is the strain at 1:59 ?
gottalikeit2010 (3 years ago)
I'm gonna get a lab coat so everyone believes me

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