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wide awake (Audioslave Cover)

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Im drunk but making an effort on chris cornells wide awake acoustic version
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Skander Mliki (8 years ago)
Wtf??? :/
Nico (8 years ago)
You re completely out of rhythm but you ve got the power vocal! Shit make a new video with a good quality please
Petertunes (9 years ago)
your screams rule man !
Trevor Lillie (9 years ago)
umm i'd listen to the song a bit more, and maybe try it again sober.
OceansideDrifter (10 years ago)
Let me know when you do this sober... I think your talented, but DAMN dude... A few less beers next time!
teme8 (11 years ago)
Your voice is alright, try it without booze nexttime ;)
Roni Hajo (11 years ago)
I really hope u were drunk cuz u dont sing along with the chords ur playing. I wanna hear u sing when ur sober cuz u have a GREAT rock voice. Maybe audioslave's new singer???
merce06 (11 years ago)
Killer voice man, but do it minus the booze, little faster, haha. Cheers.
Lea Ndro (11 years ago)
perfect!! hehehe i love it
morrizhon (11 years ago)
next time try it without booze..or betterer yet more booze :)

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