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5 Shocking Confessions of Disneyland Employees!

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Text Comments (2139)
Boi if you don’t get (10 hours ago)
Anyone remember when Pluto was chasing a kid around?
XOD_SOD_PLAYZ 77 (1 day ago)
Tell me ur favourite number will you... Mine 145
Charles Randolph (1 day ago)
As a cast member, I LOVE watching these videos!
alex flook (6 days ago)
The fairy godmother thing is heart breaking. When me and my family go in a couple of years I will remember to thank all cast members for doing a wonderful job.
spacebug30 (7 days ago)
Why are half of the pictures totally unrelated to the topic? And so much false information...
internet kuya (8 days ago)
Charlie Cross (8 days ago)
I thought about grabbing Minnie mouse's ass until I was told there might be a guy wearing the Minnie suit
DisneyMagicDreamer85 (8 days ago)
As both a guest, and a theme park employee, I've encountered nearly all of these and more. From crying kids who's parents have mysteriously disappeared, Parent: I swear, I was only gone for two seconds... Grown men who want pictures next to the young princesses in their revealing costumes, Ariel: Uh sir, you shouldn't put your arms around my, ooh! Please, just take the picture... And the ever popular, Guest: "Hey you! Why isn't the ride working?" Cast member: "Well, I'm not entirely sure sir but uh..." Guest: "What do you mean you don't know?! Don't you work here?" Cast Member: "Well, yes sir I do, but..." Ten other guests crowding around. "Look, she works here, ask her!" "Why is the ride down?" "How long is the wait going to be?" "You know I paid a lot of money..." "What's going on?" (angry mob ensues) Cast member: (thinking) I haven't even clocked in yet... 15 minutes later. Manager: "Why are you clocking in so late?!" Cast Member: sigh... It never ceases to amaze me how theme park goers can be so oblivious to the CMs. These people work hard in a high stress enviornment so you can have a good time. Thank them!
Mark Perez (10 days ago)
Watch Film Theory’s death count *Thats dark*
daily donut123 (11 days ago)
Disney is creepy and not friendly. But you have to admit Walt Disney done a great job
Brass Tacks (11 days ago)
the character costumes (fursuit) actually have ice packs that circulate cold water throughout the suit :p what you said may have been true many years ago, but its not anymore.
Elidee Arias (12 days ago)
Employees can even afford rents. Some are homeless
Andrew Batts (12 days ago)
Geese are assholes
Margaret Bryant (12 days ago)
I got attacked by a geese once, it was not fun!!!!!!
Anna Harrison (12 days ago)
All he does is just ruin dreams worst vid I’ve ever seen
BWI Aviation (13 days ago)
Video tittle: * Says Disneyland * Thumbnail: *CLEARLY SHOWS DISNEY CRUISE LINE*
Fuu Balls (13 days ago)
The Disney employee confession I want to hear is how their job made them develop a justifiable hatred for children.
EmmaJane Hisey (13 days ago)
Also, the cats in Disneyland are suppost to kill the mice and rats in the park. The geese and ducks were put there on purpose because Walt Disney himself put them in the pond. They started a BIG family and happily eat the scraps of popcorn on the streets. All of the animals were put there on purpose andare NOT harmful. I mean, geese are not as bad as you say in the video... I live in Oregon and on a farm. So I get a lot of time around "Dangerous Animals". And they are not as scary as you say.
EmmaJane Hisey (13 days ago)
My friend went to Disneyland thanks to Make A Wish... I really miss her. (I am crying as I am typing) She was only 14....
Raven Demon (13 days ago)
1:56 BITCH HA HA!!!! WTF!!!🤣🤣🤣
Streamlined Thomas 175 (13 days ago)
Not Interested Of These Videos For now these days!
Angie2343 (14 days ago)
4:15 Or maybe Mickey and Minnie just imitated Sailor Moon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBmj93TPpxQ
Arleen Conty (14 days ago)
0:57 those the ones u talking bout cuz the ones right now Are AWSOME
Cannibal Corpse (15 days ago)
I worked at a haunted theme park and played as Wednesday Addams. Rather in a full costume or just a dress and make up, people will grope, punch, hit, slap, and harass you in anyway. THey'll even stab you.
OfficerLava123 Officer (18 days ago)
This makes no sense why are you showing Disney channel actors even tho you are talking about Disney land or world
OfficerLava123 Officer (18 days ago)
Why are you showing big cats their like house cats not giant man killing cats
TeeZee (18 days ago)
As somone who knows.....ALOT of the stuff said in this video just isn't true. The misinformation is sad.
Austin Klein (19 days ago)
My Mom LOVED her time she worked for Disneyland I would LOVE to work at DISNEYLAND. I'M SO THANKFUL for the cast members.
Adam St.Martin (20 days ago)
December 29, 2018-- Excuse me for a minute... This narrator sounded like he is sick or something.. I think he needs help... Maybe he is too hot inside wherever he is.. He is suffering his speech.. Add up to this 6 Shocking Confessions of Disneyland Employees... Number 6... The narrator is becoming sick because it was too hot inside wherever he is....
Master Fate (20 days ago)
The "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground" is ONLY at Disney's Hollywood Studios: the only park to not have a single parade...you Clickbait LIAR!!!!
jeff hathaway (20 days ago)
Furthermore, none of these people filled out an application to be hired, or ever got paid for their work, and an employee is not allowed to quit if he or she doesn’t like the job!
Bethany Campione (20 days ago)
When they mentioned the stray cats, why in the world did they use a picture of a polar bear?
MMysteryIOI OOF (20 days ago)
"No one really wants to see 5 Cinderellas smoking cigarettes in an alley"
BecauseImBored1 (20 days ago)
Lucas Pospeshil (20 days ago)
Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, Star Wars has been RUINED.
Harry Potter Fan 707 (20 days ago)
For the first one where you say that the characters are super hot in those costumes, maybe there is a little fan inside the character costume head. My brother’s school mascot has a little fan in his costume.
Lydie Wainhouse (20 days ago)
Confession #6: Mickey’s Ears don’t actually move irl.
Jorge Miguel (21 days ago)
This guy does not really know what he is talking about. a example. the geese are chill, i have been with in a 1 of the babies, not trying to touch them just watching. They do shit all over. But the cm's clean up quickly.
The Animation Card (21 days ago)
That last one was so sweet
Hardy Boy (23 days ago)
Hm My niece worked at Disneyworld for years and never complained to us about it. She worked the rides and did the costume bit.
Justin Carawan (24 days ago)
4:17 Has no one with Mickey ever tried video-chatting their friend with Mickey in a different park?
Dc Nerd (25 days ago)
7:38 Yeah a duck
*ThEsE FiVe ShOcKiNg CoNfEsSiOnS FrOm DiSnEyLaNd EmPlOyEeS!!*
Raiongu (25 days ago)
They serve burger king foot lettuce
This is Argus (25 days ago)
I've been in a costume before. And it's terrifying.
lillian bailey (25 days ago)
im dead
mickey (25 days ago)
Whenever you mentioned Mickey getting punched in the crotch I feel uneasy..
Josh Gore (25 days ago)
this video was posted on my friend sanjay's birthday june 22
Maple_ the_fox (25 days ago)
Last time I went to Disneyland, my 17 year old brother thought Jasmine was SUPER hot, so when he saw her at Disneyland, he grabbed her butt and said "it's on me." It was embarrassing.
schizoidboy (25 days ago)
One thing I saw at West Point Visitor Center, which was an invention by a group of cadets was a personal cooling device, something like an air conditioner that someone can wear to keep them cool. These were intended for soldiers in the field but it could be easily used for someone wearing these kinds of costumes. I don't know how available or feasible these things are but it does give someone something to think about if they want to prevent mass injuries.
Im a tree (25 days ago)
I can’t go there im a Jew
Bailey Piwinski (25 days ago)
1:55 u said Megara wrong....
Alyssa Wilson (25 days ago)
I was almost bitten on the head by a goose when I was 1 year old (my mom told me this story) and my mom ran up and blocked it before it could bite me. Geese are NOT safe animals. Also I would be way too scared to take my eyes off my future children if I take them to Disney World or Disney Land
TheSpeedy107 (25 days ago)
Canada is slowly taking over Florida, and there starting with... Disney Land. It is all part of the plan, the CAF has used their most deadly weapon at their disposal. What is that weapon you ask, it’s none other then the Canada Goose.
Clarissa Smith (25 days ago)
That's so cute! I love it when the employees walk up and go "Mickey heard about (thing that upset the child) so he told me to do (thing that will make the child absolutely overjoyed). Agh, it's just the sweetest thing. These people are wonderful.
Ross Terry (25 days ago)
Are u kidding? Disney is part of a cult and this is the lame shit u come up with
Snail Gurl (26 days ago)
Yup they do suffer
Awesomebacon (26 days ago)
8:40 Parents straight up bandon their kids
Charlie and a Cat (26 days ago)
5:07 YES he's wearing a sonic the hedgehog shirt
Luis Medina (26 days ago)
That underground city tho that place can really run it's own government you know
Alice LOL (26 days ago)
Alice LOL (26 days ago)
I would never be an employee
Luis Medina (26 days ago)
Itsyurgurlpup12 sarff (26 days ago)
You Want To Know Who Is The Most Beautiful Person Is? Read The First Word.
Sera Mukherjee (27 days ago)
U wrote bandon
sally kilby (27 days ago)
This is absolutely disgusting! You think Disney had learnt NOT to be like Walt and be better people than that, but clearly they are just as horrible, they have NO respect for any of their employees, and as for the parents who just leave their kids to be cared for by the employees need a good kick up the butt ! The rest of the visitors who treat the staff horribly also need to a taste of their own medicine.
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
You’re an idiot. You’re gonna believe these guys who obviously have never been cast members before? Ask almost every cast member they’ll tell you that they had or are having a great experience.
Josh Berman (27 days ago)
I think both Disney Parks are awful and evil and should be banned from America immediately!
Zachary Turner (23 days ago)
Everybody knows he smoked, it’s not a mystery. And what are you talking about parents fighting over the parks? And I don’t know how they are creepy. Did you spend all your time on the Haunted Mansion?
Josh Berman (23 days ago)
I'm just using smoking as an example that everybody thought that Walt Disney was a fresh clean perfect person with absolutely no problems at all and that's the problem with Disney. They always try way too hard to be exactly perfect. Plus Disney has also become a cash cow. They only care about getting rich quick and doesn't even care about ripping off children as well. Plus most full grown adults are even acting like children nowadays when it comes to Disney. It's like as if they care more about Mickey Mouse than their own kids. They also argue and fight like children towards other adults when it comes to Disney and visiting their creepy parks.
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
That sort of Racism and Sexism was the social norm back then. That’s like saying everyone was evil in the early 50’s. Also people were striking over low pay and lack of representation in the end credits, which Walt argued was ok because anybody could do their job. Agreeably that’s not right, but it’s certainly not evil. Oh and smoking doesn’t make you a bad person.
Josh Berman (24 days ago)
Anyway, both Disney Parks has had accidents, fails and even death as well. You just don't wanna admit that. You're definitely one of those crazed psychotic Disney nuts that's living in a bubble and you're just exactly like Peter Pan and The Lost Boys. You're ever gonna grow up at all.
Josh Berman (24 days ago)
There's also racism in those really awful Disney Channel Tween Crap as well like Jessie for instance. I forgot what race that boy is, but they give him a negative stereotype as well by giving him s phony accent and making fun of his race as well.
KingKong Fortnite (27 days ago)
8:56 you are so fucked up about talking about autism and saying that they are not loved
Bockbock Panda (27 days ago)
I was chasing geese saying “FUCK OFF GEESE” then I started to get chased because there was like 50 of them
Emma Daone (27 days ago)
I’ve only been to Disney once in my life when I was 4 with my family (expect my mom for...... reasons like rehab) me and my sister where going on the stick ride our first day their and when I say The first alien talking I LOST MY SHIT I started screaming, crying, and kicking My uncle had to drag me out and my sister got to watch what was happening
Andrea Dudášová (27 days ago)
How the employes in Mickey’s costume drink in summer? They must be dying
Hastagme# ASMR (28 days ago)
The dark side of my life is *when me phone dies....*
spacedog studios (28 days ago)
Apparently the world is not a wish granting factory
Chaos Gaming (28 days ago)
Parents: take your annual pass and have fun! *Kid runs off* Creepy guy: follow me children, I know a cool place! ...only in the upcoming Taken movie!
Unicorn Donut (29 days ago)
When I was 3 I was walking by a patch of water. And then a geese started to chase me and it hissed to (I WAS WITH A PARENT DONT WORRY! 🤣)
berserkerbambi (29 days ago)
Ah, so there's more then enough space to do the MK ultra stuff in peace and quiet....
circularsquare (29 days ago)
My sister was horrified by the fur characters so bad that we had to cancel our reservations to Chef Mickey’s for the second time we were going. Some really sweet cast member got a card signed by all the characters sent to our room by room service. We weren’t even staying at the hotel Chef Mickey’s was in
Deborah Herrera (29 days ago)
Why do you show cheetahs when talking about ducks??
Violet Rives (30 days ago)
This video was amazing but I don’t think that the cat thing is true. At the California one, the castle wasn’t always use used. When they went to clear it out and make it usable, there were a bunch of cats living in there. They did take a few and fix them. The cats now kill rodents for the park and are actually quite shy. You come sometimes see them at their usual spots at the park but are definitely not hostile and dangerous. The ducks just wander around. I go there like every month and I have never had any problems and have actually gotten to know some of the cats there
Leo Dragon.Spitfire13 (30 days ago)
Geese are dicks, and a pain in the ass.
Myah Cooper (30 days ago)
The master boternite (1 month ago)
On 1 it was bandon or abandon
The master boternite (1 month ago)
Instead of sorry
TigressAurelia (1 month ago)
If they build a wildlife sanctuary for large cats, bears and wolves they wont have a pest issue ever.
Darilee Grace Parreno (1 month ago)
mousekateer627 (1 month ago)
You made the video look like Disneyland had murders, hired mutant criminals or some scandal but instead a video about troublesome visitors, animals in the park and sweaty costumes?! Anybody would know these stuff! Don't exaggerate!
Simba Cat (1 month ago)
I love cats so that’s good
Simba Cat (1 month ago)
0:51 furry
Simba Cat (1 month ago)
0:35 so are those furrys
fantusmob (1 month ago)
I've never been to Disney...
G. Reilly (1 month ago)
They have to share their underwears.....
Max Fox (1 month ago)
David Vincent (1 month ago)
This is for the most part true. At Disney World in Florida we had places where it looked like the costumed person was going to visit a child during a parade but in fact we had some hidden people already made up in case you were going to fall out and they replaced you and no one knew the difference. and behind the very end of the parade we had what looked like an A frame set up that sprayed cool water on you. sometime you made it out of the costume but often you never did and just got under the spray in costume and striped NO ONE cared if you were a boy or girl it often ALL came off down to your skin to cool you off and save heat stroke
Noura Katheri (1 month ago)
Micky mouse I HATE him
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
You’re sad
Admiralty86 (1 month ago)
Oh god the sick kids asking to be cured, heartwrenching.
Craft Diamond (1 month ago)
I’m not watching your channel anymore you are a clickbater
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
They just changed the thumbnail
Monicka Dennis (1 month ago)
For those of you that wanted to hear about what was going on with the picture of Alice... There is a creepypasta video (working at Disney) about a guy who worked on the mine ride for magic kingdom that is really...interesting....that the Alice picture (bait) would fit in better. 😈⛏⚰️🔨🗝🧨🔪🕯
I have seen some kids that were abandoned like when I went to Paris this kid was a storm full of tears
Abby Yabs Yu (1 month ago)
those freaking eyes were creepy .... did you see it to?
Red & Blue Production (1 month ago)
Roses are red Voilets are blue The thumbnail is in the video You thought you got fooled too
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
They inserted the picture with no context moron. Just because it’s in the video doesn’t mean it’s not clickbait.
Jacob Fox-Playz (1 month ago)
8:40 you spelt abandon wrong
S. Dykes (1 month ago)
It’s cute how little you know about Disney. Company D is just a cast member store, not the damaged goods room. There’s so much wrong here that it’s not even funny
Zachary Turner (24 days ago)
IKR. It’s sad to see all these people believe everything they say too.

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