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5 Shocking Confessions of Disneyland Employees!

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Text Comments (1676)
Shpetim Berisha (2 days ago)
Damn people are fucked up in general thats why every plague and natural disaster is always welcome. Im waiting for the purge myself.
Britney Gamergirl (2 days ago)
why cant they just do it in antartica (for the made in Hell costumes A.K.A. the first)
“Parents bandon their kids”
Sarai Walle (2 days ago)
So ur saying i went for nothing....
Pepe Boi (2 days ago)
Here comes the money 💸💰💵💸💰💵💳💸💰💸💰💸💳💵💳💸💰💸💰💵💰💸💳💸💰💵💰💸💰💳💸💳💵💰💵💰💸💳💵💰💸💰💵💰💸💳💸💰💸💸💰💸💰💵💸💰💸💰💵💰💸💰💵💰💸💸💎💎💸💎💸💎💸💸💎💵💳💵💎💸💰💸💵💰💵💳💸💸💰💸💰💡💸💵💸💰💵💳💸💰💸💰💸💰💵💳💵💰💵💸💰💵💸💰💵💰💸💰💵💰💸💸💵💰💸💰💵💰💵💵💸💳💵💰💸💰💸💰💰💸💳💳💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💰💸💰💵💳💸💰💸💳💸💰💵💰💵
Gaming boiboi (4 days ago)
1:35 what the actually hell is that
Harper L. (4 days ago)
Why has this been narrated like it's an in-depth, TV murder investigation? *"the COSTUMES are HELL"*
Kimberyn Dugan (4 days ago)
I went to backstage Disney on a senior trip. it was very cool
Takeonme 263 (5 days ago)
🎵adds,adds everywheeeeeeeereee🎵
Indigo Rodent (5 days ago)
Repulsive and inhuman.
;-; omfg
“Hardest for the fairy godmother. Kids are her to cure them” IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE
Andrea Dickey (6 days ago)
True story. I worked there. We had a set of parents leave their infant in the stroller at the entrance of our ride. We watched them park it and leave. So, we called security that someone left an infant and security came and took the infant to the lost kids place. The look on those parents faces was worth it. We we're sick of people leaving their children alone just to go ride a ride. It happens more than you know. You never know if someone is going to just snatch your child up. Geez. I am a mom and love going to Disney. I would never leave my child alone there.
epic dude (6 days ago)
lps rainbow (8 days ago)
My mom was taking a picture and a goos came on the pictere
Lilster SquidBag (9 days ago)
7:11 "There are so many stray cats" *shows picture of polar bear*
Luna Rodriguez (9 days ago)
0:58 The vid starts.Ur welcome
connor perkins (9 days ago)
i love that last one... its so sweet
connor perkins (9 days ago)
u never know how hard a job is... unless you do it yourself
LionFusion101 (10 days ago)
omg my brother has autism
LionFusion101 (10 days ago)
8:42 yes straight up bandon
LionFusion101 (10 days ago)
7:31 don't forget about the alligators and snakes
LionFusion101 (10 days ago)
1:39 like why?
Koriandr Oreo (10 days ago)
That creepy Alice brought me here and you know what I got click baited
vortex (10 days ago)
Are you actually suggesting to me that this is not the real Mickey Mouse???!!!!
Savannah C (11 days ago)
I have been chased by a goose
AManCalled Da-da (12 days ago)
As Br'er Bear I got regularly beaten by hordes of little kids. No idea what that was about. They would actively try to kill me, make me fall down stairs, etc., and since I couldn't see more than a foot in front of me, i had to rely on my lovely cohort Br'er Fox (who was a babe) to save me. In D-land in July, with eight billion people out and about... getting roasted in the suit and beat on by mini-hooligans and sucker-punched by evil teens... flipping burgers in some back room starts to look pretty good. However, this was great training for Corporate America, where they do the exact same thing to you.
Winchester Girl (13 days ago)
Geese are buttwholes!
Happyemily1321 (13 days ago)
About the dangerous animals one, well I went to Disney World last year and saw a squirrel with a lot of injuries and it almost looked like it was begging for help. We had notified the cast members but all they had said was "Oh we will call animal control don't worry about it." Meanwhile nobody showed up to take care of it and was still roaming around. That's all.
Happycookie monster (13 days ago)
Well it is there fault they applied for the job as much as I hate to say it I mean yes the job is hard buuuuuut like I said they applied
SmittenKitten (14 days ago)
They ask the Fairy Godmother to cure them... That did me in. I would be a TERRIBLE cast member, always crying at the sick kids until I threw up...
Jay Pay (14 days ago)
Straight up bandon
Michaela Fitzgerald (14 days ago)
6:47 that's in Blackpool
Alexander Smith (15 days ago)
You're not talking about "Disneyland" asshole!!!...you're talking about "Disney World" Orlando...not the same animal; however, Disneyland (California...) treats their employees just as shitty. I worked there for over 25 years part time and it went from the "Happiest place on earth" as far as making sure the employees were happy to one of the most mismanaged places I ever worked with the shittiest supervisors I've ever seen, like Bob Gault, Tom Baker, John Cora (he's the one who was the reason that the flags weren't put at half staff when the Marines in Lebanon were murdered by some jihadi towel head!!! He was afraid some camel jockey would be offended and not buy a hamburger!!!...When I confronted them on this (it was a Presidential Mandate issued by then President Reagan!!!) their excuse was that they never did it during Vietnam so why should they do it now and that the American Flag was just another stage prop!!!! How fucked up is that? I am a decorated disabled Vietnam Veteran...personal insult to me and 58,000 of my brothers who never came home!), Bob Gault was infamous for fucking all the tour guides...while at work! His wife finally had enough of his shit when she decided to take their daughters to Japan when he was there to open Tokyo Disneyland and when she opened his office door to surprise him he was right fucking the head tour guide on his desktop...nice thing for the kids to see Bob!...she divorced his ass and he kept on fucking everything with a vagina...on his desktop! They were constantly making employees work in known unsafe work environments where other employees had been injured previously and when you got injured they said it was your fault! They were exposing "guests" and employees to toxic fumes that had specific "danger" notices on the bottles of the contaminants warning that if sensative individuals (asthmatic, etc.) were exposed even once, it could cause death! Did they give a shit? Hell no! Then when you were rushed to the hospital in a comatose state, they made sure no one ever knew what caused your death! Money talks! Another infamous supervisor was an asshole named Joe Pittaluga. This creep loved grabbing female employees asses, even in plain sight of all the guests and other employees! He was notorious for sneaking around in the bushes trying to catch employees doing something he thought they shouldn't be doing...whether it was SOP or not! They refused to allow employees working hot outside rides in mid summer from wearing head protection in the form of a hat and refused employees the use of any kind of sunscreen because THEY thought it detracted from the "show". If they wanted to get rid of an employee, they would just make sure he/she/it was placed in a situation where they knew they would be injured, then put them on a forced extended medical leave of absence. To return to work, you had to be cleared by your personal doctor, but then had to be cleared by their own Dr. Leggett who simply had to disagree with your doctor and could extend the leave of absence past one year at which time they would summarily terminate your employment...EVEN IF THE INJURY WAS WORK RELATED AND THE COMPANY'S FAULT!!! Another favorite of theirs was to save the company money by understaffing rides which caused severe threat of injury to both the unsuspecting guest as well as the employees! I could go on and on, but I'm planning on writing my memoirs in book form, it will be called "20 years in the Magic/Tragic Kingdom: The Rise and Fall of Walt's Dream" Watch for it to hit all the book stores and Amazon! You'll be able to recognize it by the picture it will have on the cover of my hand flipping the bird with my middle finger wearing my 20 year Mickey Gold Service Ring!!! One more little story I thought you all might enjoy before ending this "Comment" happened while I was still working there. When Eisner and Wells came down from Paramount Pictures to take over running the "Park" (what most employees referred to Disneyland as...) they brought with them all their little new "LAWS" which the employees had to abide by. Up until those two assholes arrival, Walt had insisted that there were no "Mr.'s" at Disneyland and that's why all name tags just read the employee's first name only. Well, when the two assholes arrived that all changed...at least as far as our addressing them was concerned. One of my fellow employees, a sweeper named "Al" who was a notorious smart ass with quick wit ran into one of these assholes in the back area one day en-route to wardrobe at the end of the day and as he passed Frank Wells, he said "Hi Frank!" with a smile on his face not thinking he would receive anything other than "Hi Al!" in return...WRONG!!!! Frank Wells stopped him in his tracks and yelled at him that he was to addressed as "Mr. Wells", not "Frank"!!!! At that time, even Al was shocked by the fucked up reaction of that prima donna (who soon after was killed during a helicopter flight to one of his many vacations mountain climbing...Thank God for small miracles!!!) and just stood there for a moment trying to figure out how that fucker could have his head stuck so far up his own ass for so long and not expire from lack of oxygen, but then he just smiled and said this: "Really Mr. Wells??? I always thought there were only three "Mr.'s" at Disneyland, Mr. Rogers on the Flight to Mars Attraction, Mr. Lincoln on Mainstreet and Mr. Toad in Fantasyland...now there's Mr. Wells too!!!! Go figure???"...all said with a polite smile on his face! Frank just stood there with a confused pissed off look on his face with the veins popping in his neck and forehead as All continued toward wardrobe never looking back! See, there was still some "magic" left at Disneyland back then...and I'm sure that Walt was laughing his ass off that day looking down on his "Happiest Place on Earth"!!!
Alexander Smith (15 days ago)
ps. I forgot to mention that the John Cora I mentioned above who was personally responsible for almost having Disneyland declared off limit by every military reserve here in the States because of his fucked up attitude toward the Presidential Mandate (1983 by then sitting President Reagan) that ALL flags be posted at half-staff to honor over 283 Marines who had lost their lives in the homicide bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon as well as their families was...ready for this???...Lebanese!!!!!!...and he was afraid some fellow towel head wouldn't buy a fucking hamburger because he would be offended by the flags being flown at half-mast to honor our dead!!!! HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT???!!!! I HOPE YOUR READING THIS JOHN YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!! If any of you know that asshole, you have my permission to stick your pet rattlesnake in his fucking mail box!!!!
Yoao Cruz (15 days ago)
True.... but work is work...
Grizzy_Dizzy 22 (16 days ago)
Top 5s finest tiktok ads
Juliana Lidd (16 days ago)
I’m a happy man to help you
Why is this girl so creepy
brentbuenconsejo (16 days ago)
Find a name I J K E K O Q P G H W J A S S O W W U Q S B A D T H A F E R S G A U X I S M A R I O P G Q F W D R Z F F F T A G R C H R Like if you found it
JUNGO (17 days ago)
dude you're not funny at all.....you're trying too hard to get subscribers...…and you're a duche bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some amine freak (18 days ago)
*Everybody when they see a walk around employee* Adult : This is way to happy I need to break things up *Punches mickey in the crouch* *CLICKBAIT THUMBNAIL*
Levi Stokes (18 days ago)
I work at Dollywood and people have told me weird things without being in costume.
Positive Vibes (18 days ago)
i came for the thumbnail
Said duck, but show tiger...
Alyssa Garrison (20 days ago)
just remember Disney WORLD and DisneyLAND are different
dollores (20 days ago)
Dude, that sonic the hedgehog shirt is legit at 5:00
Gloria Draws (20 days ago)
Disney Land Is the Most Beautiful, Dreamy, Fascinated, Fantastic, & Most Wonderful Awesome Magical Place there is in the Whole World,,,,: and Please I Hope that it’s Stays that Way!,Because if it doesn’t!, it Will Not Be Good for Nothing At ALL!!!... so don’t Let Any Super Rich Individuals Come to Control you at all!! Just Stay As AWESOME As You Are now & I hope that all the Movie Stars and all Singers Don’t let no one Control them Either; Because you All Are Doing Real Good on Your Own & Don’t Let Anyone Lie to You by telling you that they can give all this power & Fame & on Top Of that they tell You that Can Make Super Rich!, Well Maybe they can do it; But it is Just For a Short While, Until you tell them that you Don’t Want to do it their Way anymore, that’s When they get you Out of their Club,,,,
Gloria Draws (20 days ago)
You know all of whom are in this situation? We’re just going to tell you the truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The truth!!!,, So all of you Listen Up!, all of you wouldn’t be nothing, if we Don’t watch your movies, or if we wouldn’t Listen to Any of your Music, you are Nothing at all , you all would be like Us, Casual Americans, that’s All!!!... So Don’t Be So Stupid To Believe them Kind of Lairs, Connivers!!!, , tell the go go take a Hike!!!!,,,,
cherry blossom (21 days ago)
Why would I subscribe, if you're going to click bait people?
Lorelai McHam (21 days ago)
one time when I was 6 I went to disney and saw belle in her play. the same night I saw her at dinner nd said " remember me? I saw you at the play?" and she just said " yes, of course! "
J i l e m m a Reidel (22 days ago)
Ok... I was here for the thumbnail...
Arek Borucki (22 days ago)
Lazy Potato (22 days ago)
The photo of the Disney store I think his in Calgary that’s where I live
The_Bleu_Dino624 (23 days ago)
https://youtu.be/lV_aKuWJDck?t=520 bandon their children?
Faith Santurri (23 days ago)
I swear I just saw a kid that looked like Cameron Boyce from Descendants at 9:24.
Emisoccer (23 days ago)
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Christopher pearce (24 days ago)
If you go on rafiki's planet watch at Disney's animal kingdom, you will see pens where the animals are kept for the Kilimanjaro safari.
Potato LlamaDog (25 days ago)
I like how a Disney world commercial showed up
Lizzy Loves unicorns (25 days ago)
I once punched goffie in the face
Wesley Gray (26 days ago)
Spoiler alert!!! Micky Mouse is a pervert... Lol. That's probably as true as everything else in this entire video.
Dragon maid (28 days ago)
Basically any photo makes its way in here.
SilverWolf16 (29 days ago)
I care anyways.. if I do ever go there i'mma ask'em personally how they feel.. they cant deny it XD
Kats Vision (29 days ago)
Kats Vision (29 days ago)
The thumbnail is creepy
Chad Grimgravy (29 days ago)
the fucks with all of the completely unrelated pictures? i get the script was written from a five minute google search, but c'mon dude. minimum effort clickbait at it finest
Skofos Nightris (30 days ago)
8:52 Making an incredibly inappropriate scenario about of an autistic child in a horribly organized segment about abandoned kids with no actual stories about abandoned kids. Quality content...
CutiePieTTV Jackson (30 days ago)
Grabbing privates? They should call the police on those people! Who ever thinks that is sick!
Morgan Krause (1 month ago)
So a fur suit for furrys it is the same thing
Never go to Disneyland again
grande1900 (1 month ago)
"Rare Vacations"? I Live in Florida and can go to Disney world whenever i want! Edit: "Dangerous animals"? ILIFL (I Live In Florida) And you know there Are Alligators and Crocodiles in Florida
Alisson Calzadillas (1 month ago)
I hate Disneyland
Sherry Brown (1 month ago)
I could not be a disney character I would be terminated because If I got hot in a suit or touched I would snap.
Alonzo Brown (1 month ago)
kenedie (1 month ago)
1:27 pewiepie?
Perzik-le-peach (1 month ago)
Um you realize at 8:30 you used a picture of a road runner, right?😶😐
ToxicShn0bi (1 month ago)
You mentioned mickie’s crouch like 100,000 times are you obsessed with him or something? Oh and thanks for the click bait loser
Zenya A (1 month ago)
Did I just see one employee doing the satanic symbol to a kid with their hand and the kid doing it back HOLY SHIT!
Jacksman (1 month ago)
What was the thumbnail? Like, what does it mean?
lul.bby_jc hoo (1 month ago)
And I'm going to Disney in November: (
Wierdoo6 Weirdness06 (1 month ago)
I wonder if the costumed cast members have kids and if they do, how do they explain where they work? Like what do they do when their kids ask where mommy and daddy work
shannon menendez (1 month ago)
8:14... Try magpies
Katiebeth Mercer (1 month ago)
Yes poor casts sweat is their life, but costumes there have air conditioning in them
Just Looking (1 month ago)
So, it takes an extra dose of reality in order keep up the fantasy. Carneys at the fair are kind of sad too.
jem Last (1 month ago)
I want to see 5 Cinderella smoking in a ally . Lol
Angeldedrose (1 month ago)
Geese? That dangerous? People panicking about them? Well I live in Canada, it's the opposite here.
Veronica aissa (1 month ago)
The third one is not true
Jacobkid gamer1628 (1 month ago)
We went to Disney land at 5:30 the morning
call me jack (1 month ago)
I feel like this video is very rude and crude, the sarcasm in his voice is very patronizing. False advertising with the thumbnail as well.
Cheryl Love (1 month ago)
Thumbnail at 8:00
KoRnography (1 month ago)
What’s with these random ass pictures that have nothing to do with the video.
bob. (1 month ago)
so how do they sneeze or cough?
Alexander the gray fox (1 month ago)
Parents punching Micky in the crotch.....PEDOPHILE MICKY
Winddragon777 Dog (1 month ago)
I used to think Disneyland was located in the stars since there are so many star symbols in Disney and i used to think Disney had a ‘G’ instead of a ‘D’
I feel bad for them, having to work in that heat with nothing but ice to cool them down that'll melt in a few minutes so they'll just lug hot water around, it's sad really! 🍈
I was bitten by a squirrel at disney. But meh. It didnt draw blood...
Daisy Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
Why is their no daisy duck
Just Me (1 month ago)
@8:40 - BANDON their kids?!?
aaron laluzerne (1 month ago)
Sorry but I gotta ask, who the he'll wants to fuck Mickey Mouse?

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