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Text Comments (368)
mbarda (5 months ago)
I'd rather people watch than stand in a line for hours. I completely understand.
renee0913 (5 months ago)
i fucking love you in this video lol
beautyplayground (7 months ago)
I personally LOVE going to museums. But mainly cause I'm interested in it. Not just to take a picture or something haha
hanaq8q8 (7 months ago)
Hi Alex Don’t you want to visit Shanghai again? Solo tripping maybe? ;)
Barbee Beeches (7 months ago)
Love that u went alone!!!!! So envious!!! That is my dream vacation!! Alone in Paris doing whatever the fuck I want! I hate being on someone else’s watch!! Good for u girl!! 😘
yvette cherise (7 months ago)
I am the same way.....I love my alone time. BTW I love the purse!! Great choice!!!
sohogrunge (7 months ago)
love that *fucking* area
Billie Holiday (7 months ago)
Can someone explain to me, who isn't world traveled. What she means by, she got a tax refund, and a huge pay back? I think I would appreciate knowing this before I travel.
RealBeautiful Beauty (7 months ago)
I know I agree, I don't want to waste time all bottled up waiting in lines.. rather be out & about seeing things that can be seen..
slowrunner40 (7 months ago)
Just don’t go to Europe in the summer. I was there in March and there were zero lineups. We had Mona Lisa to ourselves.
anni allmächtig (7 months ago)
We have Freedent Gum in Germany but here it‘s called „Extra“ im sure it‘s the same 💞
Jessica G (7 months ago)
You should check out RMS Beauty, feel like you would love it
B N (7 months ago)
You wanted to live like a local not a fucking tourist. I feel that 1000. I hate when I see people that come to NYC and go to fucking Ruby Tuesday in Times Square like really...
Angeles VA (7 months ago)
😱 I love 💕 Bimba y Lola, I have the same keychain in yellow.
cvgreycat4 (7 months ago)
Hi, your shirt means “I’m crazy” fous= crazy. I go to Europe in late September/October, no crowds and not hot. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
marianne (7 months ago)
I think you did Paris just right. Sounds like a perfect trip and you seem so happy. Thanks for sharing all your best spots. In the movie Something's Gotta Give, Diane Keaton goes to Paris every year on her birthday and eats at Le Grand Colbert. I keep saying i want to start that tradition and you have inspired me to just do it!
Sabina (7 months ago)
yes it's been a while i traveled alone which i love as well. going to london in september alone to enjoy! :)
Tsai Nicole (7 months ago)
If i only have 3 days in paris, i wont go to museums that i have been to either. I would visit the places that has its intimate and special meaning for me, some small restaurants cafe that are not touristy at all. I totally get you girl. ❤️
Parvin S (7 months ago)
Lmaoooo ya I wouldn’t make other tourist friends either
Quella Me (7 months ago)
You needed this trip Alex!!! Do you boo! You made me smile😊
avacarolinaa (7 months ago)
Does anyone know where to find that little bag that looks like a gun holster?
alpacino's babygirl (7 months ago)
Margaret Paul (7 months ago)
You are my fucking QUEEN. I cannot tell you how much I relate to you. Doing your own thing and owning it and not giving a fuck what others think about it. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! This video really spoke to me
VR Mom of Four (7 months ago)
I love that! I think that’s what all women should do! Go on a trip on your own. It would be hard but I think empowering. Kudos Love for doing it! I’m so jelly! I hope I can go to Paris with my daughters some day.
megan tyler (7 months ago)
Holy fuck you’re annoying
beautoxxbeautoxx (7 months ago)
imspice (7 months ago)
I'm watching this now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g01YnqH-2ek and thinking of you! It's a short Harper's Bazaar feature on Crazy Rich Asians! You will love it x
Fatima Yarie (7 months ago)
So happy for you having a good time lovely, literally smiling with you right now ❤️
Celia K (7 months ago)
Do the art and history on the off-season! Better to do indoor activities when the weather is crap anyway! I loved the museums and castles with far less tourists
Tornado Warning (7 months ago)
Next time book Private tours!! Slides you in, see what you want. You can even go at night to see the louvre. And if you want to eat atop the Eiffel tower you have to buy tickets for dinner (the lights ✨ twinkle) a month in advance and pick your menu. 😎 you’re welcome!
Rachael First (7 months ago)
Can someone please explain the gigantic rock on her left finger? Is Alex back with Nick? What's up???
Ayse F. (7 months ago)
Darling I am gonna send you a ton a bubblegum !
Yasmina Madhar (7 months ago)
I love this video! I am actually going to Paris by myself in September (I am 22 years old and from Amsterdam). Been watching your videos for almost ten years 😊
Terra Adèle (7 months ago)
Theres nothing like smoking a cigarette in paris. But did you not buy any french pharmacy skincare items there??
Elizabeth Hoang (7 months ago)
You had me rolling the whole time! Adore you and I’m glad you had a great time💕💕
johnnyboots143 (7 months ago)
And Big Ben is under construction so annoying!
Emyvivi (7 months ago)
Who cares what you did during your visit there? It's you money and time. You don't need to explain everything to everyone!
Mary Jay (7 months ago)
Maybe use a texturizer or sea salt spray and maybe try not tucking it so tightly behind your ears ?
I do the same things on my solo trips! Shopping, drinking, eating, walking, ME TIME! That's what they're for <3
cynthia yee (7 months ago)
PRET is in NYC! i havnt seen it here in LA. i LOVE PRET so much
Carman M (7 months ago)
You're glowing! As always <3
Marion Tia (7 months ago)
I hate waiting in lines, anywhere, for anything, i just won't do it. So i get what ur saying
Cherish Adventure (7 months ago)
You traveled like a local. I agree the tourist attraction are overcrowded and it stresses me out.
Yara Michels (7 months ago)
So I guess the only thing to take away from this is: MOVE OVER HERE! ;) Love the tee, the make up, the energy :) Solo mini trips are the best! x to you babe
Joanna T (7 months ago)
I always like when she says: "I DO IT, BECAUSE I WANT IT, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO". It's like - "people think and choose for yourself". So refreshing and independent.
Emily (7 months ago)
The hair reminds of a 90s punk rocker girl
Keely Johnson (7 months ago)
You remind me of bibianna from the bachelor omg
123zoepop (7 months ago)
Love your Alex glad you’re back!!! 😂❤️
Mc P (7 months ago)
Dang I wish you showed us everything you bought!
honestvalues (7 months ago)
'bitch, im here to just fucking do me' - love it
andratoilee (7 months ago)
Okay I’m getting a coconut latte from Pret on my way in to work tomorrow. Had no idea it was good. I love their 99p white filter coffee above all other filter coffees 😂. I have high expectations!!!
ASMR with Sofia (7 months ago)
Yes, you're back!!!! ❤️
Elizabethx15 (7 months ago)
We have Pret in CT and NY. Maybe some other metropolitan states on the East Coast as well. I was really hoping you would show the lady dior😭
Jennifer Hiltz (7 months ago)
this is so cute. I love how excited and happy you are
FashionNerd (7 months ago)
I think a lot of the museums and historic sites are so much more crowded now because the cost of air travel has decreased substantially since the 90’s. So many more people can afford to travel now and do.
lynnb (7 months ago)
You should do some pistol earrings!
The Bushbys (7 months ago)
Girl move to london and we can hang out! Ill send you some gum 💯
egal (7 months ago)
Alex, you look positively radiant in red! Please wear it more often <3
LUCY Figueroa (7 months ago)
Seeing how genuinely happy you are makes me happy. Happy for you and that youre living for yourself.
LUCY Figueroa (7 months ago)
Seeing how genuinely happy you are makes me happy. Happy for you and that youre living for yourself.
Shana M (7 months ago)
Can you cut the material out of the chain?
uppereastsidegirle (7 months ago)
You seem happy here:)
Hello There (7 months ago)
I love you! You’re so real!
MissExpensivePink (7 months ago)
Love that t-shirt!!!! Getting it now!!!!
Anna Kreis (7 months ago)
you dont have this kind of gum in the us?
Camille D (7 months ago)
“Je m’en fous”, means “I don’t care” so perfect for you! ❤️
Wolfstar (7 months ago)
Alex, I totally get your Parisian vibes! You need t see this movie: "Midnight in Paris" (2011)
12saramak (7 months ago)
You went to London at high season, there are a lot of tourist here now so I completely understand. You can always come back.
Lisa x (7 months ago)
That bag is beautiful love your London and Paris stories please go again😂
SaraJaneXO (7 months ago)
You seriously Look ADORABLE in this video, Red Is Your Color!!!
Abe Solano (7 months ago)
Her videos are so soothing like YESSSSSSS here for it!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
MsAngelmighty (7 months ago)
just wanna take a moment to say your lips look 100% and now i need to go to selfridges!
Ellie Maguire (7 months ago)
Crying that Colorscience doesn’t ship to Germany
Jordan Agbor (7 months ago)
BAHAHA “I feel like I have no leg” dying! You look really pretty btw!
tigerlilyxoxox (7 months ago)
what is the name of that chanel bag? <3
Tiffany deLeon (7 months ago)
I love this video! And that shirt is perfect on you! The red! So glad u has an awesome time on your solo trip!!🖤🖤
Svetlana H (7 months ago)
I bought the same perfume and now I hate it. I’m glad you had an amazing trip Alex.
Marina R (7 months ago)
you are starting to look like nikkietutorials
Tiff Tom (7 months ago)
Alex, here's a link for the gum, in french- but looks easy and safe to order with paypal: https://www.milleproduits.com/confiserie/chewing-gum/chewing-gum-dragees/2051-freedent-white-chewing-gum-bubble-menthe-sans-sucres-4009900500616.html
barry jones (7 months ago)
$60.00 for a crab salad 🥗 I better get a BJ with that!! 😉
Asnath Gachibi (7 months ago)
Yes we have Pret's here in the U.S but it's nothing like the U.K. I think
farley boo (7 months ago)
Use to go to Paris all the time from England, but it's turned into a shit hole since they let in all the migrants, just too dangerous now. It breaks my heart to see such a beautiful city destroyed.
Kimberlea Blair (7 months ago)
This sounds like my dream trip 😻😻👍🏼
Nicole (7 months ago)
Lamy is actually a German brand.
cakeface LaLa (7 months ago)
Try that igk no more blow dries your hair quicker
amelia cenizal (7 months ago)
Now I know, it’s not ALEX. It is really L.A thats making her hate everything. 😂 You look sooo happy and inspired after your solo trip in London ❤️
Chani P (7 months ago)
You will love Versailles. Not as many tourists. Just take a morning train which in itself was fun. Do try the fresh OJ at the Versailles Gardens.
Gianna G (7 months ago)
Where is her PO box address?
Nosheen Khalid (7 months ago)
Alex, love your Chanel bag! You must spray it with Scotch Guard or some other water repellant; it will protect the fabric and keep it clean.
Pamela Hollingsworth (7 months ago)
Jexxy Barrios (7 months ago)
No need to explain, you do you! <3 I love how you just wanted to seat there and blend in thats the best thing to do in another country :) just take in the culture. Love you Alex you are beyond fab.
wine mom 810 (7 months ago)
The Louvre is absolutely insane, I felt like I was being crushed between crowds of people the entire time I was there. I definitely don’t regret going, it was just very claustrophobic. You HAVE to go see Versailles, it’s truly stunning and a lot less overwhelming in my opinion. So glad you had fun! 💕
Angelika Manitta (7 months ago)
The pen LAMY is German, from my hometown Heidelberg. :)
Loren Pemberton (7 months ago)
That ring 😍💎💍I'm not going to ask if they are back together 👀
Kirsten Bloemendal (7 months ago)
Your character is So crazy and amazing 💖🙌🏻🤣! Xxx from Holland
Farmgirl Fashionista (7 months ago)
Your vaca, your money, nothing to defend. You do you xo
Qani Ahmed (7 months ago)
2-3 months ago? You went first in June....
Laura Shaxon (7 months ago)
We have the same gum in New Zealand its called Extra Professional Bubble Mint here soooooooo good 😁
Staci Van 't Hoff (7 months ago)
uhggggg... I wish there were more youtubers out there like you. So honest and genuine, and superb taste and style. NO BS. Love you and so excited for my order to come in from the free international shipping! <3 Love from the Netherlands XOXO
lindseylee77 (7 months ago)
There could be an earthquake going on and when your videos pop up they must be watched! Lol

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