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ZZ Top - I Gotsta Get Paid

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Music video by ZZ Top performing I Gotsta Get Paid. (C) 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (6006)
Brian Navalinsky (15 hours ago)
poeta rpm (1 day ago)
Muito boa essa banda😎✌☠🎼
Nick Kirov (1 day ago)
Свободная край
Soom som (2 days ago)
ควายส้ส คำพู้ดอะไร่มากม๋าย
конечно и похер...мне нравиться
Игорь Ха (2 days ago)
При СССР был мото спорт.на данный момент не достаточно осталось))
Cornell Green (2 days ago)
0:11 No tarantulas were harmed in the making of this video.
Imad Azrour (3 days ago)
Underrated rock band
Hannibal Lector MD (3 days ago)
Motorcycle music 🎧🎶
MrSideways8 (4 days ago)
👍🏾 nice...yessir. Paid? Me three!
Tomasz Sałapa (4 days ago)
Dobry zespół.
Dan Sweet (4 days ago)
Old but have style and talent saw them 2013 Cleveland love Billy Gibbons
William Lewis (5 days ago)
The girls are hot
David Craig Stevens (5 days ago)
I\ll trade ya a couple of dozen bics and a few zippos trow in a few bronsons.12s a goosegun not a gurls ass.
Sérgio Domingues (5 days ago)
looking good since 1885!
Anna Vajda (6 days ago)
Don't we all.
Davis Kurtz (6 days ago)
FINALLY!!!!!! these guys have great taste in woman. most other videos use sub par women and it pisses me off!
John C (6 days ago)
what a ridiculous hook for a bad song
Jim Williams (7 days ago)
50 years ... god damn! I have been listening to these bad boys from Texas most of my life. My tickets just arrived for the Cleveland show in September... love these boys forever!!!
Keith LaBrash (4 days ago)
Same here. :) Greets from Canada. :)
SeaBass SeaBass (7 days ago)
Dirty Blues Rock in a modern time👍🎸🥁
SeaBass SeaBass (2 days ago)
+Fast Savannah Yep
Fast Savannah (3 days ago)
That's it
Frank Baker (7 days ago)
Taylor Crain (11 days ago)
I like the way ZZTop, puts the advertisers where they belong!
frans le noble (11 days ago)
= ik jouw
PETER SELLER (11 days ago)
Awesome bass.😴
Ethan Walker (11 days ago)
Why is Billy running away from those fine babes? I'd let'em catch me, haha. Great vid. I sold a piece of guitar gear to Billy G on Ebay a while back, so there's my claim to fame.
Tuan Pham (13 days ago)
Gotta love the guitar solo... old school true master..
Cornelia Görlach (13 days ago)
genial mehr geht nicht.
SouthernGhost 1865 (16 days ago)
just found out these guys were from Houston, they sure as hell seem like they'd be
PotOfGold Seeker (11 days ago)
I think they're actually from Garland, Texas. But still Texas nonetheless🤘
Kevin C (17 days ago)
Cool fuckin band man...im 41 so I'm kind of a "younger" fan...my uncle's got me into zz top as a kid and I'm glad they did..ive been a fan now for at least 30 years now.
Пасечник (18 days ago)
сука,красивая ностальгия!!
acca zeta (16 days ago)
Spyros Thymios (18 days ago)
Listening this while shaving.
Hamster vest (19 days ago)
He Gotsta Get Paid.. GET IT!!! (-:
DarqueWolff (20 days ago)
what I love is the fact most dont know its about chasing down outlaws "lighters" are light footed criminals...and the three chicas are bounty hunters.....you're welcome.
Yourmother8 (14 days ago)
or maybe it's a drug selling scheme! listen to DJ DMD, "25 lighters"
rendexRussia (21 days ago)
Amazing coolest song!
Johnny Utah (24 days ago)
I’m coming confused
Johnny Utah (24 days ago)
Did they just cover dj screw or the other way around?
Charlie Boi (22 days ago)
Dj dmd 25 lighters ...they covering his song
Vedat Günaydin (25 days ago)
Steve Jones (26 days ago)
Classic ZZ, girls and cars never gets old.
Ignazio Mamana (26 days ago)
F'k man, that reminds me: I gotsta get paid too... This song kinda rocks!
Caius Keys (19 days ago)
Love the tone!
Petra Urichova (26 days ago)
Najlepší hit ktorí poznam je tento☺☺☺☺
Robert Schoenbachler (26 days ago)
25 lighters yes sir I got to get paid!!!!
HalfOgre (26 days ago)
i wonder if they know this song is about selling crack
ely fleur (28 days ago)
Love it! Never knew they covered Lil keke & Fat Pat! Props to them! ❤️
HalfOgre (26 days ago)
lil keke and fat pat covered dj dmd's 25 lighters
fl366 (29 days ago)
Makes me whanna create a new facebook.
Haitham Habib (29 days ago)
Ah yes - Cars, Legs, and Beards - what more could you ask from ZZ Top?
Darth Daddy (26 days ago)
Haitham Habib 🙄 Canadinoid infused beer 🍺 ?
rogerwalsberg (30 days ago)
Great song!
evilstalkerhorne (1 month ago)
Great idea to put pop ups for other videos right at the end covering the three hot chicks in the desert looking awesome. Who wants to see that? Nope just put ads all over then and why not the cool rat rods also? I have ads!!
Petra Urichova (26 days ago)
PETER SELLER (1 month ago)
There's only one way to listen 2 this tune..though big headfones.. wow!!😏
Richie Gwinn (1 month ago)
This song sucks
Richie Gwinn (16 days ago)
+SouthernGhost 1865 the word's are dumb as hell.....stolen riffs from other top songs.....drums are uneventful and sound computer generated....shitty ending ....ect....
SouthernGhost 1865 (16 days ago)
why? or do you have no explanation
Заяц ПЦ (1 month ago)
В РПЦ сошли бы за собственных.
PerfectWay (1 month ago)
i have one lighter in my pocket.
Бляди леди, это охуенно
BUILD THE DAMN WALL! (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but have to go back to work🍻
Rough-house Cafe (1 month ago)
One of the best music videos of the past 10 years or so. Not to mention it's cool they're covering a hip hop song ✌
Shiey Anemoia (1 month ago)
Battleship anyone?
класика вечна 5 балов попросту класс
xxdfoster (1 month ago)
Is that Jenni V? In one of the cars?
Dee Harris (1 month ago)
My X mother anlaw Cathy could sing this and sound just like him. I still like this song and her. ✌🤓👍
Márcio Pessoa (1 month ago)
Zz..top..of the top...
Pew Pew Pew PEWW (1 month ago)
Anthony Leighton (1 month ago)
if it aint broke dont fix it ......... billy just sounds even more gravelly......
Extreme Enduro (1 month ago)
ZZ Top forever cool, forever loved by the fans. Wicked rides too ;-)
HEMPinoy (1 month ago)
True badass..
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
81 transam
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
i drive the firbird
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
i think tats a 32 in front
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
nice carss
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
zzs aqlways got the hotties
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
havin a cold one in calgary listen to this zz rules
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
i like this
Jose Martínez (1 month ago)
I wish I looked like him at that age 😆😔
LiLu Pacific (1 month ago)
Чертовски неплохи!!!!!!!✌🤘🤘🤘
Kamikaze Yamamoto (1 month ago)
The power of The Beard.
ZZ CCCP (1 month ago)
Kevin Foster (1 month ago)
zz top still rocks
Michelle Lopez (1 month ago)
Keep Rocking ZZ 👍💋💓 keep the great hits coming
Bobby Bologna (1 month ago)
love the cars, those girls tho, god damn.. wouldn't let them drive my ride though LOL then again nobody touches my Ford ;)
Nancy Manka (1 month ago)
Have no idea. Just a cool song
Nancy Manka (1 month ago)
Just into this song
Greg Wenger (1 month ago)
thats on hot mama
Gina boos (1 month ago)
son i dont think you understand its not the car i want its the brunette in your vette that turns me on.
Adolf Baier (1 month ago)
Z Z -Top 💪💪💪💪💪
MegaKagato (1 month ago)
I had no idea that ZZ Top made a cover of a late 90's rap banger but that is seriously SERIOUSLY COOL!!
Samuel Duplessis (2 days ago)
Du vrai crise 💪🤬
hooch smith (1 month ago)
This is gonna b cool forever
Kyle from Hiram Clarke (1 month ago)
I lost respect for ZZ top for being in Johnny cash video sellouts
Ms Ari (1 month ago)
omg ... the girls ,,,the guitar ,,the drum sound , make me feel happy .....
langerius (1 month ago)
Linda Niemkiewicz (1 month ago)
Hey white devil, I gots to be paid in dat paper !!
Dmitr (1 month ago)
хорошая музыка! благодарю !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gregg Mchenry (1 month ago)
That blonde is so sexy.,damm
Dave Ryan (1 month ago)
Get Some!!!!!!!!
нот роад из бест русским привет)
chris (1 month ago)
Ain't that Jimmy shines truck? The one with the red rims
RAZERDsXe (1 month ago)
And now i want to go to the bar and eat a dirty ash tray. Awesome
scarleth Rojas (2 months ago)
S T (2 months ago)
That's what I understand the real rock roll!
Hank Paloci (2 months ago)
I know it should be about more than just the fucking paper, but I gotsta get paid!
Captain Obvious (2 months ago)
First time I heard this song was in the movie Battleship...had to look it up. One of my favorite ZZ songs now.
Marc Hernandez (2 months ago)
"True Texas Style!"
Mike Smith (2 months ago)
Love the guitar

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