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ZZ Top - I Gotsta Get Paid

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Music video by ZZ Top performing I Gotsta Get Paid. (C) 2012 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (5557)
Vigil Von Malthael (47 minutes ago)
SkyForce (19 hours ago)
like it. Friends/
claudio Oliveira (1 day ago)
Wicked Houston (1 day ago)
DJ DMD - 25 Lighters is a Houston classic. ZZ Top is paying tribute
El Judio Nazi (2 days ago)
Por que no siguen sacando albumes?
Ludovic Borie (2 days ago)
ZZTop,bagnoles et petites minettes sympa
They always leave dem DAMN KEYS BEHIND
Vučko (3 days ago)
carlos sanchez (5 days ago)
Tremendos !!
Alex Lvov (6 days ago)
Real America! WASP!
Llumi ri (7 days ago)
What's the name of the girls?
james cox (7 days ago)
never heard this before now i love it
Чингис хан (8 days ago)
Yourfood1993 (8 days ago)
Loved this when it came out a few years ago. *Nasty*, greasy tone on the guitar! But I was disappointed when I found out they ripped off the main lyric. Still a great song, but I hope they acknowledged (& as per the song), PAID the original writer.
Cristian Ionas (9 days ago)
Some Mad Max stuff right here
Jeff Green (10 days ago)
"25 lighters on my dresser, yesser. You know I gotsta get paid."? What does that even mean? lol This sounds like old school ZZ Top, but yet there's a video with the eliminator in it, so it can't be. Cool song, but the lyrics don't really make sense.
Быдло Лысое (10 days ago)
Олдскульные тачки, сисястые тёлки и рок. Зизитоп во всей красоте))
Это бомба! 💣
Gustavo Contreras (11 days ago)
It baffles me that ZZ Top, obvious legends themselves, covered a classic hip hop song like 25 lighters. That is cool as fuck of them to do
Lyndon Tree (11 days ago)
Billy Gibbons: my boy, you should have stuck to the music and stayed out of politics. You're a soy cuck for chucking Blount off the tour because they support Trump. Who did you think your fan base was anyway??? Stupid boy, done with ZZ Top!
whispanic (12 days ago)
RIP Fat Pat
DKSmusic (12 days ago)
That's pretty much how heaven would be if it existed. Hot rod cars , beautiful women and zz top playing in a wasteland just for you.
Accueil Millimages (13 days ago)
I love that dirty song.....so much....
Jo Jo (14 days ago)
Jean Ferret (14 days ago)
A master of the six string....
Personal Sound (14 days ago)
A Hellcat (14 days ago)
Блябуду кипяточек для душии!!! Низкий поклон Вам, мужчины!!!
x aweblasome x (17 days ago)
1:32 car?
x aweblasome x (17 days ago)
What are those cars names
Muddy Ballenger (17 days ago)
Awesome group
DarisFilms DIRECT (17 days ago)
Zz top finds the Hotest Girls to be in their videos
Royal544 ganga (17 days ago)
Ben (17 days ago)
Song definition :Anti communism Awesome band and song
Juraj Vanko (19 days ago)
"Me gusta" face brought me here
вставные челюсти,бабы из порнофильмов,что еще необходимо для полного счастья ? а конечно,тачка которой 40 лет .
bardamu (19 days ago)
le jeu consiste a trouver une image , ou je puisse comparer les 2 coupés trois fenetres ...
Aj Lafrance (21 days ago)
Got that right
yerwrng (21 days ago)
DJ dmd...I heard this cover today and thought it sounded like Clutch .
Waste Of Headspace (21 days ago)
My car gained 200hp when I played this song through the stereo.
Artur Zuromski (21 days ago)
Super !!!
Lance Kohl (22 days ago)
Hot chicks, hotter cars and that thick sound that lets you know EXACTLY who's bending those strings and vibrating your ossicles!!!!
Классика жанра
Cory Stewart (22 days ago)
For those that don't know, this was an underground hit in Texas in the 90s. Fat Pat and Lil Keke sung the original which was a hit after Fat Pat died. It's a great cover and an honor for Fat Pat Lil Keke DJ Screw and the whole down south crew here's a link to the original video: https://bit.ly/2yDtsnO
Frans (22 days ago)
like these glorix teeth
上野昭一 (23 days ago)
zz top,  the anarchy.
Bexzus 89 (24 days ago)
xavier bachop (25 days ago)
lil pump and all rapers TAKE NOTS
ONWARD (25 days ago)
олени , вам не осознать)
Shane Harris (25 days ago)
Durn that's one sick sounding guitar!!! Total badassery going on!!
пора обривать бороды,все с бородами
Leprosy (26 days ago)
nasty af
MOBROOKS (29 days ago)
Texas Legends
Alexinator5000 (29 days ago)
Would've been cool if they showed the old zztop hot rod
James Wise (14 days ago)
I think thats what they did. It has just aged into this awesome rat rod you see now. Older and still very, very cool!
Diederik Maréchal (26 days ago)
I think the famous Hotrod is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.
Jouhn Formidable (29 days ago)
Вот это ретрохуенно конечнл
super cool mom (30 days ago)
Very nice video friend I am your permanent fd
gold top60 (30 days ago)
That guitar tone is incredible!Billy is THE MAN!!!
Candid Clima (30 days ago)
Stay true ! 🍺🌿😎👍
Tj Laraby (30 days ago)
zeus 5029 (1 month ago)
Saw these guys at State Line early 2000’s there commercial music sucks commercial crap. But there original music is to me where they sound the best.
zeus 5029 (1 month ago)
Saw these guys at State Line early 2000’s there commercial music sucks commercial crap. But there original music is to me where they sound the best.
CHRIS RATLIFF (1 month ago)
I wonder if he knows that 25 Lighters is about selling crack.
ZZ - handsome!
Jan Nowak (1 month ago)
Pomiń reklame
freebird1ification (1 month ago)
i saw these guys live at the fox in hotlanta when they released cheap sunglasses man i was sold on them --fantastic showman ship for sure
Nico Canica CJS (1 month ago)
Hermoso culiao
Muddy Ballenger (1 month ago)
ZZ Top
AlexLordAlcyone (1 month ago)
Just keeps on getting better. The coolest dudes on the planet. Dat blonde tho.. so fine it hurts lol. Anyone else notice that when the car disappeared, the dust trail behind it was still there? Slick special effect. :)
Julio cezar Silva (1 month ago)
What a badass fuzz
Lukas Lerch (1 month ago)
0:51 car name?
Przemek Righult (1 month ago)
25 November
אדם לב ארי (1 month ago)
my young-looking mommy
good boy (1 month ago)
wow nice
Scooby Doo (1 month ago)
Mi-ar fi plăcut să văd o colaborare între ZZ Top și Chris Cornel. Păcat că nu mai este posibil sub nicio formă. :"(
James Ross (1 month ago)
Zz top keep on rocking the blues
Shiva's Chimera (1 month ago)
Such a badass!
Shain Andrews (1 month ago)
What is this shit?
gold top60 (1 month ago)
Billys guitar tone is absolutely fuckin sick.....in a great way of course!!Nobody does sex and blues Rock like ZZ Top! Love it!!
Fırat Güneş (1 month ago)
why didnt they use this song in Mad Max movie i mean wtf
James Henderson (1 month ago)
Seen them in concert and they pure rock 👍🏼☠️🖤
sent iment (1 month ago)
cruise blues
shawn mendrek (1 month ago)
I wonder if ZZ top knows this song was originally about putting crack pieces into those cheap lighters and selling it. How the mighty has fallen, I am ashamed a band such as this even wasted their time with rap to be honest. Bad enough those fake country artists are mixing rap with country.
NinjaPirateCowboy (23 days ago)
They were in the studio when the original was being recorded and were friends with DJ DMD. I'm sure they know.
Kinkette Pec (1 month ago)
I suspect they know precisely what they are doing/singing. They faked the Country nonsense when they were seeking fame.
candy5742 (1 month ago)
This the shit I remember the song they covering 😂
Kinkette Pec (1 month ago)
I can't decide if they are pursuit or support!
Chosen Warfare (1 month ago)
3:17 me on a friday lol
Chris Silva (1 month ago)
gotta love the distortion, reverb on this song... sounds like they are taking back to "Tush" and their classic sounds! CAN'T WAIT TIL THEY HIT SAN ANTONIO!!
d d (1 month ago)
Scott Durrant (1 month ago)
if anyone knows who these girls are feel free to comment below
slimturnpike (1 month ago)
Smokin geetar from the rev.
Tim Kramar (1 month ago)
Just Got Paid.
Beetlefisch (1 month ago)
Make America great again: Billy for president!
Aculeatus (1 month ago)
Tim Shumate (1 month ago)
jimi hendrix said billly gibbons was one of his influences as a guitar player
Emre Can (1 month ago)
Joseph Paul (1 month ago)
Y’all do know Dj DMD is from Port Arthur, not Houston?
Carl Bamburg (1 month ago)
Am I the first to notice the styrofoam cup under the back wheel of the car on the left at 1:23?.. I've only seen this vid about 40 times, then boom there it was.. It's no surprise they left it in, the shot with the brunette was too good to lose..
Darrren Betker (1 month ago)
Thats got to be one of the worst songs by zztop iv ever heard. Come on guys.....u can do better......like allot better
Dee Harris (1 month ago)
I like the girls and the cars. not to crazy about the song.
Radu Catalin (2 months ago)
Close to 25 mil at last
stjack88 (2 months ago)

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