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Rocksmith 2014 - Guitar - Disonaur "Sea to Swallow"

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http://www.theriffrepeater.com/the-bonus-songs-of-rocksmith-2014/ Nicholas Bonardi's epic tale https://soundcloud.com/disonaur #Rocksmith2014 #Gameplay #Music
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Jacob Rendall (9 months ago)
Me first playing it: wow the bit at the end is insanely hard Me now: if only my wrist wasn't snapped from the strumming and tremolo up until now this would be fine
Chimaere Jade (1 year ago)
Holy...! A great song and now I see, how it's been played the right way! Still great after a few years!
Nicholas Bonardi (3 years ago)
Rad job dude. :)
Riff Repeater (4 years ago)
Full Disclosure: This is one of the few videos that can be monetized ($$$) so if you want to support +thelisoncruz and +Riff Repeater share this video with your friends and family :)
Ahzeel Canul (4 years ago)
men! why did you throw away your pick when doing the two hand taping jejeje. still doh that was incredible cause i play rocksmith an I can't not to do two hand taping. 
scLsn (5 years ago)
You kind of blew my mind there. Never heard of this band before their other song in Rocksmith. Wait this is unlocked in Score Attack? I've never even tried it. :O
Mathias Madsen (5 years ago)
Waaait. How'd you get these songs?
Riff Repeater (5 years ago)
Unlock them by doing missions or completing songs on Score Attack \m/
Marcel Bassie Jansen (5 years ago)
Just wauw ^^
Shinyy Mcz (5 years ago)
you ill love the next song you gonna earn with mission :D  Il already earned all mission :p
Paulie FinTechFit (5 years ago)
I've been watching your vids since the good ole Rocksmith 1 days and since your old account, and while you were good then, you've mad some significant progress since. And that ending was sick! 
Amund Filseth (5 years ago)
I just wonder; what type of Gretsch guitar do you have? And in which price range is it in? :)
Carden (5 years ago)
wow? didn't expect that ending
ir2pro (5 years ago)
every time i watch one of you videos i immediately feel like practicing the guitar just to get to a level even remotely close to yours
jhonny iwas (1 year ago)
Piotr Braszak (1 year ago)
Do it! Get a guitar, even the shitiest one. You'll be wanting more in no time.
PAPAxPALPATlNE (5 years ago)
Hmm, dat ending, I must play it now

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