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Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse Classic Walt Disney 1928 Sound Cartoon

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Mickey Mouse goes on a wild ride in the classic 1928 cartoon, 'Plane Crazy.' If you enjoy classics like this, you'll love all the great content we've shared at Walt Disney Animation Studios , become a fan today!
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CallMeHam (7 years ago)
83 Years
Alyssa Rouso (7 years ago)
A classic example of the Disney/Iwerks partnership in the early example of their careers. Of course, this one was made prior to Steamboat Willie, but was released afterward with the addition of something vital: sound. Suprised to hear this coming from a 14 year old? Yeah. I thought so.
Rob Sander (7 years ago)
"Sound" cartton?
Korey Olowe (7 years ago)
@petrielover01 i guess he said sorry
kwikjealex (7 years ago)
Wikipedia says official there was no sound on this cartoon, Steamboat Willie was the first one.
Flyingcatfly (7 years ago)
3:49 felix the cat is in the car
hexpinteas (7 years ago)
Thoralmir (8 years ago)
@stuartclarke2007 First off, Oswald was a rabbit. Second, Mickey was intended to replace Oswald. Third, unlike Oswald, Mickey dosen't seem like he's going to get any. XD
0YTMan (8 years ago)
Disney no longer exists today. There is only Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Zack & Cody and so on.
stuartclarke2007 (8 years ago)
@BeBop2012 This and another mickey mouse short came before Steamboat Willie, but audiences were not impressed with them as they felt that mickey resembled another cartoon mouse named Qswald and felt that mickey was just a mere copy of Oswald. Also Walt Disney could not find a distributer. It was not until Steamboat willie that audiences began to like Mickey and Walt Disney found a distributor for the cartoon that he started to become popular.
ToadsWinningGoal (8 years ago)
I love this cartoon, it makes me happy and laugh ;3 alot
omerg1993 (8 years ago)
is that felix the cat in 3:50 ?
nothing4224 (8 years ago)
what a little prick!
Space Mountain (8 years ago)
Oh Lindy is my boy, much love for Mickey as well. The old Mickey was truly an idea maker. =)
SzefEda (8 years ago)
Mickey mouse it's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AJ Ibanez (9 years ago)
He's one amazingly strong mouse :\
thewigly3 (9 years ago)
this is the first episode thought :D
tejojo (9 years ago)
@ihavefrogs2 possibly a cloud?
Greatsaiyakirby (9 years ago)
Wow, this is a real prototype stage of Mickey, he looks alot more like a proper mouse, he laughs when Minnie is scared, and he's willing to use scare tactics to get what he wants. Also note how he tries to force a kiss onto Minnie, they clearly were still finding his character at this time. Still, a very enjoyable short, and it set the ground work for Mickey as a character. :)
Tartubeman (9 years ago)
Too many people mistake Steamboat Willie as Mickey Mouse's first cartoon, but it's not. This is. By the way, 82 years later; Has Anybody Realised Mickey's "How To Fly" Book Cover Is Backwards?
Nathan Bartocci (9 years ago)
Am I the only one who finds Mickey to be far more charming as a mischievous every-man getting himself into trouble?
Toaster Strudel (9 years ago)
lmao wtf is felix the cat doing there lmao 3:49 does anyone else notice a shadow thingy or wat ever on the top right 4:44
deepwelltheband (9 years ago)
Odd, but at 1:03 there seems to be a thought bubble with two words that appears for just one frame. It's at the end of Mickey's finger at the very moment that he points. It is so quick, it took me a dozen or so tries before I was able to pause on it..though I still couldn't read it. It looks lie words but perhaps it's just a glitch in the film.
KICKPUSHRIDE (9 years ago)
these knew cartoons are shitty adventure time a dude gos around wering under wear and threatening monster wow a bad example but the old classics are less violent meaning the kid wont have a bad example
silverheartlugia2000 (9 years ago)
@MissGeorgieBabey have you heard about epic mickey for wii
Spearrington (9 years ago)
Courtney Pearsall (9 years ago)
@ihavefrogs2 actually... this is cel animation so everthing is done in transparent layers and frame by frame... notice that it is the same shape every time... it mostlikely (1) is a defect on the transparency, (2) something was copied incorrectly onto those slides, (3) a common reocurring slide used in those frames had single defect, or (4) when the image was held in place to be made into a frame that could have been some kind of holding device that was caught on tape...
celica825 (9 years ago)
@ihavefrogs2 that is creepy, its the sign of 2012!! lol
biryanifan (9 years ago)
@ihavefrogs2 The "demon" you see is really a clump of dirt caught in the movie projector gate!
tychaton08 (9 years ago)
Bonne anniversaire pour vos 82 ans!!!
Anna Bear (9 years ago)
i love these old cartoons, they're so amusing!
Bloodrun069 (9 years ago)
2:06 dang mickey can't you use metal?
ihavefrogs2 (9 years ago)
Omigosh I think I'm doing crazy. In the 4:40s if you look in the top right corner of the screen...at first there's something there but you can't tell what it is, but then it's head fully comes out, you can see a man's head with horns. It's so creepy, it keeps coming in and out of view, and by the way it moves, you can tell it was intentional!
ihavefrogs2 (9 years ago)
At 4:41 you'll see something strange appear close to the top right corner of the screen. If you watch it for a couple more seconds you'll see that it looks like the head of the devil...a man's head with horns. By the way the head moves, it is obviously there intentionally. It reall scared me when I noticed this. Go check it out.
WillyM79 (9 years ago)
Mickey's first cartoon and at 4:51 they make him look like a pig
Neopets4Life494 (9 years ago)
WOOTZ!GO CLASSIC MICKEY!!!!!!!he always makes me laff with all his mischief.cant wait for Epic Mickey.we should thank Walt Disney,who made these hilarious characters. I hate that they were turned into boring educationers
Kaylin Cooper (9 years ago)
You be quiet! I like hannah montana!
Ryoku75 (9 years ago)
I think its meaning that slow new stuff down at times, if you watch an old cartoon its all about fun and entertainment, now its about typically hypocritical preaching, devoluping rather than exploring characters, and getting over character faults, does any of that sound entertaining? Not to me! Its the simplicity, clarity, and characters that make these classics so good.
Ryoku75 (9 years ago)
@MissGeorgieBabey I think its meaning that slow new stuff down at times, if you watch an old cartoon its all about fun and entertainment, now its about typically hypocritical preaching, devoluping rather than exploring characters, and getting over character faults, does any of that sound entertaining? Not to me! Its the simplicity, clarity, and characters that make these classics so good.
Greg K (9 years ago)
man i love the old cartoons they were fuken funny as and they were a lil trippy as well
Mystrymeat (9 years ago)
Why didn't they give any credit to good ol' U.B. Iwerks? He sketched this whole thing for pete's sake!
Snaggbash2000 (9 years ago)
everything is so... flexible
The Global Network (9 years ago)
@xdoods hah oh yes indeeed.....
SebastianScarlet (9 years ago)
lol, mickey was a real bad boy wasnt he?
SebastianScarlet (9 years ago)
i love the old mickey cartoons
RollandB (9 years ago)
looked like felix the cat was driving the car at 3:52
frogluver707 (9 years ago)
what pops up at 1:02?
Evil Apple Lord (9 years ago)
@MissGeorgieBabey I know right? the old cartoons were always the best, the only good cartoon on nowadays is Finneus n phirb, and that's only decent. What happened to disney's star players?! Where did Mickey Goofy and Donal and Pete go?! D: Disney sucks without them! Now they have all this live action bull ._.
MarisaMardell (9 years ago)
this is what i call classic
R.J. Marrero (9 years ago)
He almost crashed... waitaminnut... FELIX? XD
meliti7 (9 years ago)
yeah love mickey =D
Cynim (9 years ago)
LOOOOL at 3:41 !!
fernando bassanesi (9 years ago)
@skaterboirocker Yes, thats Felix.
R0ckG1r7 (9 years ago)
Mickey, false turbulence will NOT get you kissed.
ShortyStudioz (9 years ago)
I looked this up, and I'm so glad I did, so I found this channel!
therealmeccamedina (9 years ago)
See Mickey thats what you get for kissing Minnie when she said NO!
jarsamo (9 years ago)
Mickey had it coming, trying to force a girl to kiss him and all!
SolemnDrip (9 years ago)
1:26 epic fail!
beebnegron (9 years ago)
LordZast (9 years ago)
4:51 Man, Mickey's changed since the old days. I can't imagine him behaving like that when I watched him as a kid, or now.

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