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A SKYLIT DRIVE - Wide Awake - Acoustic (Re-Imagined)

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Exclusive Merch - http://www.tragic-hero.com/askylitdrive/ascension iTUNES - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rise-ascension/id951368035 MerchNow - http://tragicherorecords.merchnow.com/
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Text Comments (9)
Sara (3 years ago)
This doesnt sound like asd at all wtf. go hardcore plz
alexandre esd (4 years ago)
Wide awake S2
doug jones (4 years ago)
Beautiful something different and can't hear more from them
Nadia h (4 years ago)
I really love rise and this album isn't a skylit drive anymore it's more like Michael jagmin it's not asd without cory and Brian. They are so nice and awesome
blane taylor (3 years ago)
They didnt change, its an acoustic album. been waiting for this to happen for years
Chyna DeadDoll (4 years ago)
I was subscribed to Jag on Facebook for a while. That guy is such a jerk. He displays his opinions harshly. I unsubscribed. Gotta be nicer to your fan base. I'm over it :/
Or Lana (4 years ago)
Surprise !
Dyon Spiler (4 years ago)
like it 
夏蕾 (4 years ago)
different feeling

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