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I Wish More Black Men Would Teach Us Black Women

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Derrick Smith (18 days ago)
Oh the black woman wants help now LMFAO mufuka more blind than Stevy wonder
RCH 32 (1 month ago)
TRACY GRAHAM (2 months ago)
I wish more fathers (of any race) were INVOLVED daily with black daughters' lives, even better, as the daughters' mothers' husbands. Black WOMEN can only be taught what they're willing to learn, like black men, or any adult of any race. A black daughter/child has a higher chance of learning, particularly from BOTH parents being together to raise her. Again, same with black boys/sons. Period. What is being "taught" and "learned" or "needs" to be....? How to be a mature responsible adult better able to positively contribute to the continuation of the family, community, and society. Look at the success rate of marriages and families in cultures where the marriages are arranged by the parents, and compare to the success rate of marriages and families in America (regardless of race). But if we focus on communities of color, specifically our black community, the differences are more stark, and possibly a more true comparison as a majority of the cultures with arranged marriages are people of color. Big difference is those cultures, in their home countries, are more than likely NOT minorities. But people from those cultures do live in the West, practice that part of their culture, ARE minorities in the West, BUT their success rates are still substantially higher.
B.a.d.a Logic (3 months ago)
Could tell by her uncomfortable body language, stream of questions might've been too deep for her. Should have kept the the interview lighter, perhaps?
Island Star (3 months ago)
I hear that ,im going to be straight up on this topic ,the difference i found with black women and white women is sometimes black women are too hard and difficult to approach for some reason they think they're better than you ,but who's driving by while your at a bus stop waiting for a bus ,some don't take the time to get to know you and what your all about ,they sometimes look at you and judge you immediately, shitty for them because a great lovable hard working guy is standing right in front of them ,now a white girl ,you can go up and talk to almost any and strike up a nice conversation with out the attitude and that's where it strts ,so black girl ,shake your shitty attitudes and step it down ,you may be surprise
Melvin McClure (3 months ago)
I'm BLACK 100%
Melvin McClure (3 months ago)
No I haven't filed for child support... Only because i really don't believe in putting the racist system against my people. 😑😞
Melvin McClure (3 months ago)
I'm crying right now y'all because Im rasing him on my own... NO HELP FROM MOM. 😢😩😞😖😔
Melvin McClure (3 months ago)
And the one I didn't mention is only because her mom was murdered by her father and he was deported back to AFRICA. But I have full custody of my 10yr old son. 😑
Melvin McClure (3 months ago)
I have five kids by three different women and two of my kids moms mothers tell them how to deal with me but in a spiteful way... 😑
King Logic (3 months ago)
That is one beautiful girl on the thumbnail pic!
Ask Nathaniel (3 months ago)
thats her in the video!
Tony Starks (3 months ago)
I love black women, but unfortunately they have always been attracted to the bad boys, they will not choose you! That why I do not waist my time dating them anymore! Latin women in Colombia are the most beautiful and friendly women in the world. Black women make bad choices when it come to men! Also no body respects black men because black men do not respect themselves! No one takes us seriously!
Clint Flournoy (3 months ago)
A black woman with an OPEN MIND is a RARE and WONDERFUL thing, ESPECIALLY if she's being TAUGHT by a black man who has HER BEST INTEREST in MIND, she'll have her ❤ OPENED and will NEVER WANT for ANYTHING, he'll MAKE SURE she has it! The OTHER side of that, is that FAR too MANY black men have been raised by black women, who DON'T have the capacity to do such a task! Many will disagree with me but, the PROOF is in the pudding when you see how they carry themselves, ponytails, short tempered, BITCHY and too sensitive when things don't go their way, just like women! This brother's approach to this beautiful young lady was REALLY TOGETHER, he KNOWS how to TEACH, he opened her up without coming ON to her and she probably absorbed everything he said, he's a SURGEON with this, I 👍 that! All of us born to black women MUST come to terms with the realization that black women are our FIRST teachers but, many of them are ill-equipped THEMSELVES for that, NOBODY can TELL them SHIT, ESPECIALLY a black man yet, the PROOF of that continues to reveal itself by prisons AND caskets being FILLED with them and imho, mainly, many of them don't know when they can no longer reach a son and a black man MUST take OVER from there, typically, that occurs when he's independent, when he can tie his own shoes, about 5 to 6 years old, when he can kill his own lion (an African metaphor). We all KNOW the black nation suffers because either NOBODY knows their PLACE and/or NOBODY wants to take them, women assuming men's roles and visa versa, America suffers from that and it's WORSE with black people because when wfs sneeze, bfs catch pneumonia! Black people can set the tone for many things in America and it's WELL KNOWN they can when it comes to morality also, through our infinite and glorious past left by those who came BEFORE us, that's known but, we're intentionally kept in a constant turmoil to KEEP US AWAY from ever knowing it and the LAST thing America wants the WORLD to see, is for it's black citizens to be an EXAMPLE of that, they'll DESTROY it before that ever happens!
Bryant Bro (3 months ago)
Give the respect that you want in return
Anton CollegeBoy (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 The fact that I was going to say the exact same thing as many of us has commented, says it all. In order to be "Taught" you have to be "WILLING" to actually "Listen & Learn". But I will say that most of this is really directed towards "American Black Mentality" I'm sure without any doubt, Black women from other cultures are not the same. 👌
Open Minded (3 months ago)
Word⁉️❓❔ 🆗️❗
nightslayer 508 (3 months ago)
Wow your very beautiful 👍
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
+Brys D How is he a simp? She actually is good looking.
Brys D (3 months ago)
D MAN (3 months ago)
I wish more black women would learn from black men. FYI a black mans actions will speak for themselves and be the best learning tool. He won't usually sit you you down and chop it up with you. I can tell you anything your supposed to be watching his actions.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
jakc3d (3 months ago)
She's so freaking cute.
dariusbrule48 (3 months ago)
That beginning question were a little off. I kind of did not understand the point. I'll look at it again
Yung activist (3 months ago)
Black women need to work on listening and respecting black men
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
That is why most of them are single or unmarried too.
Yung activist (3 months ago)
Its simple just blame your mother
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
Mothers are the horrible parents honestly compared to the fathers.
JR MEADOWS (3 months ago)
Women are disobedient 2 God that's there problem
Kelvin Ellis (3 months ago)
You want to be taugh? A some the position class is ready.
Ginio Lamy (3 months ago)
I see some sorry ass dudes on this comment section talking about their happy not having kids that's a pity only in America i guess i thank God i had my son thank God for his mother too
anonymous anonymous (3 days ago)
+Ginio Lamy It's all about choice. I have no children. My life will be easier in my youth, but harder when I'm old. You have children. Your life will be harder in your youth (less time, money and energy for yourself) but easier when you're old (because you'll have kids to help you out). That's all it is. Parents and childfree individuals have simply chosen which stage of their lives they want harder and easier. I'm not 'a sorry ass' for using my foresight and making a choice. And, for me, being childfree was the best choice. Just as being a parent was the best choice for you.
Deuces Wild (3 months ago)
Ginio Lamy thank you. It stems from a lot. It takes patience. Nahmean. I won’t leave my woman cuz she doesn’t look the same as she did 10 years ago. That’s what attracted me to her in the first place. I wasn’t raised a basket case neither shall my legacy nahmean. So I just try to break tha chain.
Ginio Lamy (3 months ago)
+Deuces Wild That's what we need to see more especially in the black community men and women Building family's together none of this baby father or baby mother bullshit it should be one union but no one wants to build family's anymore it's all about sex pump and dump suck and Fuck and a whole bunch of stupidity salute to you sir wish you and your family many more bless years together.
Deuces Wild (3 months ago)
I have 3 kids all by the same woman. And we’re together and I love her. Sometimes I see where this subject comes from and how it loosely gets tossed around but at the end of the day all women are the same and different however I believe the energy we put out is the energy we get back. I experimented a few times and it’s exactly as I thought.
Who's yo Daddy? (3 months ago)
+Ginio Lamy ur gettin mad because people don't want to have kids it's their decision. And read ur previous messages before u respond
The heart has a foundation of love that will gravitate in reaching out to a person in ways you can control. Why? Because it demands it to do so. Throughout the course of your life a person will have their trials with the heart and no one is exempt from it. But you live and learn through it all. And love cast out fears.
LX Dark Sniper (3 months ago)
Black men would be happy to teach black women, the problem is they don't listen. That's why you see more black men teaching them by walking away.
B.a.d.a Logic (3 months ago)
Lessons through absence.
Judah Hill (3 months ago)
Amen to that brother. I had to walk away from the woman I loved and my children just to teach her to value me. I was firm and the threat of child support wasn't gonna break my resolve. She realized that she couldn't do it alone and that taught her to value me and my mind. I made her to understand that I am not her enemy and that her enemy at the end of the day had no incentive to care about her her children or me. Luckily she was well educated on imperialism and the strategy and tactics that our enemy uses to segregate us as a people. She seen how dedicated I was to not put myself in compromising positions that jeapordized my being a factor in her and my children's lives. Fact! They are poisoning us with foods, killing us in hospitals and turning black women against their own men. If they succeed at exterminating the black man then they will turn their aggression forward a the women because she births us. Right now they are comfortable with all the the benefits that come with pushing away and not respecting the mind of a black man. It's all systematic. Black women need to wake up. They are so caught up in the fact that men cheat that they fail to realize and take responsibility for the choices they made in their youth. The have no understanding of virtue and how they are receivers and how that effects them mentally and spiritually. How their virtue is depleted with every sexual encounter. They don't understand the purpose behind a man's search for the perfect mate. Not to make excuses for our promiscuity but a woman has to have patience and be willing to learn and grow to become the purposes woman that God has planned her to be.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
That is where the toxic cycle continues.
HERU Apocalypse (3 months ago)
I love My Black Sistas and I been dealing with Them My Whole life.And that's all I'm about.But Let's be real.They don't listen to Brothas at all.They want to do what They want to do.So unless it's some Sistas that may actually want to listen to Black Men.I'm afraid Most of Them really shouldn't even mention Why Black Men don't Teach Them.You have to learn to listen that is very important in order for Relationships to flourish.
Terrell Miller (3 months ago)
I hope she knows Gabrielle union eat the ass of a cheating man 😢
LOGICAL JAY (3 months ago)
Black men been trying to school sisters for years..sisters dont have respect for men because theyve been raised to glorify matriarchy and that "i can do without a man" attitude..Sisters will listen to the white man(their oppressor)before they listen to a brother trying school them...i sit back and watch sisters bump their head with trial and era...
Island Star (3 months ago)
Big up my brother ,those that don't want to drop the bad attitudes, can and will suffer ,and wonder why your with a white chick ,sisters don't think anything is wrong with them ,it must feel good for them to be in denial ,they should wonder why they're so many of them single
FRANKLIN JONES (3 months ago)
LOGICAL JAY I don’t even talk them no more
D MAN (3 months ago)
That's the most logical statement I heard all day.
Dee Rich (3 months ago)
Real talk, it's the argument I make with my girl all the time...but at the end of the day we can't give up on our sista's, and personally a woman this fine in this video is single for a few reasons I always think are 1.crazy 2.to high expectations 3 are really haven't found the right dude 4. Got to many problems (baby daddy issuse)
Geoffrey Lane (3 months ago)
I will never have children in this world.
Ginio Lamy (3 months ago)
+Christian Barrett At least you want to have its something natural we human beings i understand society plays a big role on what's going on but some talk like they never want to have a wife or wives have children ever like its a sin
Brys D (3 months ago)
+Christian Barrett it's so true
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
I want children, but with the way these females are nowadays using children as pawns I will just skip out on having kids.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
+Ginio Lamy Lmao. Why do you type that? You can still not want children and not be lonely either.
Ginio Lamy (3 months ago)
Good luck being lonely
Geoffrey Lane (3 months ago)
I don't have any children so I really don't give a fuck. But you need to say some black men because you generalize alot of men together. And put these chicks on a pedestal and not all women take care of their children either and some women are deadbeats.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
I am thankful I don't have any kids at all. It helps me a lot to avoid child support, child custody, and abortions.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
+D MAN Precisely. I Don't want any drama at all. I seen some people I know with kids who are going through hell with the baby mama. The kids aren't the issue, it is the baby mother.
D MAN (3 months ago)
You aint lying. You forgot the baby mama drama. That's what's the real problem. But I got no kids so I dont have to worry about that.
JR MEADOWS (3 months ago)
No kids no drama 38 & live in
JR MEADOWS (3 months ago)
+Christian Barrett another lame wit no picture Ur opinion is that of a snail HOHOES MOVEMENT HARD ON HOES 💯 2019
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
+JR MEADOWS You seem confused and illiterate. Lol.
Christian Barrett (3 months ago)
+I Must Talk I am curious, but why is it not good? I would like to gain more insight on that.
JR MEADOWS (3 months ago)

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